Monday, October 13, 2008

deposits and despots

In my short time on this Earth, I have to come to accept that ignorance is bliss for many. I have revisited this as of late with the current elections and the economic consternation that threatens the people who inhabit this dear planet. In particular as of late I have been reminded of the prophetic statement of Mayer Amschel Rothschild: “Give me control over a nation’s currency, and I care not who makes its laws.”

This was the man who I think, as well as others we can contribute the theory of economic inductance too. Like a fine mathematician, he figured out that by using currency (or depository loan accounts), he could get folk to give up real wealth (land for example) in exchange for the promise of greater wealth. He even gave governments these promissory notes for real collateral and then make the flow of loot tight so he could take other folks shit (collateral) and could even make governments go to war through the obligation of their contracts. Yes like a physicist even – inductance via the energy of the debtor.

We have only seen the start of this tumultuous period in America. I know I said that all great empires will eventually crumble as did Rome. I don’t know if is the decline of the united States of America, but I speculate if we don’t come out of this period with our heads turned to the front, it will be. In today’s world, the US government has privatized all profits while at the same time socialized all losses. If it were me, I would have been straight free enterprise jones and let bad economic occurrences related to business fail. But not this government, they would rather pick and choose the companies they want to live without any logic or rationale. None of this shit they doing going to do nothing for Profit to earning ratios. And as an investor, if you have short dated paper at the bank, watch your loot – cause if it goes bust folk can on a whim, pick and choose if they will freeze bonds and even worse, all associated interest income.

Yep it’s real in the field and foul. The truth is unlike other places where folks save, 80 to 85% of Americans are broke. Not to mention we aint even felt the impact of the recession yet for I feel that it will be a good 10 years plus before we even have a real good economy again. No this aint no depression, I don’t see no 10 % decline in GDP, but it is a sever repression; protectionism is on the rise and to play it safe, most countries are reducing imports. I will not even mention that the Euro has had its biggest gain against the dollar ever – that’s another story.

But do head my warning. I mean it aint like this aint ever happened before. It has, but this is the first time such has happened to America. In Thailand, following months of speculative attacks against the Thai baht, which was closely pegged to the U.S. dollar, the Bank of Thailand allowed the baht to float in July 1997. This led to a loss of export competitiveness which required the devaluation. At the time it was a constitutional monarchy.

In Argentina, in what has been called the Tequila Banking Crisis, we saw the same thing. It was called such because it was set in place by what occurred in Mexico in December 1994. The problem with the Mexican banking system lead to an accelerated the restructuring of the banking sector in Argentina – namely the privatization of provincial banks, consolidation of private banks, and selective bank liquidations. Banks, (as we see here to day) had limited bank deposits and were unable to provide credit. Not to mention the ratio of broad money to GDP had been declining for decades which resulted in hyperinflation, and the problem being - was a large volume of nonperforming loans that increased the fiscal burden (just like mortgage backed securities here).

Irony of it all, In all them places, Argentina, Thailand, Indonesia and Russia among others, after the banking system collapsed, in three the governments were deposed, over thrown by the people, in the case for Russia, a new and more autocratic (communist) leadership/government was installed. Them folk over there handled theirs, my query is what we gone do? Are we gone be proactive and make certain that liberty and justice is for all – or just the wealth and political class? Are we gonna inform ourselves and pay attention, or attend to whether or not we like Beyoncee’s new song or be in the habit of stunting for folks who don’t eat, live, die or shit for us? That’s all folk here asking jones mane. The writing is on the wall as well as in history books. But yawl don’t here me though.

For any person in power who acts tyrannically, or any ruler with absolute power, or a person who wields power oppressively, to me is a tyrant – a despot and no different from Maximillien Robespierre, the mastermind of the Reign of Terror (1793–1794) during the French Revolution. Strange aint it, how deposits and despots have the same root word.


Seymone said...

Thanks for the heads up...

Unknown said...

just this morning i was hearing someone speak about the argentina situation.

you've put the word out there as you and others have done many times before. what more?

but from my understanding everything's supposed to be ok when obama's elected...?...? i mean that's what i'm hearing on my end.

so no worries. all will be well. soon. "we" don't have to do a thing. 'cept vote. ;-)

KELSO'S NUTS said...

JONES: That's a rich stew there. Hard to know where to dip the bread. I agree with most of what you've written although I think that the very size and complexity of the problem in the US makes it worse than the floating of the bhat or the 98 Russian double-whammy or Mexico 94 or England 92-93. I'll get back to that part.

Argentina's problems hardly started with the Peso collapse in the fall of '94. The problem goes as far back as the first Juan Peron government, really. Once the Marshall Plan in Europe began to kick in and recover, a forgotten former colonial possession of Spain, then Italy, then England, namely Argentina, along with the Spanish/French "JV" Chile began to fly economically.

Italy was too screwed after WWII to go back, but the English did for awhile and then left again, holding only the Maldives and you know all about that. Peron, whose came from a wealthy family of collaborators with colonial masters, took over and ruled by decree, excess, etc., followed by his infamous wife same deal, followed by a string of Peronist bastards except for a progressive who came in around the same time as Allende withthe same results and back to the "dirty war" and then the Maldives War and Reagan resuming the "dirty war" and the economy and social contract was like a mini version of the US today, except the Peronistas were Totalitarian Racist Populists so hyperinflation was the problem, not deflation. They finally elected a social democrat at the end of Reagan's term but he couldn't do anything about the inflation either, so he lost to Memem, a Peronist in like 1990. He adopted the IMF approach and linked the Peso 1 for 1 with the USD and privatized various things that the earlier Populists had as state assets and you know that drill. Well, a completely fucked economy given a USD currency board and you can guess what happened. Massive recession. The were still committed to the dollar peg when the Mexican Peso hit and your story is right on the money from there. But the economy recovered enough that they felt they had a shot late in the Clinton administration to float the peso and from then on the place has been flying first with the global boom at the tail end of the 90s a brief recession with the dot-com crash, and 9/11 was for all of Latin America the skeleton key to open the vault. Once committed to Iraq, Bush blacklisted a lot of countries who took a neutral position on "the war on terror" following a wave of left-wing and center-left wing governments using social progressivity combined with fiscal prudence in other areas and tight monetary policy.

The blacklist was perfect. It allowed for home-grown mature domestic banking and free-market systems of equity, bond, commodity and derivatives markets, loose union of economies called MERCOSUR and welcome to the first world South America! This continent which is a natural resource and commodity based-region with Panama as its own private banker has been feeding off the carcass of Bush's America for 8 years running. The whole place is awash in USD but everybody lends the sovereign currency at home or invests it at home.

You got the Rothschild bit right, but you should read the book DYNASTIES to get a fuller picture because the family's pretty interesting. The Rothschild landgrab, make no mistake about this, was PERSONAL. Really until the Rothschild's financial empire was built, Ashkenazim had literally been barred throughout Europe from owning property.

In the old man you see both sides of the larger family: the rapacious monopolizing exploiters and the angry, yet wealthy, leftists who felt like they had scores to settle with European Whites. The story of the bastards is well known. They were all about greed. The black sheep line were also about greed but any way to fuck with Christians in France, Germany, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland and root them broke while supporting all manner of shit that was against the teachings of the church and the monarchy they'd do: universities, political parties, foundations all kinds of stuff. Angry Capitalist Anarchists With Scores To Settle.

Be like if during Reconstruction one family said "we'll each take our 40-and-mule thank you very much," and parlay that into a series of tobacco banks like what Wachovia used to be. Then most of the main branch of the family were like Reginald Lewis and Jean Fugett and the other side were like I can't even think of an example. Think of a really sharp BM or pawnbrokerage dynasty or Black physical spot cotton broker in Memphis who set about fucking every heir of every antebellum Southern cotton and tobacco family they could by finding workarounds during Jim Crow to buy and tear down White churches to build big luxury hotels and gentrify cracker neighborhoods and that sort of thing.

That's more entertaining than what I was going to write about the US economy anyway. You know what I think. You're headed for the rocks because even if let's say Obama picks the sharpest person he can find to run Treasury -- Rubin or Blinder or even Richard Roll -- it would be a situation they'd neither seen nor studied before because of the commitment to war the size of the government the isolation from the world economy other than being whores to Saudi Arabia and China to finance all the waste and all the consumerism, the high commodity prices...jeez...all they can do is make a good guess and hope.

The alternative is McCain and Fiorina and that's the end of the USA in six months.

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant.
Maximilien Robespierre

This is by far my favorite Raw Dawg Buffalo post...biasis withstanding *smile*

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Now, the only part of the original Rothschild dynasty that's left is Rothschild, et cie, which is a decent sized private bank in Switzerland. And contrary to popular belief, neither the Rothschilds nor the Warburgs are in any position to join with Israel and the Zionist Occupation Government to make sure David Tyree never suits up in an NFL uniform again or whatever.

That's an old wives tale.

Anonymous said...

Well Torrance I look around me and all I see are people towing the line that someone else has given/feed them. And it's downright depressing. Did you seriously ask whether we are gonna inform ourselves and be proactive? HA! Problem is too many, in fact the vast majority, of us are rank in file. They've earned my contempt because they've "been given a brain by mistake since for [them] the spinal cord would suffice."
People been lulled by this psuedo prosperity and false sense of security = credit.
No standing eight count, lights out!

rainywalker said...

Right on, how long before they start a movement to remove a weapons in America? That should tip the scales and then its us against them and our dead Founding Fathers may wish us well.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

thank u

Fly tie
still love the legs buttaruh, although Obama is trying the math dont work, even though i like what he said today since it is basically all i wrote in my post mutha fucas pls. however he did not spell out IRA/401k as i did, for small business only. thanks love

Kelso I was finna respond, but you said Hewlett-Packard Co. Chairman and CEO Carly Fiorina, and that threw me cause i was gone write about that at first scarey folk for real though

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Oh, yeah, to anybody who's super patriotic about the USA and gets all wound up about 9/11 still, I don't say I'm sorry for writing about this but I understand that it's a tough nut to swallow.

It's not the American peoples' fault. No normal American cared one way or the other if Venezuela or Argentina was on the Bush/Cheney Homeland whatever enemies list. I get that part.

The thing of it is that because of the blacklist, South America has been isolated from the US mortage and credit crisis because of restrictions. But because of the US government's need for war funding all of South America was encouraged to buy US government bonds and those are super-duper good now because Greenspan and Bernanke are traitors and kept cutting rates with what they know to be military fiscal insanity. So, South America got the total overs on the US.

Lina said...

I have been saying for a while that America needs to fall back, better to go out a champion than to die fighting a losing battle. Its time to get back to the late 19th/early 20th century isolationist theory and work on ourselves. At the same time, Americans are comfortable, and have yet to feel what its like to truly have to overthrow a government. We won't see Americans be proactive about this situation, because if they were they would have known that while it looks like this shit is all of a sudden...its been slowly eating away at us for years. Its time for a better system of defining wealth, cause stocks, american currency, and unstable values of homes and land ain't it.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

JONES: I think we should all just stare in admiration the next time we see Carly Fiorinao on the teevee.

She is to business and micro-economics what BushCo/Greenspan-Bernanke are to macro-economics.

Before Carly, HP was the absolute gold-standard of a multi-national corporation. It was the fruit of an entrepreneurial venture and family run until Fiorina. Their human resource management policy was so good that nobody could mess that company up. It ran itself to perfection.

There really was only one way to mess up HP. One way. And Carly found it. All she needed to do was impose her psychotic vision of labor relations onto a very tried and true corporate culture. She got everybody mad at everybody else in every division in every country. Suspicion, spying, ratting, capricious layoffs.

Torrance, your son could have run that company while going to school and playing baseball and it would have done nothing but spit out money and make great products efficiently.

My hat is off to Carlton Fiorina. She's a perfect fit with McCain and Palin she really is.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

im impressed. thank u jones how about this
Terror is only justice: prompt, severe and inflexible; it is then an emanation of virtue; it is less a distinct principle than a natural consequence of the general principle of democracy, applied to the most pressing wants of the country.

yea i feel ya, im writing annew post (commment to what u already posted) lol

nicki nicki tembo
that is sickly sad hon, for real though

i got an email from a friend - worried cia and intellectuals watching me lol i say fk them live free or die

KELSO'S NUTS said...

LB: Just limbering up here! LOL

I'll let u be robespierre. I'm happy being Danton.

Unknown said...

If there is one thing I know about it's about that damn Euro... and people still going to be worried about Miss B.

Unknown said...

Just passing through. Interesting blog you have here. =)

Anonymous said...

Like Seymone said ..Thanks 4 the heads up!..I feel that we as people need to stop taking the crumbs they give us and make our own fuckin' bread! So we don't get fucked like the big wigs on Wall Street and the people who now have to make mortgage payments to the GOV!!!

KELSO'S NUTS said...

JONES: Mrsbee makes one of the key points here, si o no?

As regressive, irresponsible and carelessly written the bailout was, the part she refers to is the most repulsive in my mind. The scam is clear as day and nobody has the balls to say it.

The Treasury is planning to make a huge score for itself and subcontractors and middlemen by buying and holding the primo CDOs backed by oceanfront property and is going to unwind most of the subprime rollups into their constituent pieces and use the force of the Bankruptcy Law Of 2005to extract sub prime and balloon rates from the people least likely to pay because a trade of a rollup of middleclass peoples houses for 19c on the dollar and sold into a world market for 30c is not enough of a score. And not sadistic enough either for those assholes.

SjP said...

"loot" Daddy use to say that all the time. (smiling at the memory)

Lot of things going thru my head after reading this post. I stuck on the MAR statement. Seems to me that what we now see happening around the globe - supposedly as a result of the messed up US housing market - is evidence that the world economy is run by some very powerful individuals who control the economies of not one - but several nations.

KELSO'S NUTS said...


With all due respect, sir, think logically about what you're suggesting. How many people are in this cabal you reckon which rules the world? 6? 12? 18? 4?

Let's say you're right and 12 people control the whole world.

You've had a big family style lunch or dinner before with 12 people. You can't get 12 people to agree on how many side dishes to order. How are 12 people going to agree to dominate 6 billion people on a medium sized planet? And if they agreed, how could they enforce it?

I'll offer my opinion to you and tell me if it makes sense. The are 6 BN people on Earth. 2 BN live in abject poverty and have no wealth whatsoever. Of the remaining 4 BN, 2% control 90% of the wealth and productive capacity.

That's 80,000,000 people. And that distribution of wealth is a disgrace. When 1/3 of the world has access to potable water maybe once a week and food less often.

When you start framing things in terms of secret societies controlling whether you eat Nabisco crackers or Keebler crakcers it all becomes another fantasy. And that's a road to fascism in your own country.

Tera said...

Oh Torrance we can always count on you to keep it real. But I fear this morning, I was already down, and this is far too depressing.

We may very well be on our way to crumbling as an empire.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

JONES: Were you being intentionally ironic in your references to the free-market and allowing businesses to fail instead of picking and choosing?

I surely is ironic to me because one of the most sensible things that W's father ever said was on some interview or maybe 60 minutes or 20/20 or something. There was two negative quarters or something and the budget was a bit out of balance and the interviewer told him that the Japanese economy was the strongest in the world and they do this that and the other and wouldn't that be a better way to run the US economy and da da da...

GHWB said "in our version of the capitalist system the government is not in the business of picking winners and losers...the job is to do what we can to create a good business environment and sound money..."

This disgrace that's been around these last 8 years is really that guy's son, huh?

Mrs. Mary Mack said...

That first quote sticks out to me the most. We aren't paying enough attention. Myself included.

Unknown said...

Brandon L. Wilson

Sats II

Well doc I can truly say you are a well versed individual. But in my 21 years on this earth (don’t judge me), contrary to popular belief I have always had my nose in books of all sorts. This affords me the knowledge that I may convey and expound upon.

It is of the utmost importance that we realize that in a capitalistic economy (a republican virtue)we don’t look @ the economy in Keynesian manner. The economy is nothing to be attacked and taken to literally. Yes, us as Americans fear a great depression but in reality the most we have to fear is a minor recession. AMERICAN HISTORY tells me so.

No it is not fair that the white men on wall street that have been rubbing elbows with the congressman on capitol hill are getting a break with tax payers funds but it is what it is. It is not necessarily about saving these ceo's asses but in broader since saving the U.S from potential war, reccsion, etc.

when you have Japan and china and France and other countries that have serious investments within these wall street firms that are collapsing on themselves one must do whatever it takes to do what’s best for the over all populace.

yes capitalism is more of a "dog eat dog" system and to a certain extent I believe these 120 year old firms should pay for their mistakes and supremacist complexes but not @ the expense of having retirement plans disappear and the middle class suffering.

Americans have a bad habit of being afraid of the unknown. We act irrationally @ times when rationality should prevail. The economy is falling, the unemployment rate is on the rise and the housing market is shot. So what now? In my opinion, make a few minor adjustments and continue on with business as usual.

After the 9/11 attacks the economy dropped drastically and 4 years later it was reaching heights it had never seen before.

All in all the U.S got careless, full of itself and began to disperse money its citizens did not have. we have trillion dollar deficit? Oh ok. Well shit, how much money is owed to us from countries that are not self sustainable??? Egypt? Israel? And lets not even discuss the African Continent as a whole.

Everyone, just breathe. Stop charging your credit cards up. Deal in real money and lets sit back and watch as we flourish as country again.

this is a CREDIT crisis. not a reccesion. and everyone needs to stop watching fox news.

Oh and Gasoline 20 minutes up the road in douglasville is 2.79.

Vee said...

Oh i hear you...i hear you LOOOOUD and clear! I hope folks are bracing themselves!

I've already gotten into the practice of clipping coupons...up next..paying off my ride to free up that extra 330 a month for some savings ya dig!

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Heat as always, You my peoples no doubt. Muthafuckas need to read The Republic by Plato for tha game.

seSi said...

wooo heaven. You are brilliant. Your every post is just extremely thorough and well supported.

I'm a HUGE Thomas L. Friedman fan and you remind me of him if not better because you trace your thoughts back to a time most folks are to lazy to read back to.

stormy said...

thank u 4 stoppin by ~ u write very well yourself bruh... stay in touch & i'll do the same... "stormy"

stormy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
James Tubman said...

my head hurts lol

im not down with all of the technical economic jargon but we at least got a year left because european nations are funding our economy till the end of 2009

i'm watching a documentary on the french revolution and it is remarkable to see the parelells

we should all study this event in history

we need to buy government bonds because they are the safest

its not like your pension funds or 401 k

the government will do everything in its power (even repress it's own people) to pay the interst

so we might as well own them ourselves

that way we can make the rules and policies instead of the multinational corporations

Curious said...

To answer your question, was there a question? It took me forever to go through the comments I forget. I would refer to Karl Marx and not Robespierre when he said,“Religion is an opiate of the masses” it "Prevents any form of revolt, as it threatens eternal damnation, good for social control. Helps produce false consciousness."

For some Beyonce is a religion no less than catholoscism or islam and is not to be played with or minimized, for those that do will rue the day. As will those people who will not accept Obama as the next Messiah who will automatically solve all the worlds problems by himself just by his presence.

It is so much easier to live in ignorance and let other people worry than it is to face our problems and think about overcoming them.

Miz Cheekz said...

i'm patiently waiting on another "thought amnesty" post :)

msladyDeborah said...


I have spent countless hours reading on the subject of economics. I know more now than I did several months ago. But I still feel that there is so much more to learn on the subject.

Given the nature of the current market and the possibility that things may still collapse in spite of the resuce efforts, I feel that it is time to seriously consider The People's Plan and determine what that content should be. Which would require that individuals with their finger on the pulse of info need to help draft a plan....CAN YOU HEAR ME ON THIS POINT?

Of course you know I am all for open rebellion. I believe that the right to alter or change the script is okay.

You always swear no one is paying attention to what you say on the subject of the economy. I beg to differ with you on that tip.

I suspect that no one honestly knows what road to relief to develop. I'm not sure what type of response you're looking for in the case.

I do know that at some point in the very near future we are going to have to evaluate what has happened since the Feddies took over. And use some serious financial intelligence to determine if things are stable or if we should be in the process of going the hell off because they are not.

Of course you know that I am always down with the idea of rebellion with a true purpose! :-)

Me said...

ignorance is bliss. It's the American way. That's what they teach in public schools at least. Maybe that's why we (Americans as a whole) are like we are.

Oh well...

The Socialite said...

Always spitting knowledge!

Luxe Tips said...

Very thought provoking post. You definitely know your stuff. Thanks for keeping those who are awake and asleep informed.


Unknown said...

Torrance, would you allow me to crosspost this on my group blog Sirens Chronicles tomorrow?

It's a fantastic history lesson, which..if we don't learn from history, we are doomed to repeat.

And that should scare the shit out of everyone.

Miriam said...

Fly Tie said what I was going to say.

would have posted:

*blinking* but isn't Obama about change? maybe he'll make a big difference and save us.

InnyVinny said...

I see you found my new digs. LOL. Anyway...

This country claims to hate the far left, but practices socialism for the rich. I think it's funny, sad, and very hypocritical. The present will eventually do a cover of the past as it always does. I just hope I'm prepared.

And Obama is one man and can't possibly fix all of what took decades to create. I'm hoping people aren't going to the polls thinking he has a magic wand.

Anonymous said...

You spoke so much truth in this Raw Dawg, and you definitely educated me on some things I didn't know. I heard that the world may come to the point of having universal currency...things that make you go "hmm" right?

Anonymous said...

If you ever get this here goes...

I took economics in college. Macro & Micro. I took Free Enterprise in high school and I never really got it. I passed. I understood it then. But there was no wisdom associated. Yep. We're all fed up, but what are we going to do... Revolt?

This trickle down thing just doesn't work!

Stimulus checks aren't enough, obviously. We need real solutions, not windfalls. Everybody's talking a good talk, but will he contend?

What we need is control over our own resources. Real resources.

Not fake notes backed by paper, not gold!

Anonymous said...

great reading torrance!

as long as folks are governing their money, these collapses will continue to be common-everywhere!

[associated mess©]

Anonymous said...

@kelso's nut : that's interesting i need to dig some info

shine said...

"In today’s world, the US government has privatized all profits while at the same time socialized all losses."

-Wow, that's powerful and oh so true. I have a friend who grew up in a communist regime--she is worried about america because she sees it moving toward what she just ran from. seems like we are all binded--handing over our money in hopes of protection/stability--but trust me, it is not because we want to. what real power do u or i have but to be on winning/privatization end? can we not pay taxes? can we dismantle the 2 party system?

watchoutmomishome said...

Thanks for the knowledge.

Sista GP said...

what's worse is how many people who won't understand a thing about this post.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

friedman is tight but me kenneth gailbrait

thanks and anytime do come back

James Tubman
Preach and sorry for hurting your head

no problem and i do understand whery u are coming from

Big Cheekz
my fault lol

well said sister and so true

glad im not alone

The Socialite
thanks hon

Luxe Tips
I try just read to much and do return one day soon

thanks be my guest

nice to see folks on the same page about this

so true but all see him as a savior

thanks folk but most folks scared

i have never had economic w exception of high school

thanks folk

Motorcycle Fairings
kelso is the man

thanks, and the two party system is really one party


Sista GP
a lot and that makes me sad

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