Saturday, October 11, 2008

icemans inheritance

point of order: My folk treated me to sea urchin (raw) and sake all last night - yum.

My first encounter with Anthropology, outside of an old text book my mother had from Tuskegee, was a book written by Michael Bradley called the Iceman’s Inheritance. Written in the 70s, the book provides a terse perspective regarding the Sources of European and Western Man's Racism and Aggression. He suggest that the historical pattern of racist behavior and actions of modern man is the social result of Neanderthal genetic traits of high aggression and emotional instability caused by Ice Age psychosexual maladaptation likely to have been engendered during the second glaciation Diop refers to as Wurm III Glaciation period beginning around 22000 B.C. to 8850 B.C. In summary racism is a result of the genetic psychosexual maladaptation of the Neanderthal – which were only in Europe.

Recently, seeing that we are just a few weeks away from the possibility that Senator Barack Obama, an African American, may be the next president of the United States. This could happen; however, if Bradley’s premise is accurate, it won’t for there may not be enough White voters to vote for him. The reality is that America was founded on racism, especially as directed towards the native inhabitants and the descendants of Africa. I have briefly written about the psychology of racism albeit indirectly via slavery. But I have never had the chance to discuss such from the political possibility of having a person as the president of this United States of America of African lineage.

The irony for me is that the man, who wrote the book I cited prior, has the last name of the effect that will likely occur if Senator Obama is not elected - the Bradley Effect. The Bradley Effect refers occurs when “White voters lie to pollsters about whom they will support because they don't want to appear to be racially biased against Black candidates. It collected its name from former Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley following his 1982 losing bid to win the California governor's race. White voters told pollsters they were voting for Bradley however in the end they did not. In fact weeks before the election, Bradley led his opposition by 14 percentage points.

The Bradley Effect has impacted several races before and it doesn’t necessarily mean that Obama will lose. Virginia Lt. Governor L. Douglas Wilder had a substantial lead over the Republican J. Marshall Coleman, gubernatorial election but only managed to win by four-tenths of one percent. In New York, David Dinkins led Giuliani by 18 percent but only managed to win by less than 2 percent.

I say this because the pictures I have, the one at the top that I ganked from my boy Monroe Anderson and the one below that I ganked from my folk at RBG, say it all. It not only says what many are afraid to announce in public but also how some may see us no matter what our position and actions evince.

Add to this the race baiting tactics of John McCain and his partner in crime Sarah Palin (with her less than inch deep mental capacity) who show they have no class and will do or say anything to get elected, it wont surprise me none if Jones ends up loosing to John McCain. For it may be as Sidney Smith wrote regarding Jeremy Bentham The Book of Fallacies from his unpublished papers “There are a vast number of absurd and mischievous fallacies, which pass readily in the world for sense and virtue, while in truth they tend only to fortify error and encourage crime.” Because if it the race of ones skin that would make one not vote for a person over the substance of their ideas, then such is not only maladaptive and true hatred, but truly the Iceman’s Inheritance. vote


brran1 said...

Going off of what is being said in the media, it would seem as if Obama already has it in the bag.

It doesn't help that this recent issue with Palin is gonna cast a negative light on the Republicans.

However, knowing how things work in this country, just because he's ahead now, doesn't mean squat. McCain may find some loophole or some unknown rule to get into the presidency.

It's still up for grabs IMO.

CRUSHED said...

What's so incredibly crazy to me is how this icemans inheritance of what you speak of has a way of crossing color lines and and has black people racist against each other. What would you call that effect hating or the crab in the bucket effect?

Christopher said...

No, No, No, No!

There will be no Bradley Effect in 2008. Barack Obama WILL be the next president -- PERIOD.

If by some horrible turn of events, the Old Coot pulls this off and defeats Obama, we're planning our escape out of this shithole nation. I have zero interest living in the USA with McCain in the White House.

Anonymous said...

I want so much to see this racial barrier busted wide open. Our nation needs this. People who say they aren't ready for a president who is African American are full of shit. Not ready? What does that mean? Is it like being not hungry enough to eat? Not tired enough to sleep? It's crazy talk. If they aren't "ready" now, they never will be. And they need to just move out of the way of progress. Yes they do.

RunningMom said...

I have a question... what race is the guy on the motorcycle who has the nerve to wear that shirt with no helmut while in a public place?

Or was that photoshop?

He looks black to me....maybe hispanic...

Causing him severe head injuries on purpose so that he could no longer spread hate and also render him unable vote for the crazies would probably be bad karma.... right?

Anonymous said...

this post is one of my faves to date. just yesterday, i was at dinner discussing how racism is alive and well; people just hide their prejudices better.

ps: you were in my dream about 4 days ago. i forgot to tell you because yours truly has the flu.

Anonymous said...

Jones I know uou aint take that pic mr. ax. yo ass would have got out the car bust his bitch ass in the head with some object thanks you were not around, or is you getting soft or bitch like nigga you know how we do, i know you would have handled jones mane - SPWay/Castalia 4 life

Katrina said...

Its crazy. in college I was a major in history and a minor in Anthropology. You are right about what that book says, but it is also only a theory. In reality, there is no such thing as race. Its all made up by society as a construct. There is no scientific backing to this thing called race. People made it up to classy others and place people below and above one another. White people invented this race bullshit, that's why they put themselves at the top of that bullshit. Its really ridiculous. I dont know how much neanderthals have to do with us, as homo-sapiens we are a different species and had no way to reproduce with them. Its just a human thing that people hate each other. All races of people are violent towards one another. Its as if we were doomed from the start because we were blessed with a heart but cursed with a temper. White people were just in power for so long because they had theyre little gun powder and metal guns that overpowered the weapons of cultural groups that did not have the resources to make these weapons.

Very good post...people need to hear these kinds of things. Violence can be declared to be rising or whatever, but in reality there has been violence in the entire history of our species. It will probably never end, but it needs to. We need to have a dramatic change in the leadership of this nation so we can be an example to other nations, that a nation should be led by love and not violence and it matters not the color of ones skin.

We were blessed with these creative minds that can produce anything we need as a society to survive, but we cant figure out how to maintain a peace within ourselves. We think too much with our minds and our greed.

I pray to the good Lord that WHEN BARACK OBAMA, not IF, WHEN he is President, he could guide our human species to a better life. He is an angel sent from heaven to want to tackle the problems that we are facing as a nation. I thank God everyday for blessing him with the courage and strength to be there for us.


The other day on my Facebook account, some ASSHOLE commented on my picture with my boyfriend in the most ignorant way. Telling me how it was racist of us to be together in an interracial relationship because we are contributing to the genocide of our race and that black people...well...I dont even want to remember what he said. I hope he goes to hell.

Thank you for this post..

God bless you!!

Also rememberrrr..its not over yet. Please go and vote!! Dont think that it is already a won battle. We need every single vote!

Katrina said...

Just imagine tho, You live up in the damn cold weather. freezing weather, and everytime you try to make love to your significant other, you know you cant because your peepees would probably stick together. I'd be mad as hell too!! (excuse my use of the word peepee) hahahahaha

rainywalker said...

Interesting shirt. I have written a couple blogs on your subject today [Iceman] and agree. But based on my own Hillbilly surveys from the hills Obama is going to wipe the slate this year just like 1938. I've got more than faith this year.

President Anthony Taurus said...

Great breakdown. Always learning something which is a good thing for me. Aside from that, I think folks are bug right the fuck out. And, I think that's really the problem with polling or any kind of survey taking. You simply have no way of really knowing what's going to happen. But, this racist shit is what's going to bring down this nation anyway. We're either moving forward or moving backward. At any rate, it's up to white folks to make that decision. Black people make up only 12-15% of the US population. This election is a referendum on their own fears, racism, ignorance, arrogance, stupidity, and whatever else hinders their own development as human beings.

One Man’s Opinion said...

Never believe what you read in the media, brran1. The Electorial College with make the final decision and as quiet as it is keep, racism is still alive and well in the good old USA.

I am happy as plum pie that someone that looks like me is so close to the white house, but i would not support the brother if I did not believe in what he has to sale. After all, he is not the first brother to try for the spot.

Plus, McCain and Pailin are digging such big holes for themselves. It's like they don't even want to win.

I gotta say that I don't believe the hype about there not being enough white people to support Obama in get him into the white house. Hell, we don't really think that the brother got this far based solely on the black man's vote, do we?

Alyssa Jacob said...

Princess Katrina, I am so elated to hear you say that race is a social construct. We have been ill informed to think that there is a genetic basis of race when there is none. It is such a pervasive thought until it flaws medical research.
These are certainly good conversations. I think a lack of true education is what prevents most from making better decisions in elections. Also, one must understand that people do not vote based upon ration. It is an emotional decision--as are they all. The sooner that is learned the better campaigns will be managed.

Unknown said...

Somebody should have knocked his ass off that bike for wearing a shirt with a word that is the epitome of the hatred blacks have endured in this country for years.

Maybe when we can stop calling each other nigger....then and only then will we be able to question the "motives" of others.

Respect YOURSELF!!

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

d all mi t... defeatism? This is my second take on such (in my second visit this last week, time is precious), and wondering why (for not believing in such from my take of this blog, over time), I think it has dawned on me, why~

You've begun circling the wagons... surrounding the heart, yours and those of the flock. It is good to be prepared for anything, but I'm afraid 'we' miss the significance of where we are, now... we need to focus, to rejoice, in the moment, regardless of tomorrow's outcome.

In just 2 generations, from apartheid, class and sub-class, to 'Joe-six pack's kids flooding universities, et al, to change, today, the historical voting dynamic in city after city, state to state. Perhaps we (baby boomers) weren't the horrible examples some delight in 'articulating'.

A realization of the social memetic, All men are created equal, that could not be stopped, even slowed, as though consciousness has been overwhelmed by a 200' foot tidal wave rolling across this country, affirms belief in our constitution; even beyond our constitution to a belief in the unalienable right to aspire, unrestrained, lest for trespassing the rights of another.

That said, I've two more points to address. First, man's inhumanity to man, knows no bounds. To depict the african american's experiences, of late (400 years) as inordinate 'miss-represent's reality and causes focus on the wrong topics; does not serve to heal or help us to move on... more for another post, perhaps.

Second, is that I believe O will win,,, regardless of the expected focus on Rev Wright, expected anytime now,,, and not even the (well expected) cameo from a certain Taliban terrorist and Bush family oil partner will stem the wave ~regards

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

i think it will backfire on mccain honestly

history show slaves pick up the same traits of their masters

im optimistic also but was juist trying to explain how polls may not tell us how folk really feel

i hope it this barrier is gone and how have u been?


what was the dream about did it involve neckbnones

Anonymous Anonymous LOL yep, SPWay/Castalia 4 life

Princess Katrina im with u and excellent comment and he was an asshole

we use folk here lol

yep ist scarey aint it and sad

President Anthony Taurus
well said mr. president

One Man’s Opinion
well said and i was just providing a postulate as to why he may not and reason he doesnt win by as lartge a margin as polls say

Alyssa Jacob
I agree with u and the princess, we are the human race - the construct was made by europeans

Blog Queen
u sound like my homeboy

not defeatism, just asking what if and saying if he didnt, or doesnt win by the 14 pt margin they say he has - this will or maybe one reason y

Mr.Slish said...

How come I never have anything intelligent to say when i come over

Good read bruh...

(vixenchick) said...

hey babe! just dropping by to say hi!



Babz Rawls Ivy said...

I am reading and discerning.

This post calls me to meditation and prayer.

Anonymous said...

It will be very interesting to see how this all turns out. I've hear a lot about this Bradley thing of late and it makes sense... but then I think, Obama is the Democratic nominee and that means that whites voted for him. I visit many blogs and am constantly amazed at home many white people have Obama images and links on their blogs or are in an uproar about McCain.

Though I know racism still exists I realize it is the generations of those younger than me who don't have the same race issues of my generation and those older than I. There is more inter-racial dating, marriages and bi-racial people than ever before.

I think that if Obama wins it will show that it is not my generation with the voice but the voice of those younger than I who have crossed that bridge where color is becoming less visible, where just maybe that inheritance of which you speak has been so inter-mixed that it no longer rears it's ugly head as often as it used to.

The other thing is I don't trust polls. I've never been polled and don't know anyone who has been polled. How trustworthy can they be.

Unknown said...

interesting..this matter about "the bradley effect." never considered that they'd lie about it, but then again i'm indifferent and hadn't considered much of this at all.

but i do recognize fakeness in those (white people) who enthusiastically approach me and wanna chat it up about obama and give their sworn testimony to vote for him (without my inquiry or concern) just because he and i happen to both be of the higher melanated persuasion, and i guess i'm supposed to turn back flips or something cause they make the proclamation. those could likely be the ones this effect refers to.

i can say have a greater appreciation for those i hear who flat out say they won't vote for him because he's black.

as far as this:

"summary racism is a result of the genetic psychosexual maladaptation of the Neanderthal"

i'll have to think about that some more (or read the book), cause i'm not seeing the connection right away.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for adding me as a contact. I read your blog, pretty deep. I am a new subscriber.

Sista GP said...

1. it bugs me how many people quote (and believe) what they hear/see on the news. it is obvious what presented will be biased. whatever increases ratings.

2. in applications, the way race/ethnicity ia chosen is being changed, previously people would choose: White, Black, Hispanic, Asian or Pacific Islander, Native American Indian or Alaskan Native, or Other.
Now first choose whether or not Hispanic or Latino, if not then select White, Black or African American, Asian, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, American Indian or Alaska Native, or Two or more races.

Anonymous said...

First and foremost, great blog...Secondly, I need a shirt like that myself. Honestly, why is it called the White house? I guess I need to do some research, but seriously, not only is the country ready to see a brother in the White house, but the world is. Overall, I believe his presence will have more of a symbolic effect than anything else. We can't really expect a Black man to come in and be the savior of all humanity...well...on second thought...YES WE CAN.

Anonymous said...

The Bradley effect will most definitely go into effect with this election. There is no doubt. I've heard my caucasion counterparts at work talking about it; unknowing that I'm listening. They say that there are those who may have all intentions of voting for Barack, but when it comes down to the wire to cast, they will change there mind at the last minute. They simply can't do it. Sad is it not! Hopefully, people will vote for the best candidate and not let unconscious racism take effect. God bless America if McCain wins; we'll need all the blessing we can get! Peace, Light and Love. . . CordieB

Dorkys Ramos said...

Oh Lordy...I want to believe Obama will win, but a part of me doesn't want to get my hopes up. How many of us anticipated what happened in 2000? And who's to say it won't happen again? They might find a way to win (yet again!!!). Argh, it's just frustrating because yes, this country is built on democracy so everyone gets their say, but pretty please...can we give IQ exams at the polling booths??

God forbid the McCain/Palin ticket pulls through and that man kicks the bucket the next day. Then what?! We're all screwed that's for damn sure.

Sista GP said...

@Dorkys R. Can we give IQ Exams for (vice) presidential candidates before they file? require a minimum score.

msladyDeborah said...

I am not going to get into this too deep or too heavy. I just posted a rant about McPhalin and I do not want my Scorpian temper to flare up again.

However, this remark:
Sarah Palin (with her less than inch deep mental capacity)has made me LMBAO.

You give her more depth than I would!

Dorkys Ramos said...

sista gp, yes please. Where can I sign that petition?

Tera said...

You know it is really really sad that there are folks out there who know the McCain and Palin are not strong enough leaders for this country but will vote for them because they cannot conceive of a Black president in office. I guess they didn't care that Bush shot out country to hell...they'd rather be ignorant and continue the BS vs. let someone work to try to pull us out of this mess! Ugh!

You know if McCain wins...all I have to say is that I have NEVER ever once considered moving out of the country...but...

Anonymous said...

Yeah--saw the madness you mentioned and was a little surprised at what they were Gawd I wish they'd expose that heifer Palin for the fraud she really is.

I agree with Princess Katrina, for the most part, that race is a social construct. That's why I have a hard time understanding humanity and the stupid, illogical shit we do.

Anyway, I'm going to have to give Iceman's Inheritance a read--sounds interesting.

Tyhitia Green said...

Okay, T., I've been putting off reading that book, but now I have to add it to my to be read list, for sure. :-)

Unfortunately, there are many bigots who subscribe to the iceman's inheritance. I see it daily where I live. It has no substance or justification, it simply is primitive thinking, at best.

If were all the same, one group would still pick out something to hate about "the other." It's really sad that some people will never evolve and aren't even aware of it.

The Pew View said...

Hey Baby,

How is you and them childrens doing? How's the dog store going? Speaking of that is your store catering the food in the county cause the meals they been feeding us taste like dog food!

I can't wait to get out of here so Mabel can fix us a real meal. Take care now.

Ruthie Ann

Shelly- Mom Files said...

I just hope that things will get better. I feel like Obama will win though. We shall see... Have a great day and I hope you get loads of paying customers since gas is going down a bit :)

Anonymous said...

I've been telling folks this since the primaries. Most people think I'm a pessimist. It's just real talk.

QuietStorm said...

If Bush can get re-elected..then I think mccain and not so smart palin can get elected.

Thats why i wont say that obama will most likely win..cuz i didnt think they'd put bush bak in.

T. Michelle Theus said...

I was just reading an article in The LA Times about this. They were saying that the Democratic leaders up in the rural areas of Washington and Virginia were having a hard time finding support for Obama. Alot of white democrats up there were saying they're not going to vote on the presidency at all because they hate McCain but can't bring themselves to vote for a black man. They say it straight out, too - no dancing around whether or not it is because of his race or not. That's such a shame. And they say this is 2008 and race doesn't matter, anymore. Ha!

rep21 said...

Don't worry about the bradley effect. You are forgetting the built in bonuses that Obama gets for being black will wash out the negatives he receives. For every person voting against him because he is black, there is a person like me, a ron paul supporter, who will vote for Obama just to piss of republicans and racists. :)

12kyle said...

It really doesn't matter what tactics that mcshame/pale-lynn attempt...they will still lose. The numbers show it. Blacks make up 13 percent of the population. If we turn out in record numbers (we will) not only will Obama win but it might not even be close! There are people think that it may be a landslide.

Mcklan is tied to Bush. He's tied to this economy. And then he chose that brawd! He had a better shot with Mitt Romney. Dummmmeeeeee

See y'all at the polls!

Anonymous said...

no neckbones bruh

KELSO'S NUTS said...

JONES: You know how I think. I have my opinions of course but at rock bottom I'm certainly not a partisan.

I surrendered my US vote at the first opportunity in protest at the way I was treated by the government when I had violated no law, no bullshit finesses either. I was straight.

There were two American political organizations who tried to stop this from happening: the Congressional Black Caucus and the Congressional Progressive Causes (+ Republicans Ron Paul, Jeff Flake and Tom Campbell). Three cheers for their fine efforts! And Nancy Pelosi can piss up a rope. Vile woman.

Neither Obama nor McCain, however, will fix this for me. Nor will whoever is president in 2012. Nor most likely whoever is president in 2016.
President Martin Torrijos's government, however, said "if you're a net contributor to our economy, come here and live in peace as one of us." Done.

So what happens up is important to me only in that when the US messes up it really messes up. The US never improves things for other countries or for its own people for that matter.

I have a very strong preference for Obama, however, for a multitude of reasons, most practical. Only the insanity of McCain and Palin make that preference in any way ideological. They are dangerous.

My idea here is to establish my bona fides as a Cartesian with -- as I'll explain -- a large personal material financial stake in the outcome. That it coincides with what I believe to be right and wrong is happenstance.

Once Clinton conceded, I used a series of non-autocorrelated factors to determine the right price of the Obama v McCain election and adjusted it a bit for a few events in July which had an impact and then the VP selection.

That price was -295. Meaning if I had to risk $2.95 to make a $1 profit betting Obama and they ran the election 100,000,000 times I'd have ZERO GAIN, ZERO LOSS. I checked what was available on the screens in the Caribbean, in Venezuela, in Europe, Australia and Hong Kong. OBAMA-275 was the number pretty much everywhere. No bet. The market had gotten the price right. OK, on to the next project.

But then the convention started and it got interesting. The interesting parts were the presentations by Michelle Obama to open and Barack Obama to close. These were both very fine speeches, hers perhaps more striking because he's well known for being a brilliant speaker. I was glad they'd acquitted themselves so well because I wanted him to win.

Then, something hit me funny about it. What made them impressive to me, I began to think, could be a huge problem for Obama in the election if McCain picked anyone other than Romney. An Obama/Biden v McCain/Romney election, I assumed, would be a very serious issues-oriented contest which Obama would probably win small. And the market price would adjust to reflect that choice.

The problem was that practically all of White America saw their worst nightmare in that couple and in their speeches. They saw two very very bright, sophisticated and PATRICIAN African-Americans on the world's main stage.

The last thin reed a morally and financially bankrupt subset of America had been hanging on to was gone. "Oh shit, I'm seeing Black people who have nothing to do with the arts, entertainment or sports who are superior to me in every way," a huge segment of the electorate I imagined was thinking. The worst nightmare. Black Americans who demonstrated a kind of class and bearing associated with FDR or Eliot Richardson or Kay Graham or Dorothy Chandler. Every assumption, image, and cliche of Black Americans was blown to smithereens that week.

Some fool like Hannity had said a couple of months before "how's Michelle Obama going to meet Queen Elizabeth ha ha ha". What that whole tableaux at the convention showed was that the question was "How can Queen Elizabeth possibly measure up to Michelle Obama's stature."

Interesting shit. I began to think that if I'd read Whites right, Obama not only wasn't going to get a bounce he was going to sink like a rock in the polls out of pure anger and envy.

A perfect read on my part. No bounce. And before the Republican convention started, money only showed for McCain. With the postponement of the convention and the naming of Palin, the price had dropped to OBAMA-190. A decent number to play at but I still wanted to see how Palin would work out because the right-wing blogs were beside themselves happy. I wait. Palin gives her speech and while I think it's appalling, the reception by the media is like Joan Of Arc had ridden in. OBAMA-150.

Oooh, tempting now. Still, the disconnect between what I'd observed and how the media reacted combined with the very opposite style of Obama and how poorly that had gone over gave me pause. I waited some more.

Palinmania in full effect. OBAMA-130. At this point, I have to make a decision because at the market price versus my price, I'm supposed to be a large amount of money on Obama. By the Markowitz Frontier or the Jensen Measure, anyway. Dr Markowitz however was not going to be voting from six feet under ground, however. A whole lot of the kind of fat, rude, loud, fanny-pack gringos I'd see playing slot machines in the casino when I was on my way to the cardroom were going to decide this and I knew whom they preferred.

My partner was wondering if maybe we shouldn't just lay the -130 with Obama and be done with it. It was a logical move but I then saw the world polls. 93% favored Obama 7% McCain of 10,000 polled world-wide. It was 99%-1% in Panama. This just felt weird. Obama was sinking in the nationwide US poll and on the electoral map in the face of this. So, I said to him "this is too weird...this could be the sickest racist bullshit we'll ever observe in our lives I don't know at this point McCain could run away with it...let's compromise...I got a heuristic on how to handle this so we get a good number to bet at and we're on Obama way before the polls begin to reflect reality. I think Obama's going to win but I won't be sure until there's a pause in this fuckin Palinmania."

MY HEURISTIC: I didn't want to try to guess the bottom. I'd bet at the number one big move off the bottom. It came on the Sunday night before the Monday 11AM when the Wall Street crisis became news. My partner and I were IM-ing about other business and I was watching one of the Irish screens. He IM'd me that the Singapore market had opened way, way down in stocks and external debt. About 10 minutes later, somebody on the Irish screen took Obama-117 for 50,000 Euros. It jumped to Obama -128/McCain+123. I said to him "just go bet Obama now at the best price for all you can get in."

Sharp guy. He found a spot in Costa Rica where everyone had gone home but they were taking money on the screen and had OBAMA-125 no limit. We shoved it in at that number until the computer froze us out and went to automatic shutoff!

All the screens were dead for the week while the news was all about the crisis in the US. I stayed up until the Singapore opening and kept myself awake at my desk until the House rejected the first bailout. At that point trading resumed in the election and it opened OBAMA-169. I called my partner. We both agreed we'd never see a better price and so we hit that number everywhere until it wasn't available anymore and the next number was OBAMA-190.

And on the English screen as of two minutes ago it was OBAMA-500 with 13 million sterling of open interest just on that one spot! This is a pretty good sign that the market participants are making the probability of an OBAMA WIN 83.4%

One of my better trades!

My partner and I, two useless nobodies, really rocked the world at OBAMA-125 and OBAMA-169.

When it gets to OBAMA-950, I might close it out and take my profit because there's something out there called "The Executive Continuity Order Of May 2007". This gives Bush the sole authority to postpone the election in the event of a "crisis". If you're paranoid about something, dont' be paranoid about dumbfuck white voters. Obama's gin to win this thing if the election goes. It'll be a landslide. I put him easy on 369 electors and with some luck he could make 400.



A look into the mind of a pragmatist for what it's worth.

Oluchi said...

I've been waiting for you to post and i'm not disappointed.

Robert E. Morgan, Jr. said...

real talk as always. Keep doing what you are doing brother it makes all of us just that little bit wiser.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

@ EMERITUS: Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate it a lot.

Torrance does such a great job with this blog. It's stuff you don't see anywhere else. So, I feel I owe it to him to do something different here. I do one very strange thing very well. I'm a good applied mathematician and I've been hustling money since I was 11, when Hollywood and dice were my thing.

Add in a scholarship to prep school and college and grad school I could pay for myself from gambling winnings and then living all over the world moving money and it's been an interesting life.

If I have a goal that's relevant now in my topics on blogs it's to show that the world of finance is not a monolith of oppressors at all. Paulson is a rare exception. The CEOs you read about are grotesque but that's not me. I'm nobody's boss and I have no employees other than the staff who work in some nightclubs I have pieces of and all I do is look at the accounts each month. I'll go have fun at night there when I feel like partying but I never harangue the waiter or the cooks or the DJ or the hostess or security. I assume they're doing their jobs. And I have a bunch of partners in various businesses all of whom I like and respect for their brains, sense of humor and sense of responsibility.

We finance people are getting a bum rap these days but we're not all bad.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

lol mane dont even try that line jones

where have u been sister?

yes maam

well im with u we have to wait and see

fly tie
well think on it and let me know what u think - a good read it is really

Fab and 40
thanks siter anyutime do come back

Sista GP
bugs me likewise cuz

Chayah Cheron
thank u sister and do come back

and its 2008

Dorkys R.
yep god forbid

Sista GP

yea pls dont get mad, HBP aint no joke

Dorkys R.
yawl klilling me lol

sad and dumb

it is i hope u enjoy it

Demon Hunter
bigots suscribe to the wall street jor but i read it too

The Pew View
where u been thought u fell off

me too mom, me too

nicki nicki tembo
u are so welcome

and thats foul if u asked me

T. Michelle Theus
u should see and hear some of the stuff i have read. and where is the love where u been folk

hoping your math is right jones

McKlan is CLASSIC 12 LOL

myu fault folk, im slippin huh LMBAO

we on the same page it is too broke to fix, americans have to save

kelso dont get on her bad side lol

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

thanks folk and the little one is adorbale we got to keep them as close as possible

Lady Zora, Chauncey DeVega, and Gordon Gartrelle said...

Iceman and sun people--these are the moments when I miss Leonard Jeffries! imagine his rants and analysis of the Obama-McCain rant.

good study

chauncey devega

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

But the so-called Bradley effect is a lie! There were ballot boxes that floated back to land 6 months after the election for Bradley that would have given him a rather decisive win. So the Bradley effect is in fact voter theft by Republicans, the support of white supremacy. I only listen to the news or the idiot pundits because they have an agenda. McCain is holding Klan rallies and trying to play dumb but he's being called on it and the polls show it's not working. Now it's blame the darkie for the housing crisis. That's not going to work either. We just have to stay on their asses. McCain is going to show his ass tomorrow for sure and that will dominate the news for a few days. 21 days and counting. Phone bank, knock on some doors, hug a PUMA, do whatever it takes. Maybe glue some doors shut!! Haha!!

Hampton06 said...

is that a real t-shirt?

Anonymous said...

@ hampton06 : yeah i think so

shine said...

hum...i def have to read that novel. thanks for the jewel.

♔Jaimie said...

i really think barack is going to win it.


thank you for posting this! i saw the picture of the shirt yesterday and it was just like damn we haven't come far at all when you see stuff like that. people are so close-minded in such an open world its crazy but thank you for posting that cuz its real shit people need to know and research.

maxxdog said...

Is it possible Obama might lose because people feel he is not qualified or they don't like his fiscal policy of spreading the wealth around? It sucks to work your ass off just to have someone take what you earn and give it away to someone else. I can understand folks not being too thrilled with that. Note I am not denying some people won't vote for him because he is black nor will I deny some will vote for him only because he is. I want to believe most will look at where the candidates stand and vote for who they think will do the best for all of us and not just in their own interest. Yeah, right!
I was born at night but not last night.
I have an idea for a post for you that I think you would be able to handle better than I. It might intrigue you.
E-mail me if you give a shit.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible, that Obama's lead could evaporate on election day because of Bradley-Wilder effect? Or nowadays Americans are significantly less reluctant to vote for an African-American? Vote here -

Anonymous said...

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