Wednesday, October 29, 2008

negro comfortable up in here

One book that left a lasting impression on me as a child was written by Samuel Yette. It was called the choice. In summary he suggested that people of African descent in America had a choice to be proactive or inactive in sustaining their survival in America in light that many in the majority would not lift a finger, if the government proffered such, to enact measure to repress African Americans.

I say this for as some of you all know, I am proud to have been raised in a strong family. My aunt was arrested for sitting in a library to study in the late 1950s. My mother and her siblings marched and were confronted with dogs being unleashed on them as well as the forceful pressure of water from fire hoses sprayed on them. I have learned that the weapon of choice in the war with injustice and hate is the mind as facilitated with words seasoned with serious rumination and historical precedence. So it is not surprising II feel it is my duty to protect and enunciate my beliefs as eloquently as possible in forums with those who preach hate and intolerance. This is why I frequent and post to the Nazi, and racist and skinhead websites/blogs and read them just as much and if not more than blogs run by African Americans.

And you may also be aware that it frustrates me when I share these blogs with others, in particular African American men, and they on the surface appear afraid to post for whatever reason. I had one fellow inform me in query, why post and address such ignorance? My response was that Martin Luther King Jr, and out parents confronted such ignorance in the face of death but it did not stop them for freedom most be aggressively pursued as Frantz Fanon wrote and cannot be given, for if it is it can also be taken back.

As men we must protect and serve our community as a collective. Meaning when we see any form of injustice we must assert our thoughts objectively in the stance for self determination. To do no such thing is unacceptable. Many of these folks, like the skinheads who were just recently exposed to have plotted to kill 88 African American college students, behead non-whites and murder Barack Obama; do so for they know that African American men will not stand to confront them as our ancestors did, men such as David Walker, Martin King Jr and Malcolm X.

They know and smell our aura of weakness and insecurity. And this makes no sense to me, for we will fight our own for calling us out of our name, or will tell a person who is washing our car that they missed a spot, before we would tell a skinhead that we don’t get down like that.

But they do what they do, for they know we Negro comfortable up in here. Yep, we got our Iphones, our 25 pair of air force ones, our big cars, but we don’t have the appreciation of knowledge when we know that there was once a time when folks did learn to read, if found out, their eyes would be removed from their heads and their tongues cut out. That alone should show one the importance of such. Instead we wait for other to tell us instead of have the patience to inform ourselves.

Maybe Frank Tannenbaum was correct when he wrote in Slave and Citizen about the history of America when he asserted “We have denied ourselves the acceptance of the Negro as a man because we have denied him the moral competence to become one, and in that have challenged the religious, political, and scientific bases upon which our civilization rest…and this separation has a historical basis, and in turn it has molded the varied historical outcome.” Yep we still thank we free, and even worse, are Negro comfortable up in here.

and this poem is for we:

Is my mind clear can I see?

I hold my TV and radio dear

Im Negro comfortable up in here

So what I care about the other

About stars and actors over there

Im Negro comfortable up in here

Yea, I don’t read, I listen to what they say

The drop date for lil Wayne’s new cd is near

Im Negro comfortable up in here

Yea im voting for Barack

Don’t know how he differs from McCain real clear

Im Negro comfortable up in here

Stocks and bonds and economics, say what

To busy waiting for VIP in club and BET with cold beer

Im Negro comfortable up in here


Anonymous said...

Ignorance must be confronted. ignorance is the condition of being uneducated, unaware, or uninformed. These "Bubbas" need to gain a different perspective from the taught hatred their relatives instilled upon them. People are not born racist but taught to be racist.

What amazing family history! I am a newbie to your blog and was wondering have you ever wrote about them in detail? I would love to read their story.

Take care and keep on doing what you do.


CRUSHED said...

I totally agree.

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

I do know how you take this to heart. I appreciate your efforts in raising consciousness of all people, but specifically our people.

There are many that hear you. There are many that stand with you. Do not concern yourself with what you do not see on blogs or in reponse to blogs. Blogs can be and often are illusory.

Just keep speaking truth to power. Your real gift is in elevating and raising the discussion amongst us that read and follow along with you. We carry the discussions and information you share into our intimate circles of family and friends and so on.

Look not to what is commented or posted...but rather the unseen far reaching effects of Raw Dawg Buffalo.

Linda said...

Woot! This should be heard, man! ;)

If the black community don't stand up themselves to address injustice when it's bing practiced, then no-one will do it for them either.

A fine example is what you will find in the caribbean. You wouldn't believe me when I told you, but people be living there like 300 years ago. I was SHOCKED to see how the Dutch people treat the black people there!

It's like time stood still, and eventhough slavery is illegal, they're treated the same way as ever, only they'd be handed out a bit of money for their works now.. And I just kept thinking: "stinking Dutchmen.. if you would do that in Holland, you'd have your teeth knocked out within the minute!"

As for the skinheads.. I'm just scared of them. You can NOT reason with ignorant folk like that. I think the lack of hair is just showing the public the lack of brain on the inside..

I wouldn't post on their blogs.. I haven't encountered a single one who was capable of discussing anything in a normal way..

In our small town, we recently had two thrown in jail, as they were planning an attack (with molotov cocktails) on the local synagogue.. I wouldn't reason with people like that :P

Greetings from the netherlands!

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

Another good post, torrance. all true, my brotha. said...

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

great post, brother. I agree that we (men) must protect our quality of life while maintaining the struggle of our forefathers. Debating on skinhead-related blogs may not be the action of choice for me, but I do believe in standing up and preserving our freedoms with the strengths we are given. We must pick our battles, but by all means...pick one.

Anonymous said...

Education is something that is a constant effort for the discerning. Racists are able to exist in their bubble but this election has forced them to confront some of their fallacious "realities".

I'm a rudegirl from way back so I take deference with the term skinhead as synonymous with racist. The original skinhead movement was a anti-racism movement. So please when we refer to skinheads lets simply call them what they are RACISTS!

Monroe Anderson said...

Torrance: Sam Yette was my mentor when I was a student at Indiana University, where he had attended earlier.

I had interned at Newsweek shortly before he was hired by the magazine. After The Choice was published, the quality of his work suddenly became questionable and he did not last that much longer at Newsweek.

RealHustla said...

I often feel that I'm using everything I have just to exist, just to make sure my children get the lives and educations they deserve. I'm ready to fight when the battle comes to my front door and arm my children with the weapons they need to defend themselves while on the battle field. To pursue ignorance or injustices in with the intent to correct them seems unfeasible at this time. I'm saying all this to say that I don't feel like a comfortable negro, cause I'm dealing with stuff the best way I know how.

msladyDeborah said...

I'm sending you an on line Belgium chocolate for this post!

Being reared up in a Race household has had a life long impact on how I think and feel as black person and how I view our social/political situation.

One of the most difficult moments in my lifetime as a black person was the day when it became obvious that there was going to be a portion of our folks that were not going to be saved from apathy. That was difficult for me to accept. I had always been taught and acted on the belief that we stick together and go through the good and bad together.

I think about my elders and how difficult the times were for them. I think about what it was like when the elders had deemed we would be the firsts of our race to do what ever. Or the torch bearers to keep things going. That is a lot of responsibility to lay on a generation of children. But to their credit they worked it out.

I often think about what my generation of parents should of done differently. Since I am a birth mother of the Hip Hop Nation and GenX, I often question if there was something different that should of been forwarded. I canot see it. Nor did I see some of the turns that our people insisted on making being a part of our current reality or our future.

More folks should confront the racist. Preaching to your own chior gives a false sense of security about your situation. I am sure that you probably cause them to need a Tylenol break after reading your responses.

T.Allen said...

So much here Torrance...I respect your mission, and I commend your resilience. Fighting the good fight is HARD work. It's like communication without language when dealing with ignorance, like reasoning without logic. To make it a priority and go at it with diligence and dignity as often as you (and others who step up to the plate)is admirable, truly.

Unknown said...

Good post i agree we need to speak out and stop focusing on rift raft.

Hawa Bond said...

Torrance: Did you ever read the book Endgame Volume 1 - The problem with civilization by Derrick Jensen?

I gave a copy to a coworker and he can't put it down. said...

This was a great post. I must admit, the reason I don't always respond to ignorant racists is because arguing with fools can be DRAINING! It's frustrating trying to bring someone into the light, when they're hell-bent on staying in the dark. It has nothing to do with fear as far as I'm concerned.

Still, In the past year, I've found myself sparring with bigots on a regular basis thanks to hot-button issues like the election, immigration, gentrification, DC voting rights(more accurately, the lack thereof), hip-hop music, and even my area of expertise: comedy.

What you said about freedom is 100% true. It's something we really don't have, therefore we must continue to fight for it. If our forefathers could endure what they had to go through, we all can definitely do our part to make the world a better place for ourselves and future generations.

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

your post reminds me of one of my favorite sayings:

How can you tell the difference between a wise man and a fool fighting in the streets?

A wise man would never fight a fool in the streets.

As we know regardless of our common hues as children of the diaspora our personal histories, ethics and values differ. This difference can be easily identified as apathy depending on the perspective.

Each and every day I see folx fighting the good fight, in board rooms, in raising their children, in class rooms teaching our youth, in leading by example by building solid foundations of family and loving relationships within their community. The day in and day out fight of doing the right thing and not succumbing to societal ills.

Who am I to judge by what appears to be the surface? Many leaders made a mess of their personal lives, many men are silent soldiers handling their business, and women like me look learn and listen, and push in our own way.

...they call me "L" said...

i absolutely adore you for this post. call it like it is, and continue to stand up with courage and knowledge for what all of us should be standing up for.

Anonymous said...

I like what you have to say here. Overcoming fear and education could resolve some of what you talk about imo. Good post!

Anonymous said...

WORD! I respect and acknowledge my black man's role in this - for you all are the head (lead and brain). Now if only us women folk find it in themselves to embrace our created purpose as the support and base we could get that old thang back. We all have a role but many of us allow vainglory to divert us from our task...(sigh) when will we learn?

dc_speaks said...

I plan on addressing the same concerns in a blog post as well. I stand in solidarity with you black man.

Thanks for writing a powerful and pointed blog.

"Truth cuts deep, but ignorance dulls the mind"
-DCM 2008

Unknown said...

I agree that we must step up and protect ourselves, our families, our communities.

Personally, I don't waste time reading negative nonsense from skinheads, nazis or racists. However, if you find a post that is worthy of reading in one of those blogs you read ... let your kinfolk know.

We got your back...

THE 78' MS. J said...

The revolution will not be televised rather it will take place on blogs and spread through the streets like a virus, yeap.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Same reason I use to listen to Talk Radio wanted to know what the enemy said when they were talking amongst themselves.

Then being at work and having them almost choke when I am like oh ya I listen to Hannity or Glenn Beck in the morning on the way to work. Yes I know what you "jamming" to man.


The Urban Scientist said...


KELSO'S NUTS said...

JONES: I found myself at one of those American Nazi sites a few weeks ago. I think it's called "JEWWATCH" or something like that. I was going to write something about Banco Azucarero De Cali (BAC) for a post I was planning the Bush Latin-American banking blacklist and some elements of the perico and washing business in Cali, Colombia, and also as background for some more general pieces on South American capital markets and the amazing story of the Caleno-Jewish chain of restaurants called "La Papa."

On of the top choices for some of the key words from Google was that Jewwatch place, because these guys document every bit of Jewish malfeasance around the world, and if it involves drugs and Latino Jews it's mother's milk to the American Racist.

They had a lot of accusations but nothing libelous, links to stories about various drug crimes supposedly committed by Colombian Jews. Well, that Colombian Jews are in the drug trade in Cali isn't exactly news, everybody's seen SCARFACE, but I have to admit to a little pride in that.

Maybe one of them can kill Dr Barnett Slepian in Buffalo. Or the talk radio host in Denver. But my Caleno brothers SCARE "Bubbas" such that the craziest put up some international alert about armed Jews in Cali.

I think all those "Bubba" gun nuts should go down to Cali to do something about this menace. Or at least content themselves with that poison they make from over the counter cold remedies and leave LA GOTA LILA to us little mud people what can afford it and turn it into Swiss Francs.

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I concur.

It's unbelievable to see how complacent we have become over the years. I find it highly ignorant and contemptible to know Blacks feel as though society is fine and that we've come far enough to relax. Truth be told, we can never relax, for it will continue to be a struggle, and long as we have this mentality or notion that we're "equal" or "don't have time for the ignorance" we shall remain at the bottom of society.

Racism is just as alive as it was in slavery...its just been in a dormant phase post the Civil Rights era. During the time of this dormant phase, we believed we "made it." True, the works of the leaders (publicized and non-publicized) have helped changed things so that we're not hanging from trees, but we still have a long way to go, for we are being hung in other ways.

Anonymous said...

I always said that if this country decided to enact Jim Crow laws again, I'd be happy to plant the first bomb at the state house or whatever govt building in which it was signed.

'Cause that's my grandchildren you're effing with. I ain't going out like that. I think some folks' obsession with the afterlife is a big reason for the apathy as well.

And I call myself a Christian as I write this. But Jesus confronted injustice on earth also.

Curious said...

Someone here said that you have to pick your own fight and I'm too lazy to go back and tell you who it was, but he is right. There is no point in fighting someone else's fight unless you are equipped to fight it on your own terms.

I would chose not to go in someone else's house and try and have a dialougue with him if all he is interested in spouting his hate verbage at me and not listen to what it is I have to say. I can't win that on my terms and I wouldn't want to stoop to his.

I'm not saying that I would act like a Jew in Berlin in 1936, or a Native American in the 19th century being hustled off to the resevation, there are some fights that I would fight like a crazy man to protect me and mine. But there are other times when just being aware and ready can be enough for me.

The Husky Bro said...

This is why I frequent and post to the Nazi, and racist and skinhead websites/blogs and read them just as much and if not more than blogs run by African Americans.

that is your choice and I will stand behind your choice but...

And you may also be aware that it frustrates me when I share these blogs with others, in particular African American men, and they on the surface appear afraid to post for whatever reason. I had one fellow inform me in query, why post and address such ignorance? My response was that Martin Luther King Jr, and out parents confronted such ignorance in the face of death but it did not stop them for freedom most be aggressively pursued as Frantz Fanon wrote and cannot be given, for if it is it can also be taken back.

Hold up. MLK and those who came before us had no choice in the matter. They were living under the thumb of Jim Crow and had to do something or else continue to suffer.

Going over to their place and engaging them is, in my opinion, the same as sticking your head in a hornet's nest.

Besides, they don't pose as large a threat as we do to ourselves collectively. We are our own worse enemies sometimes. We have to stop being distracted by insignificant follys and focus on the task at hand, bettering ourselves and strenthening our defenses for the approching storms that are sure to head our way once we have a black man in the Big Chair.

Anonymous said...

Like what you said, definitely want to pass this on to some folks I know who are sadly a little too Negro Comfortable.

Skoolboi Krush said...

Great post. I agree that apathy is a major problem for brothers. I also believe that you have to pick and choose your battles. Some of these racist folks are so ignorant that putting the time and energy into countering their arguments isn't even necessary. My plan is to do the best I can for me and mine, help out in my community and church, and be an example for those who I can't reach personally.

rainywalker said...

The past has shown that we as a country have rounded up minorities on many occassions in our past. Could this happen again, yes, even to ignorant skin heads. Knowledge in print, is where the power is.

Christopher said...


Your auntie is a brave woman.

I always knew there were many such African American men and women who didn't get the attention of say, Rosa Parks, who refused to be marginalized and discriminated against.

Good for her. She's a role model.

Anonymous said...

Well said my friend. I want to use another word in place of "negro" to describe some of the people you are speaking to, but that would be politically incorrect.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

i could not have said it better my fellow human being

Thanks jones

i will try and thanks for the love much respect

thanks babe and again its the red blod that is human in us all u speak off, and i must for if i feel right i will

thanks folk and when can i see the book of verse

thanks folk

im just glad we men of like mind see what is best for our future and our kids - they are all our kids

i feel u but i was only references the ones who stated said plot. thanks 4 the love sister

Monroe Anderson
thats a shame, but u were lucky, i see where u get it from folk

im glad i am not alone

lol but in summary we are our elders if they raised us right and we have home training

nice to know someone has your back period.

thanks hon i appreciate it

Hawa Bond
yes i have and i have a copy
it never left us and i can tell u old school jones. thank u

Aunt Jackie
bravo as usual sister. bravo

Tha L
thanks hon how is the phd coming and come back more frequently pls

thank u scholar

nicki nicki tembo
it does take us all sister

way to go folk now get back to posting regularly plsssss

well said but if it is at a court house or a blog (the new world) it wil never be a waste of time for juistice, liberity or truth

THE 78' MS. J
cut them tvs off folk lol

OG, The Original Glamazon
i say its the warrior in u maam

The Urban Scientist
means alot coming from a scientist folk

i know how u get down, racist is how we met brother

that was classic scholar - pure classic

we cant be like them bomb them with brain cells and i will agree

sometimes we must go to the battle or be killled in our slumber

we still have no choice unless we think we free. or worse comfortable, are u comfortable and secure folk?

i feel ya and do that

Skoolboi Krush
as long as u know me and mine is us. Unfortunatelly our folks didnt and could not choose their venues for battle for it was the world around them and thank god they didnt

yep thats why WE are here folk

yes she is and thank u as well as u man, so dont sleep u may have seen her in history books

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

DeAnna Troupe
what is politically incorrect, i must be such im a libertarian

Mimi said...

You hit the nail on the head with this one. We really need to get back to making ourselves be heard.

I'm guilty of this. Sometimes I just feel like I don't have the energy to deal with ignorant folk...therefore I don't express my opinion.

I'm gonna change that. So if I need bail money because of that, I'm coming to you Mr. T :) LOL

RunningMom said...

"Don't let your special character and values, the secret that you know and no one else does, the truth - don't let that get swallowed up by the great chewing complacency." Aesop

We have all become complacent in our actions, too caught up in our daily lives, work, TV, text messages and other electronics that allow us to live without thought.

I started practicing Yoga to reach the person I used to be before I became complacent. I've always been a fighter, but it seems there is so much to fight for. It reminds me of a book title that intrigues me: "The Sea is so Wide and my boat is so Small" by Marian Wright Edelman

So many of us feel like a small boat in the middle of the ocean without a compass. We need to support each other, challenge each other, hold each other accountable to be better people, better friends, harder workers, to learn more, to fight harder and to stand up to what is right and good - not just for what is easy or popular.

Great post RDB

RiPPa said...

Now folk you know them white boys wasn't gopnna do shit up here in Memphis. They were just some wannabe skinheads with no real direction. Real skinheads wouldnt have to try and steal guns from a pawnshop to pull their shit off.

But on some real shit? I post on blogs the likes of racist fucks my damn self. I get a kick out of that stuff. I especially love when I baffle them with brilliance, and intellect.

As black men we must remain vigilant.

Shelly- Mom Files said...

hey, just wanted to wish you well for your broadcast today. I just realized it is at 11 pm so I know I will be in bed. Old married folks need their rest~ LOL!

Rich Fitzgerald said...

I feel you bruh. I just find it hard to reason with ignorance, but that doesn't mean the fight isn't pushing forward.

but you are absolutely right, there are far too many negro's comfortable up in here.

Anonymous said...

Great post T. I say the same to the people in my life almost daily. We are too caught up in celebrities, entertainment and materialism.

We have become a fat and happy people, lulled into a false sense of security. The script could be flipped so easily on us because most of us are sleeping.

That's why I don't ignore the racist crap that I encounter. I read their blogs and sites and comment when I want. I am not afraid of them, and ignoring them won't make them go away. I always watch my enemies.

It seems to me that a lot of folks dismiss them as stupid, uneducated racists, and most of them are. But there are some that are very intelligent and calculating, and they hate us with everything in them. These people don't think that we should even exist, and would be more than happy to kill us all. They have been itching to start a race war for years.

We really need to stay woke.

Anonymous said...

I can relate my Uncle who I've never met was killed right after high school, he and a white jewish boy were found dead in the creek. Sounds familiar, just like Mississippi Burning, many black and white kids were beaten and killed during that era. The reason: he was sitting-in for voting rights in Clay County Mississippi, and got into it with some white people.

In my family we take voting extra serious because we lost a love one who died at an early age for our right to vote.

Anonymous said...

The "bubbas" need to gain a different perspective.....One from the hot tip of my GLOCK.

Excellent post.....excellent. Thx for coming by

Anonymous said...


Brothers Blog said...

I'm loving that poem man it was definitely on point and expressed the way too many of us have gotten. Time for real Change.

Shonell Bacon said...

This is a great post - so feel it and receive it. It saddens me when I see many of our younger generation so indifferent to what's really going on because they are so wrapped up in social networking and whatever media dictates is hot. Saddens me even more when I see those in my own generation who refuse to stand and confront ignorance...because if there is no us to teach the younger generation, where will we be?

Anonymous said...

It has really become difficult for me to see some of my people as ignorant. I would like to think that so many are misinformed or feel as though the thoughts that they do have, are irrelevant because of the way others look at them. So many people just simple want to live life with the least worries as possible. Is that a problem? It seems as though, throughout history there has always been a division between those who are righteous and those who are not. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink...

save yourself and those who want to be saved will follow...

no_slappz said...

torrance, you wrote:

"Many of these folks, like the skinheads who were just recently exposed to have plotted to kill 88 African American college students, behead non-whites and murder Barack Obama; do so for they know that African American men will not stand to confront them..."

What? You must be joking.

These two clowns were totally incompetent. It's doubtful they're able to drive a car. One was 18 and the other a few years older.

These two are close to harmless. But they look guilty of conspiring to commit serious crimes, which will definitely land them in jail for a number of years.

You have to be a world-class incompetent criminal -- like these two -- if you talk so much about your proposed crime that the Secret Service nails you before you get your hands on some guns.

If you haven't noticed, skinheads and the other groups that identify with the skinhead philosophy are notoriously loose-lipped. They talk, talk, and talk and never actually do anything except shoot a few rounds at some targets far away from most civilization.

If there's one thing these clowns cannot do, it is to PLAN and execute a big crime. Of course, Tim McVeigh is the exception. But he had no idea he was about to kill all the wrong people. If he could have hand-picked his victims, none of those he killed would have been on his list.

And McVeigh was executed. Fortunately, his sentence was carried out before 9/11. I'm sure he would have praised the muslim terrorists for doing something bigger than his biggest delusional dream.

Unknown said...

Great post as always! The truth must be told.
There comes a time when being comfortable become being complacent and unfortunately that is what a lot of black folk are comfortable and complacent!

Tierra M Wilson said...

thx for hittin my blog up... after reading.. no doubt I'll blog roll ya.


Sista GP said...

It has been becoming increasingly difficult to discern actions being spawned by one's racism or just their feelings of inferiority.
For some who have not had much interaction with us, could have difficulty associating with us. This may appear as racism, but it only lack of knowledge.

We should not dumb down, but just be aware in our interactions and think before calling someone racist.

BTW, mom said Auntie is doing great with her new project. I need to stop by there soon.

Unknown said...

I can definately relate with you on growing up in a strong family that fought for what they believed in.

'I have learned that the weapon of choice in the war with injustice and hate is the mind as facilitated with words seasoned with serious rumination and historical precedence'

It's posts and comments such as this that make me come back to your blog.

Anonymous said...

wow you have a really strong family...I mean great leadership...

Your aunt did some Rosa Park stuff

Dark Moon said...

But haven’t blacks attempted—on many occasions to change the minds of Whites and others to view us as human? Haven’t we internalized the Social Darwinian credo of Survival of the Fittest to such an astonishing degree which may explain why many Blacks have succumbed to apathy?

Living within the confines of bootstrap ethics and thus continually being compared as lagging behind everyone else that comes here dirt poor and makes it, can be a growing keloid scar in which it seems gaining personhood, material success, and acceptance from the majority is continually elusive. The legacy of Civil Rights and all those that worked so hard for us to again the freedoms we have now is being unraveled as we speak. There is no interest in advancing forward and using innovative ways to inspire and lead so that we can have strength from within. It looks like we have dissipated the currency of that legacy and now all I see is that you have to fend for yourself, scrabble for the scraps through Machiavellian means (see D.L. Hughely) or else perish.

Kellybelle said...

You are on point. I agree, we would rather fight each other than educate and agitate for change.

Cleveland is rife with negroes happy to be in the suburbs.

Robyn said...

I love your truth.

Shoot, I love you, my friend.

You know how to get down and rise up at the same time. Baby, that makes you a warrior king, for real.

Mad love and peace always,


Anonymous said...
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Saule Wright said...

Another fantastic post fam

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

bail momey - lol what u gonna do

thank u and a million small boats become an armada

u right and that is all im staying we must be viligant

lol thanks hon

R. Fitzgerald
and we need to find out how to motivate them

Bohemian Chick
exactly, i tried to make that point as well but did not do as well as u did

that is so sad, our families sound so much a like

anytime folk but guns are not the answer - reason is

preach homey, u know we memphis cats steep in this tradition, i know how your folks put it down - live free or die

Brothers Blog
thanks folks do come back if u can

Chick Lit Gurrl
my problem is that the yougin are learning from us, which says we are not lerading them let alone instructing them

Cheron L. Hall
we must never let the apathy of other get in the way of what is goood and what is best for the collective

all i am saying is that we (white folks to) need to check hate when and whever we see it

and again so sad, huh?

Tierra M Wilson
no problem scholar, anytime and do come back if u can

Sista GP
u are right but we should motivate thoes that are inferior to the point of accepting we all are human beings and i talked to Aunte yesterday she sounds happy

Ms TooFly
thnak u my sister across the ocean

thanks yep Rosa Lee Ingram

Dark Moon
yes so we should give up? i try and teach youth thug life is not the be all - jhey too are recalcitrant but i dont give up - thats for quiters

and the historical weight that we have is an objective truth but is a non issue with respect to right and self determination - all accomplishmnet is based on effort - and we dont put effort into much other than material bs and what does(see D.L. Hughely) or else perish mean?

a shame such is true

thank u sister

well said and true there is no racist gene (albeit wouldnt suprise me that some one would claim otherwise one day)

and thanks for the compliment and true it is learned/taught just as oppression as was pointed out by Freier in his pedagogy of the oppressed
and i agree with this as well, we must always aggressively chase what we desire, no matter what

and violence should be for protection. But im not hateful, then i could never have or hold the upper ground, thats the poit of challenging hate and evil. great comment and thanks for holding down the fort.

Saule Wright
thanks folk

James Tubman said...

i think thats a bunch of bullshit

i think thats some media propaganda to try and get whites to vote for obama

Anonymiss said...

Well said.

Missy said...

Wow...what an amazing lineage! One of the main problems we face is the "comfortable negro" Until and unless we realize we are all in the struggle together--be it African, Haitiian, Cuban or whatever...we'll never get anywhere as a people. Sure, individuals may prosper but as a race...nothing.

Anonymous said...

yeah i agree to it honestly

Gallington Press said...

That was simply profound. Truer words have never been written! I am feeling you on this.


Unknown said... call out everyone with this post Torrance.

The poem is fantastic!

This post applies to all people of color Torrance..not just African Americans. I am tired of hispanics laying low and refusing to get educated andd involved..makes me crazy.

plez... said...


i've always had a problem confronting ignorance, because there is no rational response to "whatever" their puny brains has chosen to believe. but left unfettered and unanswered, the ignoramus will tend to believe my silence is acquiescence to their warped point of view ... now that's a Catch-22!

MuscleDaddy said...

"all i am saying is that we (white folks to) need to check hate when and whever we see it."


But then, over @ Snoop's site, your response to the post "Black Obama Fan Slapped White Cop" is...

"i just hope the red states dont take us back pre 1960

Don't sound much like checked-hate, there...

Fa Rea', Dude - I'm as dyed-in- the-wool Conservative as anyone I know or associate with, and I never gave a DAMN if Mr. Not-as-Black-as-my-Ex (who, incidentally, looks like 'crushed' - that you, Jen?)was half-black or half-white or whatever-it-suits-him-to-be-at-the-moment.

I don't like him because, when you take him on his voting record, the content of his books, and his own public (non-speech-written)statements - the man's a racist and a socialist who has shown that he is willing to throw anyone under the bus, break any promise and tell any lie to gain power.

(Don't like McCain either - not because he's white & old - because he's a demonstrated wuss)

Y'all in for some rude awakening when you find out that you're not politically-expedient to The One anymore.

Don't worry, though - I'll still be willing to lift more than 'a finger' on your behalf.

- MuscleDaddy

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

James Tubman
BS makes the world go round, or is it

thsnk u folk

we have to be responsible for the behavior of all if america is what we belive it is - the best

home decor
thank u

Brandi Bates
thanks sister

yea, negro wasnt supposed to mean black folks, just thoes that dont work on appreciating liberity

yes it is and you are right - catch 22, loved that book

we will confront hate with intellect, besides u as i know, america is one flag and the same color - greeen - our kids are each other. but i see what u saying

omi said...

whenever this point is presented, i ask/state this: is it that we are "comfortable", or that we have assimilated to the point that the "american way" is our way?

our parents & grandparents often worked from a set of values that were nurtured in a culture that existed largely separate of the white/mainstream one.

a lot of whitefolk are comfortable enough to not care what's going on, either.

...i agree w/ you, just playing devil's advocate.

no_slappz said...


I sugest you read a good book -- The Nature of Prejudice, by Gordon Allport.

Bigotry/racism/prejudice is learned. Some take the lessons more seriously than others.

If you want to see it in full flower, look at Islam and you will see a religion that clearly defines non-muslims as Enemies of God. Because non-muslims are Enemies of God, muslims are urged to defeat them.

Noon-muslims living in muslim nations are part of the dhimmitude -- the second-class citizens. Those unfortunate people are subjected to the muslim form of Jim Crow laws.

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MsJayy said...

Much truth spoken here - as always. As Harriet Tubman said, "I freed thousands of slaves; I could have freed more if they knew they were slaves." Powerful statement; sad that this many years later it's still true.

Keep rising!

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I think this book is really realistic because it introduce the repress African American. this problem must to stop.

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