Sunday, February 24, 2008

fck boy goes to college

Many of you know that I am an appreciative person and as so, often write about blessings and how people take their blessings for granted. As well, you know I have a vehement disdain for types of folks I have labeled to be Fck Boys. This past Monday, LSU head coach Les Miles suspended Quarterback Ryan Perrilloux for an indefinite period. Again using coach speak, it was for violating unspecified team rules. Perrilloux was a big reason why LSU went to the BCS championship game in January.

In the past, Perrilloux has missed mandatory team meetings. One, in which he was the only one not in attendance, was during the week after LSU won the national championship. Although there is nothing wrong to miss a few classes to attend ones father’s funeral, but being responsible suggest that you would inform your coach and teachers of such.

This is Perrilloux’s third team suspension. Last year he did not make the trip to Alabama after he was alleged to have been apart of a fight in a Baton Rouge bar. Then there was the time he attempted to use his older brother’s driving license to gain admittance to a Casino in Baton Rouge.

Add to this, that Perrilloux is being watched by federal authorities as being allegedly involved in a federal counterfeiting ring. Now this behavior is from a person that was looked at s being one of the nation’s top high school quarterback prospects in 2005.

It is hard for me to see how a person given so much, after earning such through athletic performance, could take his opportunity, to maybe even a future professional career worth tens of millions of dollars, not to mention the greatest reward of earning a college degree. It makes no sense how one can go to a solid university, not attend class, and worse not expect that he should attended class when he is own scholarship. Guess this is what thugging will get you. I aint know they had libraries in Casino’s.

Now I know it may be hard to be an African American Quarterback at LSU or in the state for that matter. But that is no excuse. Still he has squandered a major blessing.

In division 1 football, 50 percent of scholarship athletes are African American, but less than half of that number graduate or finish. Ryan, you were given a valuable opportunity and a blessing. Do you know how many folks are struggling to send their kids to school, or how many students have to take loans or work two jobs to pay for tuition? Does he know some folks dying in Iraq and other places just because they want money for college? You had a gift a blessing, and what do you do? You squander it like a fck boy as opposed to taking advantage of it as a man. Maybe you should have gone to Mississippi State, cause like Sylvester Croom said; “I will not send a young African American student athelete into the world unprepared, if they come here, they are going to class.


Jameil said...

ugh. GET AN EDUCATION!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

STUPID and i have great respect for Coach Croom, for all student/players, not just Blacks

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter who he is or what he's done. Even the pros or any black (like Gangsta rappers)that get a little money will act like this. They all end up the same way -- back in Africa. Look at Vick. Hell, look at even the politicians. Once a Ni...


Oh yeah, you are now on my blog roll for laughs!

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

My ex is a D-1 coach and the statistics are startling. 3% of those who play college ball make it to the NFL and as a coach he attests that his job is to make sure that the other 97% learn how to be men.

LSU has played dirty for years, early recruiting, pay offs you name it, and it's probably taken allot to clean up their name. The system itself is so corrupt however that these athletes are merely fundraisers and entertainers who should be compensated for their 'performance' call it what it is!

Football brings in more scholarships than any other sport, from the band, to the cheerleaders, to the players themselves.

Considering once again that 97% of these players won't go pro, why shouldn't they be compensated for their efforts because these schools are not recruiting them to give away free education..their "performance" schedule wouldn't hardly permit such...

Sorry for over commenting but i'm quite passionate about this!

Rose said...

Interesting! I like coach Croom. One of my authors attended a book signing in St. Louis, MO with authors from the Love and Redemption last night I believe. She said she really enjoyed herself. I do plan to interview you.

Nicole said...

I'm not a football fan, so I can't comment from that perspective. But it infuriates me when people are given opportunities like that and waste them. I admit I skipped a class or two in college, but I had classmates who NEVER went and I could not understand it. That's an opportunity taken from someone else...someone who would appreciate it.

dc_speaks said...

cool post, fam.

i can't believe the sense of entitlement alot of young people have now. i was a student athlete and we had mandatory study times, 2 practices and day and coaches called our professors.

stupid, just stupid!

I'm on the war path around my way.

stop by and play catch up.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Jameil19922 - i know thats right

Anon = i wasn't saying he was not, but your point is well taken.

Incog - u maybe right and its not about race, but about people who dont count their blessings and thanks, im certain to keep u laughing

Jackie - b passsionate. thats cool, u should be and can i ask what school, ex that is

Rose - y interview me?

Nicole - i cant understand it either

DC - warpath, what gives folks, tell me

Rose said...

As owner of Prioritybooks,, I like to introduce the Metropolitan readers to new authors.

christina said...

For the life of me I can never see why someone would want to throw an education away. My husband and I deal with hundreds of dollars worth of his law school loans each month. It will take us forever to pay them back, but it is what we have to do.

The thought of what the future holds for this young man now is the frightening part.

We realize the blessing of him getting to and through law school and one day helping another person in our community do the same.

Marleaux said...

Well this really pisses me off especially since my bank card stopped working since I paid my tuition last week...

But I can imagine that this dude has been floating through high school and now doesn't have the mind set to deal with the responsibility of college. Seems like he running with the wrong people too. Hopefully he straightens up before he ends up behind bars.

BadTux said...

These kids are told they're superstars. Teachers aren't allowed to flunk them in school and they don't pay attention and they don't learn. They're told they're special, that they don't gotta follow the same rules as everybody else. So they act the fool, and get away with it, and think that's how they're supposed to act.

I used to teach special ed kids, kids with dyslexia and ADHD and other problems where they had normal intelligence but hadn't learned how to read during their first four years of school, and they'd to the same thing. You throw academics at them, they go nuts. They'd act the fool. But deal is, they got an excuse of sorts. They have something wrong in their brain. And yeah, having seen what happened when they got their meds -- going from being just completely unable to concentrate to being students -- I really do believe it's something in their brains.

But Ryan Perrilloux, only thing he got wrong with his brain is a case of the stupids. Over all those years he was told and he believed that he was hot s*** who didn't need to work for his grades because he was a *star*, then got to college and was way over his head, and acted the fool. Well, he was a fool all along to believe that crap about how he was special and didn't need to obey the same rules as everybody else. He was a fool all along. And now he just proved it, that's all.


anonymous gal(retired blogger) said...

Waste of a good oppurtunity.

Tina said...

You tell it like it is with no holds barred. When I think of how many people in this world would love to have the opportunity that he has....and he just throws it away......

But let's look at this another way: what has this kid been taught about education back in jr high and high school? Because with the exception of one school that I worked at, I can tell you that as a teacher of those grade levels more than a couple of times I have been pressured by coaches and administrators to "do something" about low grades of athletes who don't wanna do anything. I stood firm and refused to. But of course the administrators can change the grades of any student if they really want to.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Hello RWB: Pleased to make your acquaintance. I come to you via Fairlane. We both appeared on his list in today's Jonestown post.

You've touched on a subject here about which I have very mixed feelings. In defense of Perilloux, I tend to agree with Aunt Jackie. The last bastion of slavery is NCAA D-1 men's grid and hoops. The Perrillouxs aren't the issue. It's the other 97%. Maybe, Perilloux himself is an issue. How long is the average NFL career? Moreover, the contracts aren't guaranteed.

There's no arguing your point that he's acted like a fool. I have, however, defended Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan's foolishness also, because YOUNG PEOPLE ARE YOUNG. YOUNG PEOPLE UNDER PRESSURE ARE VOLATILE. Until I've walked in Perilloux's shoes which will never happen I can't damn him to hell.

On the other hand, despite being White, 46 years old, and well-to-do, I have way more cred on this issue than you can imagine. I've made a promise to my family never to reveal details but I'll give sort of a sanitized version which will tend to support your point.

My father was a baseball star at Miami Beach High School. He was signed by the Yankees but released after one year in the minors. He joined the Navy despite being ultra-Red, and far less "patriotic" than Michelle Obama. He made Naval Intelligence and served honorably despite disagreeing with everything the military stood for. He wanted that BA from a good college DESPERATELY.

I don't care what the color of Perilloux's skin is or what circumstances he grew up in or what trouble he's gotten up to, my father's circumstances and behavior up to his joining the service made Perilloux look like a MODEL CITIZEN from a WEALTHY FAMILY. Counterfeiting? Sneaking into a casino? That's playground stuff. My dad was trouble with a capital "T".

But he did it. He got that BA he craved from a way, way better school than LSU. And he busted his ass to give my sister and me a magnificent chance. So, I find this Perilloux episode very sad really.

It doesn't make me angry, though.

I can't pretend to understand the Black American experience. And I won't and I don't. I can only understand the pressures of the immigrant experience. The skin color may have been an advantage in the US but the experience was very, very bad not terribly long ago.

I'm glad I live in Panama now. We don't DO race the way it's done in the US. The population is way too diverse in skin color and ethnicity. I'll give you an example. When Bonds broke Aaron's record I was out with some friends and we were talking about who was the best baseball player of all time and whether Bonds's record was legit. I argued that the record's legit and the numbers make it very close between Ruth and Bonds but the real US home run king,and perhaps the best player if we extrapolate from Paige's MLB stats, was Josh Gibson.

Uh-oh. I had to explain about the Negro Leagues and a couple of guys who weren't that into baseball thought I was making up some kind of elaborate joke.

I really like your blog a lot, by the way, but I have to warn you if Fairlane hasn't done so already, I inherited my father's left-wing politics and I really, really, really dislike Barack Obama. In a profound way.

That doesn't mean I'm a bad guy.

The Love Collective said...

Perrilloux will keep on and play himself off the team. And then some white quarterback will come in and shine, watch.

Anonymous said...

The love collective - he already has, and i dont care about the color of the QB you know, just that he messed uyp a great chance

Kelso -= welcome to my humble abose. Pan . Well I wish I could join you, money wise and location. I dont mind your polotics as long as you open minded , we cool like that, like your pops evidently was. And I love the negro leagues. Rube Foster (the founder) is one of my Idols, I still think that Branch Rickey knew what he was doing, because he destroyed the 2nd if not the largest business in the Black community at the time. do come back. I too agree with you and aunt Jackie and its a shame

Tina - true, but it is hard for me to belive his mother and father did not teach him better, to value education. I say the same for Mick Vick, his mom made sure he and his brother finished high school and went to college.

Anon gal - True indeed, thanks for the drive by and do come back

Badtux - thats what im saying stupid. I mean, you dont know this is an opportunity. I know alot of student/players are not that academically tight, but what do they do, black or white - they study and take the blessing for what it is and show gratitude for what a great work ethic and dedication willl do for you. White athelets have messed up before as well as blacks, in each case it makes me made. I have friends with children who love their country enough to fight a war for the educational benefits

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Rose - I would be honored

Christina - i cant either, Im really justv usining him as an example given his visibility. but the same is true for any kid who is given the same chance by nature of sports

Marleaux - dang hon, im sorry about the credit card, but it will be worth it, and i can tell it is already paying off for u

Jaded said...

I think the basic problem is that society places celebrity on such a pedastal that those who taste a piece that celebrity think they're gods...they can do no wrong. When you believe that you are superior or entitled because of your celebrity, you act in ways that most people can't imagine. Why get an education when you're famous? The money comes from the fame, right? Unfortunately, no kid that age is prepared to handle that kind of celebrity. But where are this kid's parents? Perhaps they're star struck and see dollar signs as well. When you come from little, a few bucks can seem like the answer to all of your prayers. I don't think it has anything to do with race, either. I just think that in today's society, being famous is more important than being educated, so why waste your time in class when you can be a rock star?

Now that I am almost 42 years old, I completely understand the old adage that youth is wasted on the young.

KELSO'S NUTS said...


You know the lingo! Eres muy impresionante y del ojo a la vez!

I am very opinionated but I am open-minded. Maybe to a fault. I'm certainly a free-speech absolutist and as a college pub-debater I can argue almost any point. And I think I'm enough of a polymath to argue it from any point of view. I have the NYC kid's skepticism and if there's anything we hate it's being conned. I guess that's why I'm fading Obama literally and figuratively! On the literal side, I'm on the hook for a fair amount of money. :(

In 2000 the Democratic Party presented me with the same bullshit. I was supposed to get all stiff because some overly-religious moralistic Ashkenaz was likely to "make history." I didn't bite, however. I went for the consumer-advocate guy.

Well, my last vote I think was for Tassini in the NYS Democratic Primary against Clinton (whom I much prefer here) and my next vote will probably be for Balbina Herrera for President of Panama.

I liked your O'Reilly and Douglass posts very much.

Yes, I could go on all day and night about Negro League baseball. I believe that had Kansas City been incorporated into the Major Leagues, the Yankees, Cleveland, Brooklyn and the Giants would have been an after-thought, and Foster as well as the KC franchise's owner's heirs would be richer than Lewis, Fugett, Robert Johnson, Andre Young and Russell Simmons combined!

At least 5 other Negro League franchises could have played winning MLB when Rickey signed Robinson. Every SINGLE franchise could have played to the MLB standard of the day.

But if I start writing about baseball and finance, I'll never stop.

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

You may have a point and I do think there is a great deal of merrit in what you have posted. But what I think is the bigger issue is the system that is set up to capture these young athletes. It is a very slave auctioning mentality. It is not enough to say he is sqaundering his talent. The community that has raised him, nurtured him and allowed that level of ignorance to go unchecked has to bear some of that too. The idea that talented athletes can seemingly drift through their lives and not fully understand what a gift it is to have those types of opportunities is a failure we all have to bear. We all have some hand in this story. It is not an isolated story. We--collectively have to rethink how children are funneled into the athletic system complex---which is not unlike the prison system complex. Yes he is guilty of squandering a hard gotten educational opportunity, but he cannot stand alone in that judgement.

Blah Blah Blah said...

...wild sweet peas in the backyeard and you cook?

Wasted talent but then again...all it takes is for the right man to step to him and school him on what being responsible is about.
Fathers, uncles, cousins, neighbors...need to stand up. I am sure this behavior isn't brand new.

MsKayotic said...

You might as well let that go. Because as long as they feel they can get away with anything and everything they will do what ever they want to do.

I'm in total agreement with you because we had a similar situation happen at Texas Tech by the name of Bryan Hanspard. Had a 0.00 GPA and went to the NFL. Didn't stay long but that was the deal. It's sad. But True.

I was a trainer at Louisiana Tech. They had no choice but to go to class because they weren't gonna get any kind of national recoginition unless they were putting up big numbers but they went to class. You had those that didn't and they dropped the 'ship with quickness.

It really depends on the coach. If the coach cares they on lock but if they don't...they'll continue to get away with stuff.

miss. e said...

This is an unbelievably believable situation. I've also known those who had great opportunities like his that have also ruined it. It makes me upset thinking about how hard I'm working to get through school and there is someone who has everything handed on a silver platter and throwing it in the trash. Get it together brotha!!!

Mes Deux Cents said...

Hi Torrance,

There but for the grace of God...goes George Bush.

Some people are lacking the common sense gene. This footballer and the President of the United States have that in common.

George was a screw up too. If he had not been a legacy he would have ended up in community college, George screwed up in the National Guard, but once again he was bailed out of trouble.

George turned into a drunk and then wrecked business after business. But he had family backing him up.

If Bush had not had family he would just be a drunken bum today.

As for this footballer, he has talent, which like having well connected family will get him out of trouble again and again.

Ultimately he will end up in the NFL and making millions of dollars.

So I'm not going to worry about him too much. It’s the players whose names we don’t know, that I worry about, who give their bodies to the cause in college sports until they end up hurt and then back home sitting on the porch.

The NCAA is nothing more than a plantation.

On another note; I just don't understand how any Black person could play for LSU with all those crazy purple rebel flag waving idiots down there.

Don said...

Sounds like Perrilloux needs to sit down for a minute, and gather his thoughts before he ends up on the same road Lawrence Phillips did. I don't think he wants to end up on that lonely road to nowhere.

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

Torrance, because coaching is a such a "public" life I'll have to email you the school that he is currently coaching for, but I will say this. His college team had a bunch of arrests between them, if I'm not mistaken they broke records in criminal activity during that time. He has spoken quite candidly about what it was like to have two or three generations hanging on to the idea of your success, what it was like to be caught in the the throws of being a rebelious youth a hired gun on the field. He was fortunate enough to go on get his master's but not without some blemishes to his good name first.

Having seen up close and personal these players getting cars, houses, and jewelry as young as Jr High from Agents and Scouts, allot of these men have grown up feeling above reproach.

The old football adage, "if you ain't cheating, you ain't trying" is played off and on the courts. None of this excuses the behaviour of the students or their coaches however there are some serious flaws in the NCAA...

KELSO'S NUTS said...

I tend to agree with Mes Deux Cents, as well.

Of course, we can all sing the praises of Joe Paterno or whatever, although I think there's a lot of air in his legend really.

Brown and Leach seem like they have their heads screwed on straight as coaches and human beings.

But the fascinating coach and the the fascinating case everyone seems to have forgotten are BARRY SWITZER and MARCUS DUPREE. I always felt like Switzer was kind of ahead of his time in understanding the planatation aspect of Oklahoma grid and walking a very fine line between helping those of his players who strayed to avoid trouble (some fogeys might say "get away with it") and staying within the official bullshit NCAA rules while not adopting a the Paterno Paternalism (tm).

Torrance, your thoughts?

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Jackie - Im sorry, forgive me please it is not needed, I was being nosey and asked on the side of my college football fanism. u said enought right there

Don - Yep, lawrence phillips and all else who had a few times to get it together

Mes - yep the same and equally as stupid. I gues growing up there, i mean i was raised in the south and have an affinity for Tennessee. But he dont have the Bush fam name like u say

Mis E. - unbelivable i wish, its a lot more, cause the flunk out which is just as bad

Kayos - i was just thinking about it and it came out, may me mad, like folks who aint got nothing to do but hate and belittle others

Blah - from what I hear his pops was a man, but got sick. He recently died a few weeks agon

Babz - well said.

Kelso - noth thats a combo, baseball and finance. I take a stab at writing bout econ. and loot too.

Jaded - it is part of the problem, giving folks the big head as we say, but Tiger aint have it, nor the ton of coleged student athelet grads that don play spors afterwards. But i see what u saying.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Kelso- I rember Marcus dupree, im 45. Came out my bckyard, Phili, Missip....Im from memphis

Jaded said...

Tiger's dad was obsessed, but with excellence, not fame. Achievement over recognition is part of the key. We need to teach these kids the value of pursuing excellence, not fame.

I tell my students that if what they want is to be famous, then they shouldn't even bother studying with me. But if what they want is to make a career in the theatre, I'm happy to do what I can to help. I don't take students with the proverbial stage mother. I don't take students whose parents want them to start working in the industry at a young age. It shouldn't be about that. It's about working to the best of your ability. If your abilities bring you accolades, even better, but work for the sake of working, not to seek fame. I would think it's the same thing in sports. Do it because you love the game, every aspect of it. If you earn a living at it, even better. But don't do it as a means of being viewed as a god.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right my brotha! There is simply no excuse and you made a very educated judgment call, because it is stupid to take an opportunity as great as this and throw it away and for what!?

What is even more unfortunate Raw is that by the time dude gets old enough to realize how much of a good thing he threw away, he will be a has-been and will most likely end up working at some steel mill. Folks will be coming up to him asking him, "Hey aren't you...." and how stupid can you feel when you have to explain to kid not to make the same mistakes you did.

We [meaning young brothas] need to learn how to act. We need to set a better example and stop acting like great opportunities knock on our doors every day.


All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Jaded - u can teach my kids anytime. And thats what I meant, many families not in the lime light teach that, and if not hard work , which are the same in essence. Great perspective

Marcus - Yo using we indicated u take responsibility, although u dont behave as such, you like me, take ownership of our community, for one bad apple is my (our responsibility as well

Sista GP said...

Society needs to stop stereotyping careers for our kids based on physical appearance. I am so tired of people asking me if I played ball in school. Just because I am 5’ 9” and athletically built (genetics) does not presume that I played sports in school. Many have been oddly surprised when I respond that I alternatively chose academics as extracurricular activities: Math Club/Team, Science Club/Team, Beta Club, Honor Society, etc. Yeah, I was a nerd, but I have been a well-paid nerd.

My son is going to have the same irritating situations, being that he is over 65 lbs and 51 inches tall and only 6 years old. Already people ask him if he is going to play basketball or football when he grows up. I am thrilled when he responds that he is going to be an ARCHITECT.

It is up to us parents to instill education as a top priority while they are in school. I have no problem with him playing sports, but he will have to keep his grades up.

Ed said...

Interesting. I don't watch football per say, so I can't really comment, besides I only did a 2 year degree so I don't have those campus experiences either. I don't take opportunities for granted either though.

Mz.Bria2U said...

we live in a society and a time where people (esp younger ones) believe that they're entitled to opportunities. Hard work is like kryptonite to them..they want no parts , but they want the accolades and the perks that come as a result. I made my 16yr old son read this post and he tripped out on that type of person being called a "fck boy" it's the truth anyhow.


KELSO'S NUTS said...


On a completely different subject,I was please to read in your comment that you like econ and loot. I don't know how you feel about MSFT/YHOO but I think it's hilarious. A case of two companies in a race to see who can screw their shareholders worse. YHOO is supposed to take the money and run. MSFT is supposed to thank a merciful god that the Yahoo board turned the bid (at a 62% premium) down! Yet, we're back to all the "synergy" crap. Pretty funny. At least it is to me because I'm a total financial engineering debt and derivatives geek and I love when "business" imitates DILBERT cartoons!

I don't know if you've ever dealt with this rather more touchy subject in the sociology of finance but you're my age so surely you remember the rise and fall of so-called "Chocolate Wall Street," i.e. the African-American ascent and descent from power on the nation's muni-bond desks. It corrlated with the rise and fall of the urban municipal government machines. Fascinating, bizarre and repellent story really. That is if you have any sense of social justice.

Jaded said...

Thanks, Torrance. I am always honored and humbled when any parent allows me the opportunity to teach their child, or when one says that they'd trust me to do it. I don't take that responsibility lightly. You know how hard I fight to make sure my own child is taken care of properly by the school district. I want to make sure that every parent who pays me money for their kid to study with me is satisfied that their child is getting the very excellence I demand of my daughter's teachers.

I love my job.

Anonymous said...

This isn't new. sometimes, we have to teach them a lesson by doing such things... what is it the third, strike? you know, i'm going to say "men" like these haven't learn anything from our history. An easy way in can be your downfall.

Tera said...

It amazes me how often times society forgets that those who are stars and are in the spotlight are still...human.

TJ said...

wow. what a waste.

Brilliantly Me said...

Random comment: Go to this website

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Rayo - will do thnks

TJ - and how

Tera - i know he human, but dang, his choices are the ones im speaking about a shame

Koffee dyme - so true, and u know what, i bet the kind of women he entertained know jus as little about history

Jaded - u are welcome hon

Kelso - send me the link, sounds facinating, and stay away from the yahoo and microsoft, dont invest in eaith. But i do have a rather health portfolio, but likely not as large as yours. you need to sponsor me to write a bok like in the old days

Ivent - true, and no one is entitled to anything i know of

VE - that is beacuse u are a wise person

Bernice - my son as well. And he wants to make films and be an animal doctor. lets pray for them both

KELSO'S NUTS said...


I actually do sponsor people who do promising work. I currently have 15% of an emerging player on the WPT & WSOP and out of friendship have helped a woman I know find private editor and agent for her memoirs. She was a key figure in the "Club Kid" dope/murder/dope case of 12 years ago or so and though she's only 37 her life story is more bizarre than fiction.

I also do pro-bono financial analysis for THE NEW PRESS. This kind of story would be right up their alley if it interests you. I don't think anyone's bothered with it beyond one or two financial journalists of a left-wing orietation like maybe Henwood or Abelson.

My portfolio is very unusual. Ownership interest in off-shore emerging markets fund I co-founded. Lots of crude oil and defense (hey, I don't like it but if they want to give me free money I'll take it!) and some other energy stuff and I absolutely crushed MO and RJR. Bought them with winnings from Sarava's Belmont Stakes win at 70/1 during dotcom boom and sold them last year.

Of all of it, the poker player has given me the best compounded ROI!

Equities aren't my bag though. I prefer debt and derivatives. Right now it's hard to go wrong with any positive-carry trade of 1-to-year duration against the USD.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Oh, for the record, I am aware of how "quaint" my use of the seating arrangement of the French parliament is to characterize politics in "post-racial" America but I'm from a European family, what can I say? And have lived in London, Madrid, Oviedo, Moscow and live now in South America which is "Old Europe" with short people.

Unknown said...

It's like T.I. buying them damn guns in a parking lot. You can take the boy out of the ghetto, but damn if the ghetto don't have to be surgically removed from the boy.

Unknown said...

This saddens and angers me at the same time. I mean when people are given an oppurtunity like this and just squander it away... What the hell? is there no one to set this kid straight? reminds me of Marcus Vick. I hope he gets his ass together and does something with his life. Hopefully this last suspension will wake him up or he's doomed to become another statistic.. SMH

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Luscious Librarian:

I have to admit to being somewhat taken aback by your remark about the "ghetto" and "the boy". I am frustrated by promises I've made to my family about discussing certain things but this "ghetto" and "boy" business is hardly restricted to Black people.

I've written in this thread that my Dad grew up in circumstances far worse than Perilloux did and it had nothing to do with acting out during his brief career as an athlete. It was THE LIFE.

He made some very good decisions but still I too -- yes, White skin and all -- did not grow up with a lot of privelege either and there were all sorts of temptations of THE LIFE around me all the time. I could have dealt drugs. I could have become a bookmaker. Believe me, I was recruited to do both because of my math ability.

I, too, made great choices. I happened to like school and I didn't give a crap about having lots of money as a pre-and-early-teen. A lot of my boyhood friends are dead or in prison.

But now FROM a position of privilege, I can't just write off what I know or forget where I came from.

Young people respond to these kinds of pressures in all sorts of ways.

It's not for me to judge. It's not even for me to judge you for judging! I just want to register that there are other ways to see the Perilloux story.

msladyDeborah said...

I have two opinions about this.

There are plenty of young people who would use an opportunity to attend college to obtain an education. When I read articles like this one it just pisses me off!

Now coming for the O~State side of me~Damnit! Why didn't this happen before the BCS game! :-)

kit von b. said...

lmfao!!! i can't get over the term "fuck boy"...

-karrie b.

Unknown said...

Mess like that does irritate me, when people don't take advantage of such a blessing. I've taken out two loan, i have two jobs, and my mom is also struggling with my tuition payments. People need to wake up: open the door of opportunity and take full advantage of what it has to offer!!!

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

YoungBelizeanLady - thanks 4 th drive by and i do hope u return, and s u ca see it gets on my nerves too

Karrie B - what can i say, im from the dirty and a proud country boy, its really an old school term

MsladyD - we cant help it SEC rules supreme. But we agree on th first point.

Kelso - I thik LL just hs a lil bit of elitest in her, but wha i think she means is that he rgardless of where he comes from hs no excuse, folks make it out the ghetto all th time-even with less opportunity

Sincere - it is mical vickesque. and your anger i hope is over riden by your sadness

Luscious Librarian - i didnt need to be surgically removed from me, in fct i think a smart person would keep it nd dd to it to better themselves and be in a position to make better decisions

Rich Fitzgerald said...

playing catch up dawg. what's good.

I ain't even giving fck boy any attention. ignant asses deserve what they get.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I think the whole college football world is corrupt and needs to be changed. It is a machine though and will keep on rolling...

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