Monday, July 07, 2008

Pomegranate pu**y

point of order:
1] It’s clear i'm man of the year and I wont go near them hot stage lights VAN HUNT

2] again as I said before some folk think not getting caught in a lie is the same as telling the truth

3] More Funktry muzk, 4give jones, pause if u don’t like folk

First I would like to apologize for the title, but the rectitude’s of my sexuality have gotten the best of me for the time being, so forgive me, As a man I have desires, needs, wants, passions and penchants that, let us say, define my spiritual exchange with women. This exchange is mandatory in my view and mandatory preferably to the extent of at least 5 times a day. I acknowledge this in the simplest of terms for when I go to sleep I am rigid against my navel and I wake up the same way.

Prior to this vacuous state, I was involved and albeit the object of such stimulation stimulated me, even to the point of every time I drove my vehicle orally and to the end result of child. She had an epiphany and made a promise to God – so she said, not to have any such activity until across the ubiquitous broom. I believed her. But this is not the point. The point is that I have desires, needs, wants, passions and penchants.

I can never be with a woman, another woman that doesn’t want to French, Kiss, swallow manhood, or even let me lick the kitty. Yep, Before had one that said they were disgusting and for dogs – so I barked.

Yep, I’m writing about expectations, and I aint afraid to say what I expect when a woman deals with folk. I’m man all man, and don’t get mad if I feel like dreaming about the Orion nebula when I’m getting throat, or if I take a liking to long slow stroking your eyeballs into submission. Don’t get mad at me because I want to cut up apples and sprinkle cinnamon in your bath water or if I want to sprinkle cinnamon or ginger and honey on your nipples and lick them off. I’m just me, and if you down with folk, that means you like long thickness, deeply buried in the darkness of your soma, and wont even get mad if I cut open a Pomegranate, and place the seeds, in your wetness and retract them with my tongue – that’s passion, it aint nasty. Let me stop. vote


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Anonymous said...

So you piqued my interest with the title. Then you mentioned Van Hunt (Seconds of Pleasure is the shit!) and then you ended this wonderful melody of words with the best line ever!!!

...if I cut open a Pomegranate, and place the seeds, in your wetness and retract them with my tongue – that’s passion, it ain't nasty. Let me stop.

And to that I say, "Don't stop!"

Truly panty dropping words. Let the church say "Amen!"

[flahy] [blak] [chik] said...

wow, let me get a fan....

2nds of Pleasure...makes my mind wander everytime I hear it.

IntrospectiveGoddess said...

Well I say gatdamn!!, You learn something new every day....I'm literally speechless...I dont know what to say....ginger, honey and cinnamon?!?!?!, pomegranate seeds....hmmm ever heard of the lifesaver trick? altoids?? You shouldnt have should have asked my permission first!

Keli said...

I acknowledge this in the simplest of terms for when I go to sleep I am rigid against my navel and I wake up the same way.
-Hey…you are man enough to admit it…much respect.

I can never be with a woman, another woman that doesn’t want to French, Kiss, swallow manhood, or even let me lick the kitty.
-I can’t believe they make women like this…

and don’t get mad if I feel like dreaming about the Orion nebula when I’m getting throat
-Ummm…yeah, I just might be offended, lol.

Umm…yeah…this is probably not the post I needed to read at the moment…

María said...

I don't mix sex and food. Shit is messy. LOL. I'm no fun, I know. :(

Anonymous said...

I wonder if any of your students read your blogs....LOL That should be pretty trippy...

Unknown said...

Apples and cinnamon eh? I have to quote Phonte...
'I got some kiwi and some seedless grapes, lick my fingertips and tell me baby how it tastes'
Let ME stop lol

CapCity said...

LOL @ ieisha mentioning panty dropping in same sentence as church! But I AiN'T MAD @ her - cuz good luvin' is a GIFT from GOD for REAL! Just most sanctified folk don't think so;-).

funny, too that only females have responded/commented thus far!

u too much, T-Dawg! But u DO spit TRUFFs;-)

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

“If I take my whole, passionate, spiritual and physical love to the woman who in return loves me, that is how I serve God. And my hymn and my game of joy is my work.”
D.H. Lawrence quote

I suspect when you let go of those old wounds. When "her" words and "her" actions cease to linger in your consciousness. Then My friend, the love and respect and passion you desire and deserve will be there waiting for you to open your arms to it.

For as it stands no woman can stand in the shadow of another. Even if she is not a "Team Player" and broke your heart...there is still a lingering passion and spirit of love remebered.

That my friend is your get over and let go and let love in.

Anonymous said...

Speak Brotha!! That's all I'm sayin'.


Babz Rawls Ivy said...

Oh and one more thing...

My partner and I would love to repost this on our site:

Thank you!

Still Patrice said...

well dayum... tell me how you really feel. lol

Anonymous said...

I can't understand for he life of me why you don't have a woman. What the hell are ladies in the ATL thinking!?!?!

dejanae said...

keep it comin

Angie Marie said...

Damn...Thats all I can say lol. The way you worded this was amazing &, thats a shame lol

& I totally agree with Keli

Skoolboi Krush said...

Damn, brother! Let me make a phone call. I'm going to have to try that honey and cinnamon trick.

paisley said...

well i am hoping the fruit of your labor is as sweet as the come on....

Mo said...

*speechless*....probably for the first time in my life lol

12kyle said...

so raw! so raw!

i hear you, bruh!

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Wow...ummmmm (while I clear my throat)...all I have to say is actions speak louder than words :)

Anonymous said...

Damn, Dude.

That almost made me want to fuck you.


Oluchi said...

i say mstoofly and beulahman had the best replies.

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

Van Hunt is my Shit! I keep both of his CD's in my car in heavy rotation at all times..

Second of all I agree with Babz. You gotta stop giving air time to what you DON'T want, and the woman you're NOT with so that you can focus on what/who you CAN have.

As a woman I can tell you in all honesty as much as a turn on your post might have been i was turned off by your lingering thoughts of your ex...that's a vaginal drier my friend.

Move on and get you the juiciest sex you can find!

Anonymous said...

I think I've been reading your blog long enough to say that I'm with Aunt Jackie and lovebabz on this one, my friend. lol

QuietStorm said...



msladyDeborah said...


I love the mix! Taste, touch and textures...all the necessary ingredients of making that heat and fiyah!

Being a November born child is sounds like the makings of pleasure to me.

i.can't.complain. said...

agreed @ lovebabz

hoping to be the shadow for some man.

some day.


neshia said...

truly he can sleep in my pomegranate pu**y let the church say amen amen

neshia said...

truly he can sleep in my pomegranate pu**y let the church say amen amen

neshia said...

truly he can sleep in my pomegranate pu**y let the church say amen amen

neshia said...

truly he can sleep in my pomegranate pu**y let the church say amen amen

neshia said...

truly he can sleep in my pomegranate pu**y let the church say amen amen

neshia said...

truly he can sleep in my pomegranate pu**y let the church say amen amen

neshia said...

truly he can sleep in my pomegranate pu**y let the church say amen amen

Sista GP said...

This post should have come with a warning! I've told you I'm too young to read stuff like this, lol. First Eb, now you.

I'm with my Sisters, LoveBabz and Aunt Jackie, on this one. Let the animosity go so that energy can be focused on true passion, one that is generated from the heart not loins.

Anonymous said...

Hey Torrance .I have been enjoying reading some of your past and more recent blogs! GREAT stuff but I too will at risk of sounding redundant have to say that I agree with lovebabz and Aunt Jackie! You seem to be focused on what you want , but I got the impression that you arent as over the ex as you say you are! Again just my thought and my observation.This is not law and I could be wrong but just being honest!
The time to discuss your likes ,family needs and intimacy is before you become fully involved with a person.If you dont find out what the other persons view of those things are and what they seek from you , you will end up with someone who is on a totally different page than you! You can like what you like, but dont expect to get those things from someone unwilling to give them! Ex's are usually ex's for a reason!You look to long at the door that has closed and you wont be able to see or appreciate the ones that are opening!

Lena said...

I was all ready to get my political enlightenment for the day and BAM! That was a surprised...not a bad one though. Me liked this post...I reread it several times but out of enjoyment not outta of "wait I am a lil confused here" moments.

Vixenlibra said...

Damn Papi! tan mojado

K. Denise said...

True. And that's all I can say to that at the moment, lol.

Clay Lowe said...

you crazy dog

The Jaded NYer said...

what in the...

*backs away quietly*

Dreamy said...

5 times a day, good lord, smooth cooch would be a little raw. can we bring it down to 3 times a day.

now im down with cinnamon and honey on the nipples. i like some freaky stuff like that,lol

now the seeds in the smooth cooch imma have to pass on that one,ohhh and i aint down with the swallowing of manhood.

eclectik said...

Well damn!

Ifux witcha...this was dope.


...dont forget to hit the Fantasy League

Darius T. Williams said...

Wowzers - are you serious? Damn - I think I even need a fan after all that and you were talking all about women.

Anonymous said...

Wow, get behind on blogs and look what I come back to!

I agree with the group of insightful women who said that you can't move forward until you let go of the past. Whether you intend it to or not, it sounds like you're saying that these are the things you want from your ex, but you'll take them from whoever you can get. Not exactly an ideal situation for a be the consolation prize. You have to look forward to move forward. God knows what you'll step in or run into if you're looking back.

Eb the Celeb said...

Now what women on God's green earth wouldnt let a man lick the kitty...

but you are dead wrong for the title!

Rich Fitzgerald said...

Beuhlamann and Dreamy get my vote for funniest comment.

5 times a day, good lord, smooth cooch would be a little raw.


All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...


Me a panty dropper LOL. Hop I made u wet, I mean smile

(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik]
Hot ey, lol

My fault LOL

Honesty is best policy
They do – unless they lying

Means u doing a great gob if im starring at the Ceiling

Immoral Matriarch

Think they just might

Ms TooFly
And what does that mean sister

LOL cap u silly

Girl they aint old wounds, just a memory. Makes me write like seeing the national guard on my street growing up when King was killed like in thank we free
Or the meanest things said to me in Sticks & stones
Or how i miss coaching little league
So please for me memories joyous or sad motivates me to write don’t take that from me folk


U have my permission

Actually I held back and I only allow for no more than 5 minutes to write a post

Its just how I feel folk, and they probably got a few round u too

and where u been sister

Why is iot a shame and do tell more LOL

Skoolboi Krush
LOL I see the real men in the house

to bad my words are not as lovely as the art work before your poetry

Say something woman LOL

Another real man in the house, I know u know with 3 little ones folk

U don’t want none folk

Now that was some funny shit. LMBAO

Still laughing
U the truth folk LOL

Im with u so u agree with them LOL, Buelah man still has me rolling

Aunt Jackie
Van Hunt is the shit. And see response to Babz

Ditto Aunt Jackie

Hope u liked

scorpio in the hiz house I see

See babz, and shadow, be along side folk, partnerships are as such

was that a metaphor for the five times or more LOL

sista gp
My fault sister, loins is cool, especially on the grill

I can but that for a dollar, not to mention this was written months ago. But to say it briefly, been over, but stopping by unannounced and stuff and trying to use our daughter as a tool, like im posed to jump aint cool. Im free to write what I feel, so suchj is the life of a writer, and I am also free to say, I think it’s the other way around, not me her, or she would be harassing me still. LOL

LOL. Don’t trip back tomorrow, but economics as opposed to politics said...
u dranking already LOL

K. Denise
Not u too LOL

Clay Lowe
Another real man in the house, and I read your poetry folk LOL

The Jaded NYer
Leave them BMWs alone woman

Coochie self lubricates folk LOL

A page from youir book folk, and send me an email, me love some the Fantasy sports

Darius T. Williams
Yep, man read some of my short fiction and u would see a lot more – its all, always about your partner, I can jack off if I wanna bus one

Jersey Girl
LOL. Again see babz and Kia

Eb the Celeb
LOL my fault sista. It just came out of me, the title that is

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

me too, how ya been folk?

Tera said...

Yes! Shit!!! Let you stop! Such colorful and graphic language...whew...I was...I am...damn! Talk about panty puddles...this post made my fucking day!

Lina said...

Wellgotdamn!! All-Mi-T sir...outstanding. Aint nothing wrong with needs. Not even a little bit...hell, wants either. Love Van Hunt!!

Funny you should mention those that don't like the lickage....I will not let someone I like do it. Especially if the pipe is laid would ruin the fantasy, first off, and second off, Im unsure if I can handle profoundly laid pipe and spectacular cunnilingus...might get addicted and we dont want that.

Ticia said...

- Pomegranate - Freak ... LOL -
Ain't nuthin wrong with some passion brother Torrance - LOL

Unknown said...

My fault, let me guess a panty puddle LOL
back to economic 2morrow so dont worry

Whats wrong with getting a-dicked lol
And like my song say dic down lil momma
Nothing like the feeling from my vantage point of feeling my self bend inside a woman at the base of her spine

Preach LOL

TheophaniaPaige said...

You already know how I feel about these kinda blogs, lol...

Anonymous said...

And to all that I can only say: Mmmmmmmmm

And also, fuck yeah

NoRegrets said...

Tera made me come here.
So to speak.

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

*Side Note*

Did you teach a class at CAU?

Susan said...

Tera also encouraged (since Nor already used "come here") me to take a look at today's post. She said it would make my day. She didn't say it would make my day a sexually frustrated one.

Lovely images portrayed with beatiful words.

DivaJood said...

Sounds a lot like poetry, sounds a lot like romance, sounds a lot like pleasure.

proacTiff said...

typical sleep recommendation: 8hrs
typical nine-to-five: 8hrs
typical travel time both ways: 1.5hrs
typical household responsibilities: 2.5 hrs
practical love-making session: 1hr (dating couples); 15 minutes (married couples = hurried sex).

so you already short one of them FIVE (5) required sessions bruh. But damn I give props for the woman woman enough to try that shit! you might meet one in need of making up for lost time and a back still in tact. ;)

Drea Inspired said...

Wow. I think I'll go wake my hubby...

kayellejaye said...

Good Lawd!

The Pew View said...

Baby I thought I used to be a freak deaky. Hell you licking fruit out of peoples muffins and all. Chile' you den messed round and gave me a flashback of Tyron my ex suger son. The devil is a liar. Anyways I came to tell you that me and Mabel finally got around to answering some mo questions and yours is one of them. Take care now.

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother! This toooo hot for me.... I'm outta of here..catch you on the next post...LOL...Peace & Blessings.

Angie Marie said...

Looks at all the women that responded 2 this lol. & I took care of the kitty! lol

Angie Marie said...

Considering me with the pomegranates? Angie's name is not in here, so we're even lol

Angie Marie said...

Angie's my nickname lol. & what part of ATL ru 4rm? I was born & raised out there. Whats your email?

Anonymous said...

Yea.... can't even remember what my response was to this... but it's hot. nuff said.

Oluchi said...


don't agree; just made me laugh, those two.

Angie Marie said...

Ok I got it. & I wasnt talking 2u, I was talking about the other comment lol

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

Thank you for letting us post this over at our site...The Pussy Chats!


All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Yes maam, need to stop by the shop folk

Yummy ?

Hope it was worth the visit. She say my words jump off the page

Yep I did statistics y

Y thank u sista

See u aint as old as u say lol

Backs are meant to be broken

Wake him up and ride off in the sun set tonto lol
Yep the lawd is good LOL

The Pew View
So u like your muffin licked sisters – can u say 3some LOL

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs
LOL u frown woman poetess

Lol folk aint gay don’t get down like that
12 min from airport
And I don’t thing u want none of jonmes. Folk no tease

Gotta Let it Out
U biased, stay in touch with yo folk jones

Applause for discordance lol

Any time folk, I needed that hug jones

2sweetnsaxy said...

All I can say is, Wow! Raising my glass to you hoping you one day soon find the woman who can truly appreciate and handle all you have to give mentally, physically, emotionally.

Closed Account said...

Simply....that's honestly at its finest! Good luck with that search!

KELSO'S NUTS said...

That's why you're the Barack Obama to my Ed Rendell!

NoRegrets said...

It was definitely worth the visit. Though I was all hot and bothered the rest of the day. I'm learning how to read your stuff finally.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

What u drankin on sister

Thanks very much – hope they find me

LOL, not ye old Gov of PA

LOL learning how to read me, do I speak another language, sorry bout getting u hot and bothered

Unknown said...

Oh My...well I guess that pretty much says it all then huh?

Can't say I can argue with fact it sounds pretty damn good to me!

Anonymous said...

bwaahaahahno i do not begrudge you your nastiness... but then you already know how i roll and if oral sex is for dogs, let me bark too

NoRegrets said...

Yep, you do.

Charece said...

Ump ump ump...I'm speechless.

Waiting for Zufan! said...

I want to leave a comment on this post but...

Since I'm a mommy-blogger, and I'm afraid my readers might find it, I'm keeping quiet, hard as it is to do that.

Doesn't mean I don't have anything to say, though, just so ya know...

Anonymous said...

I just discovered why you remind me of my fiance. Y'all brothas? LOL

YBW said...

I love pomegranate but I'll never be able to see it the same way after this post. hmmmm I think you might have cleared up a Sister's writer's block....

MsFreshBananaPuddin said...

I used to hate getting my pussi ate. until I found someone who know what they were doing. now I'm like if you dont know, dont bother.

speak on it. you are a man. you re entitled to that much.

Ms.Seven Supa Sized said...

Oh wow! I'm down for all that.

"and place the seeds, in your wetness and retract them with my tongue – that’s passion, it aint nasty."

Just as long as nothing gets lost.

Anonymous said...

This one certainly caught me off-guard to say the least. I started reading it at work - couldn't keep it on the screen too long; then I came back to it at home; curious to see the whole article. I knew that if my significant other came behind me to give that gentle kiss on the neck, I would not hear the end of if - blogging would be over for me - anywho, came back to it at work because that Pomegranate seed thing made me want to read the article once more! Very sensual and erotic; perhaps you're in the wrong writing field! Leave the scientific stuff for part time consultant work and write you some juicy stuff! Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Yummy is the word I use

I love starring at the sky or ceiling roof roof

Sorry oh

Not even a mona or groan – lol, thanks for the drive by folk do return

Waiting for Zufan!
LOL let me read your mind LOL

Is that good or bad


Thank us ms pudding, im sure the name fits u well

I will find them all folk – me got skill sets appropriate for the title raw dawg buffalo

LOL u should read my short6 stories or get one of my books of short stories then.

DivineLavender said...

I ain't mad at all! Thank you for actually saying it!

-Divine Lavender

Eryn said...

i've got a phone call to make....

Trix said...

Intruiging stuff... I ever did like mixing my food groups though :)

RunGirl. said...

WOW ... I was just having a conversation with my friends about expectations. One dude said he had to have brain EVERY morning and that his woman has to keep his toiletries stocked. Interesting...

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...


U welcome and thank u sister

Lol who u calling sister, hjope he aint ate already

LOL my fault hon and thanks for the drive by do cum back

I aint mad at the each morning, but confused bout the last part

Mrs. Mary Mack said...


Unknown said...

wow back at you :)

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

y thank u hon

Just Startin' Out
what is the smile for?

Anonymous said...

five times a day
didn't know they made men like you

A. Red said...

Sorry I didn't respond the 1st time I came on...I had to get my thoughts together...and still all I can say is Wow.

I wish they made men like you in Chicago! Any woman that passed you up should be kicking herself....

I don't even smoke but I feel like a need a cigarette after this.

Anonymous said...

I will ride him all the way back here to California


Anonymous said...

Ummmm.... Do you have to ask, Torrance? That's GOOD!. LOL

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Message your back from inside your body, me love making eyes roll n the back of partners head, and long slow strokes are preferred, ill make u watch me show and tell, I mean disappear - lol

A. Red
LOL, she had (has) serious mental concerns

Id have u walking funny and you folk would ask questions LOL

Yes maam, some of yawl think its nasty lol

Anonymous said...


One hell of a post! I'm speechless, and I'm a man.

The Privy ChairLady said...

My King Solomon bka T Stephens!!,

1) Do pick check out O'Bryan's latest CD, F1RST, and go to "Kiss Your Lips"- very nice.

2) I will do a Q & A series eventually and would like your input (puns intended Daddy).

Anonymous said...

I think I need a shower.....

Shy said...

Like I told ya, love this post, brother. Thank you for the visual!! ;-)

tvanel said...

two gallons of milk, 2 jars of honey in bath water...allow to soak ...

*Tanyetta* said...

rigid against the navel.

The end.

Anonymous said...

Torrance~ Sexy, Sexy, Sexy! Your thoughts are wild but that doesn't surprise me one bit ;)

I love the photo of you and your lil' mamma up at the top in the left hand side bar.

Muah!!! said...


All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...


The PrivyChairLady
U calllin me daddy now lol

Now that’s funny, like u cam or something

U welcome


Days like These!
Lol and what does that mean hon?

Lisa C
Thank u but that isn’t wild

And what does that mean lol

Anonymous said...

Hot stuff I'm impressed and dare I say excited?! ;)

Maeve said...

that is an interesting fantasy, indeed! I've never try it, but I'm curious how it feel...
And it is a shame about that woman! She doesn't know what she is missing not letting you go down on her! And you are/were missing too!

Katrina said...

I dont understand why a women would'nt let a man do that to her. I love when my man makes me feel good. The best part about it is - I love how HE loves it too.

People forget how important passion really does need to be in a relationship. I dont want to hold anything back from my man. I want him to know I am all his!

I am his flower and he can pull all my petals off!! hehe

Nice post!!

ANGELINA said...

"I can never be with a woman, another woman that doesn’t want to French, Kiss, swallow manhood, or even let me lick the kitty"

In my opinion, true giving/expressing your love in a physical way is willingly doing exactly what your partner wants exactly how they like it. It's hard for me to understand when people enter relationships and already have boundaries in place. I try to enter new things with no expectations (good or bad) and let things's more exciting that way.

And I'm officially adding you to my blogroll after reading this post lol...the pomegranate pussy won me over lol

Anonymous said...

Ain't NO good! LOL...

Yes you are definitely added...

*goes off to search for similar posts...

maylady84 said...

*note to self*--put pomegranates on the grocery list!

BTW, i agree with kelli, who the hell isn't swallowing the manhood? Do they still exist? i thought they were extinct in 2005.

Angel B. said...

First I will like to thank you for stopping by humble home.

This Blog is an eye catcher. I enjoyed it. As I was reading some of the comments below, I saw some that was shocked by how open and experienced you are.

Why be shocked? It's indescribable the passion that you feel for women. More men should be more like you. Ready to please and pleasure.

Thanks for coming by Mister. Keep coming..

Angel B.

Anonymous said...

Consider yourself "Blogrolled"

Anonymous said...

See, now you trippin. LOL!! Folk, IM AT WORK! I cant go home with cum-stained panties on man! STOP! On second thought, don't. LOL! ANOTHER GOOD ONE. Dont get me wrong, for education,self-empowerment, enlightenment, history and, dare I say, politics (ugghh!) But there is NOTHING like a good sex-related post.

creatrix said...

well, this was an interesting post to choose for an "introduction". lol.


guaranteedjuicy said...

this is my first time getting around to your blog and let's just say i'll be back. a lot...

melgen said...

i have read ur blog today and i was quite surprise.. it really touches me. . .
i would come back here again soon...

Mel said...

I'm late in the day, but whoa! I'm sure you won't get too many complaints!

Jesi21 said...

Just a tanch late but um.. I think I'll be keeping a pomegranate in my night stand drawer just in case anyone I come to encounter in the future has come across this entry.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Might have to put the lil one to bed early have the husband take care of me after reading this post. (smile)

What's wrong with the women where you live? Shoot, you should be beating em off with a stick.

Anonymous said...

WOW, words cannot describe the way you made me feel. The last word should not have been STOP, it should have been, keep going. You made me want more.

Anonymous said...

Thank for the invite, I'm new at this and is workin my way into the chat theme. Get soon. Like it so far.

DanniGyrl said...

A man after my own heart! LOL. Wow. Your wordplay is ridiculous! This is the first time I have read your blog.

Now, I will be up in here on the daily. Thanks for sharing :P

RareEpiphany said...

mad?? who's mad??? NEVA that! Vive le freakdom.

Lique said...

Well my eyes certainly popped while reading this one.I love your choice of words.It seems as if you are an open and honest man and theres nothing wrong with that at all!I don't think others have a right to judge on how a person gets down in the bedroom and that you choose to share those needs and wants.More power to you!You will make plenty of women happy who gladly like their nectar to be tasted.

EnamoredGem said...

You definitely have a way with words, and that I admire. LOL. A bit outspoken, aren't we? HAH! Thats to be expected from being a blogger I guess.

I will definitely be back.

Thank you for the invite and for stopping by.

Hope all is well.

beautifulcurare said..., never heard of a woman that didn't want to receive a treat like that...she must have had some issues...keep doing what you do :)

Anonymous said...

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