Friday, February 15, 2008

running into a brick wall

Now back to our regular scheduled programming. I had a homeboy that used to play defensive back with the Washington Redskins and Eagles. When he finished playing football in college, right before the draft, he came home. At one of my infamous party’s, we exchanged dap and talked. He spoke about the interviews he had with several NFL teams prior to the draft. He said he told them all “if you pay me enough, I will run into Brick wall." Now my Boy Barry hit hard, was Memphis Buck, and fast – all 6’2”, 220 pounds of him. He led the NFL in interceptions as a rookie and had 2 interceptions during the Skins Super Bowl win over Denver when Doug Williams was the MVP. I say this as a metaphor regarding the future as it may come to fruition in November.

Most of you all know that Dr. Ron Paul was my first choice for the Presidency, followed closely by Senator Obama. But since it seemed as if folks didn’t ascribe to my position, I’m going with Obama in the title game. However, many folks are s caught up on the primaries and his nemeses that we seem to be missing the bigger picture. A few weeks ago I asked why Black folk seem to vote hook, line and sinker for the democrats. Now, I feel that if things don’t go as most expect, there maybe a form of whiplash from African American voters.

The cynicism will rise extremely quickly if the democratic primary allows for the race between HilBill and Barak Obama to be decided by a bunch of elites Super delegates. As it stands now, with this inclusive of what has happened with the democratic primaries in Florida and Michigan, shit may really hit the fan. I mean, it wouldn’t surprise me if all this sit ends up in court. Not to mention that the three co-chairs of the DNC Credentials Committee: Alexis Herman, James Roosevelt, Jr. and Aliseo Roques-Arroyo, all served in the Clinton Administration. I just wonder how serving and working for her husband for 8 years may influence how they cast their super delegate votes.

On the other side of the aisle, Obama is already talking about November – a November where he most likely will be in the title game against John McCain. Although both democratic candidates say they are the best to face McCain, the truth is Obama has the best chance. Hillary says she can, but it would be easy for her to get beat down if she did face him in the general election. First, there are zillions in the GOP who hate her husband and her as well. Most folks would use the Clinton’s as a rallying cry to motivate a stagnant party, even if many conservatives feel that McCain isn’t conservative enough for them. Add to the fire that pundits like Rush Limbaugh recently said he would help raise money for Senator Hillary Clinton in order to unify the GOP.

Obama to me would be a stiff challenge for the GOP although some, like the ultra conservative New York Post, owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corps. Empire endorsed Obama in the New York primary, feel that it will be easier to defeat him. Why, well it brings us back to the feeling that hard liners hope that the race card, and the assumption that many still would not select an African American to be the President of the United States, as their player card.

Truth is he will be a visible difference versus McCain. First he will represent a strong generational difference, which McCain cannot challenge. Second, he will be a strong contradiction to McCain stance on the war in comparison to Clinton, who voted to support the war effort. Not to mention McCain sees us being in Iraq for another 100 years.

So what’s next? Well Hillary is already sending her daughter around to meet with the younger super delegates. For example, she recently had breakfast with Jason Rae who is a super delegate since he is a member of the Democratic National Committee from Wisconsin.

But the aforementioned is not the issue, it is the super delegates, who will the side with and what them three big wig Democratic Credential Committee folks will do. This has been a break out years for the democrats. It seems that they have been able to motivate young voters as well as pick up independent voters who have historically voted republican. However, if Obama has a slim lead nationally, but ends up loosing via the super delegates, it may end up back firing on them. Especially among African American and young voters, who may be so disappointed, that the party that says it stands for unity may loose a major segment of its membership. Its ok for my boy Barry to say he will run into a brick wall if they pay him enough, but I don’t think the democrats can survive running into a brick wall that may turn folks off from the voting and election process.


PrettyBlack said...

Well since the primaries I've been creeping back and forth from Wolf Blitzer to Anderson Cooper and alot of analyst's like Roland Martin are saying that the superdelegates would step on alot of toes and crumble the democratic party if they go against the popular vote...which at this point seems to be in favor of Obama.

David Wilhelm, Bill's former campaign manager left the Clinton's and is now endorsing Obama. I believe the GOP wants Obama to win because (as you said) they have a better chance of beating a "brother" But they have to realize the young people are speaking and Obama's supporters (by the demographics) are educated young white males, and educated young black says cnn.

While hillary's supporters are undereducated, over 60 white women.
And most undereducated democrats.

I believe Obama has a better chance because unlike Capitol Hil (catchy huh? I made that shit up)
Obama is untainted politics, he's a fresh face like Bill was in '92 (my very first vote by the way)
I don't think people are seeing color like some people would want to believe, the only people that are seeing color are the older over 60 set. The youth are ready to move on...Thank God.

As always thanks for the knowledge

PrettyBlack said...

Sorry for that long ass comment.

Anonymous said...

Good post, and very nice metaphor.

Since, this has become something of my forte over the past few months, I'm going to jump in (I know, I don't comment nearly often enough over here, but usually by the time I get round to it, I'm following some thirty or forty other cats, and there's really not much left for me to say).

Through all of this, I've noticed a meme creeping up that, should Hillary lose Wisconsin and the volume continues to grow, you're going to see this meme explode.

The question is, just how bad does she want it, what cost is she willing to put up, and who will ultimately pay that price?

Most analysts agree that while it's not impossible for Hillary to regain a lead in pledged delegates, it's going to be very difficult. If I were to have to tack a percentage to it, I would say 25% now. 20% if she loses Wisconsin, and 15-10% if she gets blown out in Wisconsin despite heavy campaigning.

So she can win this thing fair and square, it's just looking closer to impossible on a daily basis. Which means we have to look at unfair ways of doing this.

There's the Super Delegate crunch, which you discuss above. Now, there are no rules, absolutely none, that govern which way these cats go, so on a most technical level, if the Super Delegates do override an Obama plurality, they are within their rights to do so.

But just because something is technically fair doesn't mean it is right, and there is a general consensus that should this be the case, the Democratic party will break, at least to a point where they will lose the election. The logic here is that Obama supporters will be so upset that their chosen candidate had the nomination stolen from him that they will abandon the party in the General Election, and a race that naturally favors McCain anyways becomes even more favorable considering that the Democratic numbers will be greatly depressed based on a feeling of significant betrayal.

The other option, as you touch on, is Michigan and Florida. There are a lot of varying opinions right now on the two states and the state of their delegates, but there should be little argument that the votes that were held were inherently inequally tilted in Hillary's favor. In Michigan this is so because she was the only Democrat in the top tier status to be on the ballot. Exit polling data has shown that though Clinton claims to have won the state, had Obama's name been on the ballot, he would have won.

In Florida, all names were on the ballot, but Obama did not campaign there. Some will argue that he ran television ads in Florida, but the truth of the matter is that Obama ran regional ads to target South Carolina and Georgia as it was cheaper than to run local ads.

By contrast, Hillary had campaigned in Florida on at least one occasion, and attended a victory dinner there one hour before polls closed.

In general, however, the fact that both candidates PLEDGED not to campaign in Florida should be reason enough to accept that the results of the Florida primary are invalid. This especially when a reasonable argument can be made that the broad gap in the polls could be accounted for by name recognition--a trend that is backed up by the fact that typically Obama reaps huge polling rewards for actual on the ground campaigning virtually everywhere he visits.

And of course there is the metaphysical aspect to look at too. When you compare the themes of the two campaigns, Hillary represents, "defense" and "firewalls" and "strategies," while Obama's closely associated with "Hope" and "Change" and "Movement", what we are seeing is essentially the old guard of the Democratic party trying to kill the spirit of the young and more idealistic part of the party. Clinton has willingly pitted herself against hope.

It's an interesting mix of perspectives to look at, but it comes down to what Ezra Klein said. Paraphrasing, Clinton is signalling more and more that she is so determined to win the party's nomination that she is willing to rip the party apart to do it.

If that becomes the riding narrative of her campaign, It's going to hurt her something fierce.

Christopher said...

Barack Obama is our best hope to cleanup and change the disasterous mess of 8 years of Bush/Cheney.

He's ahead now in delegates and I think once Obama adds:

North Carolina
South Dakota

to his column, it doesn't much matter if the Borg Queen wins Texas and Ohio. She can't catch Obama.

Now, I am very, very, very worried about the Clintonista-bullshit brewing over Florida and Michigan. If Howard Dean and the DNC decide to sit those fucking delegates, then I expect an all out revolution with pitchforks and chains at the Democratic Convention in Denver.

You can expect to see me in the crowds cuz, I am not going to sit on my fat, white ass and let the DNC rob Barack Obama of the nomination.

Anonymous said...

Prettyblack - its not long at all, infact i am responding inbetween statistic classes. I agree with your perspective. Down here, Sen John Lewis has switched camps from Hillary to Obama

Kyle - great question, i figure enough to come out of her pocket 5 million. Obama cant do that and better yet wouldn't. What folks inside the belt way fail to realize is that whites, blacks, tall, short, dems, reps, and independents are all closer than they are and live and talk and listen and have the same experiences, thats what Hill and Mcain dont see. great point man, and post, regardless, blogging is more american than the election process

Christopher - LOL, i think she messed up when she skipped Wusconsin and headed straigh to texas, now dont u be starting no ish out in them streets, remeber they take pictures now and we dont want a rehash of the G* in Washington state, now do we. excellent point.

Keli said...

I agreed with Ron Paul on a number of issues (not too surpising, he is the congressional rep for the area I grew up in)...I just did not agree with how he planned to achieve his goals.

I am a black woman that is not on the Obama train...and for that I fill like my black card is in jeopardy. I just don't get with the all Hope for Change, pretty similar to Jackson's Keep Hope Alive...difference...Obama is not threatening to whites...he is too far removed from "black issues"...with that being said, I feel that some black folks are voting for him because they feel he will be a champion for our cause...whatever that may be. I think these are the black folks that will be disappointed.]

In regards to the superdelegates...politics is a game, and it is important to educate yourself on the game...know our voting system. I mean, the notion of the nomination being determined by super delegates is no worse than the electoral college, which determines who will sit in the white house.

I use to want to grow up to be the first women president...I guess I will have to settle for being the first African American woman president...

Anonymous said...

I am voting for Obama. That said he is in for a Carter-esque surprise should he be able to ride his donkey all the way to the White House. Bush has screwed us over royally for 8 years and unless he can pull a "magic negro" out of his hat nothing he does will be able to fix the country in 4. That said when we go back to the Polls in 2012 every one (save those us who really know what's up) is going to scream that he couldn't keep his promise and the Clintons were right after all. Sad as it is, if Hilary knows like I know she will let Obama have this one and try her hand in about 8 years when there is less of a mess to clean up.

VertigoVirgo said...

Big Brother All-Mi-T, I'm glad to see that you are back on your game after such a hard time. Thank You, for stopping by yesterday and leaving me Valentine wishes, so very nice of you.

Redskins, eh?

VertigoVirgo said...

Oh, and P.S. I know I'm 'bout to be added to this blog roll over here, please do't make me step out and ac' my color. :)

just kidding :)

Anonymous said...

I think nearly all of the supers will go the way of their states. It's simple cowardice. Plus, they know that one sure way to piss off the base would be to go against the wishes of the electorate. Great way to lose in November.

In my office yesterday, one of my patients, a white guy in his early fifties, asked me who I was going to support now that Edwards was out of the race. I told him Obama, and he grinned and said, yeah, he'd listened to a few of Obama's speeches, and that's who he wanted, too. And he said that Obama/Edwards would be his dream ticket.

Then he told me that he has always -- ALWAYS -- voted Republican.

Obama has already proven multiple times that he can win the white, male, Democratic vote. I think he can win a good chunk of the white, male, Republican vote, too. Obamacans are real. Sure, there are plenty of diehard racists out there, but would they be voting for Hillary if she were the nominee? That's the real question -- not whether the "race question" can be used against Obama (I don't think it can, not effectively -- I mean, they can try it if they're desperate), but how many voters would stay away from the polls or vote Republican if Obama were the nominee rather than Clinton? And would that number be larger if Clinton were the nominee?

What did my Republican patient like so much about Obama? His message of unity. Damned if that doesn't seem to appeal to a lot of people.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

vertigo - u can act a fool anytime my page is your page. and thank u for the love

ingridspeak - i feel ya, i hope he has a big ole broom, and you know i have heard some folks say they wont vote for him because of how congress blocked Carter's every move...sad aint it

Keli - no matter who u support, you are and will be for ever black, i hope we aint that myopic. vote what u belive, im with that. in the long run we agree on who has the best chance of beating mr 100 years

Dancewater said...

It is clear to me that Clinton is better than McCain, and Obama is better than Clinton - but still, I can't help thinking that all three of these Senators were in office for at least the last three years, and they are therefore a big part of creating the mess we are currently in.

war without end......
occupations that are illegal....
economy going to crash....
dollar down, exports down, trade deficit up, federal debt way up, personal debt way up.....
environment not doing well....
one in six Americans without health care.......

we are in a very bad mess, and the world is not going to help us.

I was hoping for someone who I could actually believe would fix some of this mess.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Doug - well said and so true, he transcends race. And like the patient, people are objective. You told him right

Dancewater - i am with you, but being tainted for 30 years is way more problematic to me than 3

Unknown said...

Dude, if the Superdelegates decide on Clinton, I'm through, I'll never vote again. I don't just think we need a black President, I know it. Just look at the odds, 43 to none. Ain't no way white folks are 44 times smarter than black folks, so I'm screaming, give the brother a shot....

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I hope the vote doesn't come down to the superdelegates. But, from my understanding, Obama has quite a few Superdelegates too. This would put a dismal lent in your eye to all the young people and first time voters - the process is set in order for the powers that be to be able to do determine the final count. I too, would be quite dismayed. Hell, this is my first primary election vote. Raw, have you heard anything about Obama not being on Travis Smiley, and the big deal Travis is making of this. Got a wind of it at work today. Don't know all the details yet. Peace, CordieB.

Christopher said...

Dude, if the Superdelegates decide on Clinton, I'm through, I'll never vote again.


I've heard easily a dozen, lifelong Democrats say the exact samething as you.

Unfortunately, we have a pussy leading the DNC and I fear Howard Dean will bow down to the will of Billary and his Borg Queen.

The other thing I'm hearing is, Democrats say is, if the DNC hand the nomination to the Borg Queen, they will go out and vote for McCave to keep her from winning.

s. douglas said...

I'm writing in Dr. Seuss, and I don't give a shit if he's dead or not (I hear he's living with Elvis in the Bahamas).

Even if he is dead, he's better than these corporate automatons.

Barack rubs me the wrong way. Feels like he was created in Hollywood. "Hope" is a synonym for Wishing. If I wanted a Genie as President, I'd vote for Barbara Eden.

And Hillary? Twenty five years ago, she's called what she really is, a Republican.

Don't even get me started on Mc Thuselah.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Fairlane - lol, u cant be that old, but i felt the same way about Brak, but i must admit i have felt he same way about most canidates since regan, except perot - he was more like a cartoon LOL

Christopher _ all i ca do is laugh, and suc language, LOL McCave, not Pussy

cordieb - dont get dis heartened, and good for you, this wll be historical and memorable and u can tell your kids

Jason - thanks but no thanks

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Tony Oh - red what christoher said, and don forget the preamble We the order to form a more perfect union establish justice and ensure domestic tranquility......yes im a child of school house rock

PrettyBlack said...

Man if I wasn't married I'd make your smart ass my husband!

Unknown said...

It is all about the SuperDelegates at this point. As long as Obama gets the nod at the convention, I will be interested to see how it all comes down. The Rethugs can play dirty, thats a given.

If Hillary gets the nod..I will not vote for her..and neither will quite a few of my stalwart liberal friends.

Ron Paul was an interesting character..until all the racist crap came up..then I could no longer stomach him. Sorry but that is the way it is for me. I don't cotton to any way shape or form. I am colorblind and I like it that way ;)

Thanks for the linkage in this is a very important fact about those three Co-chairs that could make or break the Dem Convention.

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

My mother and I were talking about the race, as well as the whole superdelegates in relation to Billary trying to get her daughters to court the younger Superdelegates vote and she said something that really hit home for me.

My mother, late 50's saw all of her leaders killed, from El Hajj Malik Shabazz, to Dr Martin Luther King, to Ghandi, to Kennedy. The images of violence and death coupled with the treachery of the Civil Rights and Nationalist Movement have left them with a bit of Post Traumatic Stress disorder, afraid to believe in Hope/Obama because they equate it with death...

I had to really soak that it. How many of the people of that generation feel the same? Does Billary think about getting Murked when she's on stage like Bhutto? Are black folks afraid to really rally behind Obama because we ain't far enough away from lynchings and segregation?

I am more fascinated with this Presidential Race than any other, probably because of my age and income bracket, but more so because what the Bush family has done to our government would have been considered a coup in a smaller less developed country.

My faith in our democratic process has grown weary. I am loving you for these posts..seriously!

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

prettyblack - make? i dont get down like that LOL

Dusty - thats what hit me about paul too, you need to coin the term rethugs - me likes...and i give credit where it is due, yours was the first place i read about it

Aunt Jackie - a lot of them do, i mean, i will venture to say each time an African America runs, folk think the same thing, he will be asinated before he takes office, so u not alone now or historically

BadTux said...

Now, I was supporting Hillary for a week or two there. But over the past week it's become clear that she's just lost it -- and it's also become clear that Obama is one slick politician. It's no suprise that Obama brought up Ronald Reagan, there's a lot of similarities between the two in how they do politics, even if there's little similarity in their actual policies. They called Reagan "the Teflon President" because no matter what happened, it just seemed to slide right off of him and he stayed popular to the end. That's because he was slick. I mean, the man was a trained actor, for cryin' out loud. He knew just what he wanted the public to think and feel, and he got up there and he just outright performed.

Obama might not be a trained actor, but he seems to have them same acting props. When he gets up there he knows what he wants the public to think and feel, and he makes it happen. Not only that, he seems to have an organization that's just plain working better than Hillary's, which looks like it's falling apart.

So while I might not like slick (whether it's Reagan or Obama doing the slick), I think he's gonna get it. I don't think any "Superdelegates" or anything else is going to change it. Obama is going to whup Hillary's butt in those next three primaries and he only needs one of them (say, Texas) to send Hillary back to New Yawk City. The Democratic Party knows if they go against the will of the majority of Democrats, those Democrats are just gonna stay home and sit on their hands come November. No way, no how are they going to risk that.

As for McCain, he's a crazy old man and you put him and Obama in the same room for a debate, he's gonna look like a crazy old man. It's going to be a wipeout big time, I think. McCain is gonna be the Bob Dole of this election, the sacrificial lamb sent out to be slaughtered. Only thing that's gonna change it is that "R" word, but all that's going to do is lose the South, and hell, the South was already lost...

- Badtux the Political Penguin

Unknown said...

Aunt Jackie..that is a very interesting position your mother takes. As a brown bitch in her..sigh..50's too, I worry about Obama getting shot, especially if he gets the Democratic nomination. Others worry about it too, white folks included. I did a post on what might happen if God forbid, any racist does attempt to kill him:

I believe there would be major rioting in the streets..and I would be part of that activity..I will not stand by as a pacifist this time..nope..I won't.

Unknown said...

Sorry, that link is it is in a shorter version:

s. douglas said...

I'm older than I appear on television. Of course, typically when I'm on television all you see is the back of my head, as I'm being shoved into a cop car, but if you could see my face, you'd think, "No way that guy is almost 40."

Jaded said...

I think the only candidate left in the race who could bring about the change that we so desperately need is Obama. This is where his inexperience helps him. He hasn't been in office long enough to be firmly entrenched in the political machine, so he can't owe as many favors. I don't think he's made as many deals with the devil as many of the others have over the years.

McCain just seems too old and too out of touch with the way that most of us live in this country. And if anyone feels like we've had enough, we need something new and we need it right this red hot second, then voting for Clinton won't do it. Bill wasn't a savior, he was just better than the current idiot. We look back through rose colored glasses because things got worse, but that doesn't mean they were great when he was around. (NAFTA anyone?)

If Hillary Clinton manages to get herself elected President, we will then have had 24 years of the same 2 families running this country, and we will have no one to blame but ourselves for not doing an effin thing about it. I was 22 years old when the first Bush was elected. I'm about to turn 42. The only people in office in that whole time were 2 Bushes and a Clinton. We are not better off 20 years later. There will be people voting in this election, voting for the first time, who have never known any other presidents besides Bush and Clinton in their entire lifetimes. I really hoped Dr. Paul would do better, but since he didn't, I really, really do hope that Obama can disrupt the status quo. Clinton is nothing but more of the same.

MsFreshBananaPuddin said...

I think the most positive thing out of the primaries was getting the younger black generation to get out and vote. I’m really nervous to see if Obama wins he doesn’t get assinated. I think that if Hillary wins and Obama backs her up as vice president, we might have a good chance at turning this country around…

Curious said...

With the 2 questions of the Florida and Michigan delegates seated or not seated and the role of the Super Delegates when they arrive in Denver, would it be fair to expect a Chicago '68 style type of convention if things dont go Obama's way, or I should say the way of his younger supporters?

Even if Obama should become the DNC nominee, do you really think it will be a cake walk for him in November?

McCain may not be fully supported by the republican base, but there are a lot of independents and moderate republicans who like his "straight talk express" which I'm sure is code for something.

Yeah I agree, Hillary would have a tougher fight against McCain. After all she is one of the biggest fund raisers for the Republican party. Just mention her name and they start to circle the flag like the marines on Iwo Jimo.

I just think that if the DNC is not able to keep and maybe grow its own support, then White House will remain red for another 4 years.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

ALL - i type with 2 fingers, i can spell and have some control of english, with that said

Curious - never a cake walk, thats why I used the metaphor of "title game". Only the best and seasoned (in politics) get here. And I may not belive in McCain, but I respect the character of a man who is a former POW and don't brag on it. Thats ok with me and takes balls. Plus he is a man of conviction, and I respect that. Dont have to agree but he DOES deserve respect. I jus think Obama would be a tough cookie when contrasted against HillBill as we bot concur

Mspuddin - i'm with you, but for me, its the way independents and older voters seem to have a new found belief in the political process. hay have been burned before and they are just as enthuasitic as the youth

Jaded - I wrote about that a few months back Kin folk clique. But you are right, he is old and out of touch, but I think his supporters see that he will take no shit and that sells in the USA.

Fairlane - LOL, i turned 45 in December, no way does this guy look 45, and sat out of the paddy wagon ok, very few thinkers left. Shit, I just found another historian Bad Tux

Dusty - all tha shows me that America is more unified than folks belive, and we know it is our country and not the country hat K street owns

Badtux - i wish i could say something more, but I agre with your terse commentary. Especially how McCain will not carr the south. I just wis there was room for the Whig party.....and truth be told, you had your folk here reading the Confederate constitution yesterday LOL

msladyDeborah said...

I see the superdelegate situation as one that will definitely go through changes after this election. While it might have been a good safeguard when it was put into effect~it does not seem to be the case now.

In the O~State, the govenor has already endorsed Clinton. But if she loses the election~I expect him to honor the way the voters say go. If he does not~I will vote again. I will be supporting Dennis Kucinich to run for the governor just as he has talked about doing.

I am really not a good Dem,
but I damn sure like the idea of holding all the mofo's who are in the leadership of the party accountable. I feel that should be happening from the stump to the current lawmakers. If we do not keep a collective foot in the asses~they will do whatever pleases them.

I am concerned about Obama's life being threatened. But I also have to remember that if he is man enough to face that possibility~I am woman enough to stand up with him. I am sure that had to be a part of the discussion between him and Michelle before he decided to step out on this journey.

I personally do not want him to be my Moses. That is a role that I want to adapt for myself. No one can carry the entire black race anymore. We have got to be a collective force in moving who can be moved.
Those that do not want to go~we'll have to say, C Ya' and keep on going. It is not productive anymore in my opinion to believe in that particular theory.

I disagree with Christopher's statement about not winning in the O~State. We believe that it is real important for that to happen here.

The Bear Maiden said...

Initially I was a fan of Hillary (though wasn't a fan of Bill's in the first match--he grew on me because he was so slimy it was fun watching him) because I admire an evil bitch. But I wrote a post recently about how looking back on 10 or 15 years after the whole Harlem Empowerment Zone thing, and the subsequent sell-out of Harlem, I just don't like how she rolls.

Obama is a rock star. Plain and simple. People can sit an analyze the politics and the stances, but most of us don't KNOW any of these people personally, and we make up our minds based on what we THINK we know. And he's a rock star. And he's slick... I agree with Bad Tux on this. But I like that. As a graphic designer, and somebody who spent 7 years in cable television ad sales before being a techie (which was before being a graphic designer), I admire the HELL out of his marketing strategy. It's tight. He got the right people to do the job. They did their research. When they did his logo, they planned it down to the nitty gritty... If you go to his site and click on "People", for every group he's trying to talk to, he adapted his logo to represent the target group. As a designer, let me tell you, shit like that thrills me to the bone. Because it means that if he didn't come up with the plan himself, he has the ability to go get the people to make the plan... and recognize a good plan when he sees one. They paid attention to the details. And there's a saying that goes "God is in the details". Hillary's site, by comparison, is really old, unimaginative, and completely ordinary. She ASSumed she had it going on. She took her spot for granted. Just like she took her votes for granted.

Obama has charisma. We haven't seen that kind of charisma in a long long time. We thought we saw it in Bill, but that's cuz we hadn't seen it since JFK, since Malcolm, since MLK. Hell, my 8-almost-9YO kid is flicking the channel to CNN to see what the news is on Obama. This is a kid who's obsessed with Naruto and Comedy Central.

Does this mean Obama will be a good president? I dunno. On the one hand, I still firmly believe that it's money what makes our world go round. On the other hand, the man has raised over $30 MILLION dollars in a month. That's big. He gives me goosebumps when he speaks, despite myself. And I trust no one, but I find myself being sucked in. I find it very interesting that he was able to convince "white" states like Missouri and Alabama.

As for him not being "black", I swear I hate that argument for a variety of reasons. He's about as "Black" as Tiger Woods, but that's a feeling I can relate to. It's something I will explore on my own time... but having read a little bit about his early life and family history, I understand his feeling of not belonging to anyone in particular, and strongly belonging to everyone. And it could be just the thing we need here in this country right now. This black/white racial thing is really tired, and we really need to start looking at history in another way. Cuz it never WAS "black" and "white".

In the end, the deals are still brokered in the back rooms, and that's why we're all paying attention to the superdelegates. But shit... how many of us really knew who the hell superdelegates were? I had just gotten used to the concept of "delegates" with the Bush/Gore robbery. And now you tell me there are "super" delegates??? WTF? But people are paying attention, now. ALL kinds of people--not just the power brokers. And maybe, for the first time in a LONG time, Americans will actually get to pick their President, will learn how to play the game. I don't think the superdelegates will run the risk of pissing off the GeneralPopulation, because it could really divide the party, and the bottom line is... the Democrats are LONG overdue for a win. And a slice of that money pie. I too, wonder what Howard Dean is going to do... what's going to happen with Michigan and Florida. But I wonder if they're going to let Hillary get that dirty. It could really backfire on them if they do.

BTW... I was around and a registered voter for Jesse Jackson. There's no comparison.

My apologies for long post. I'll try not to do that again.

Don said...

I agree.

If the democratic nomination was "stolen" from Barack Obama...I would hate to be Hillary Clinton right about THEN.

There is absolutely no way that millions and millions of voters will NOT be turned off from her party.

It would be disastrous for years to come.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Don - yep, it will be a great excuss to tear the club up

Bear Maiden - yep, the back rooms and you right, he is a rock star. And was to, I was eve a th conventio I Alanta. U on the 66 floor of he Hyatt with my Girl Tracy (Ro Brown's daughter) and i didn compare them , i jus said folks worried for his safety then as much as they do now. He had twice the SS than the other canidates

msladydeborah - I thin she should lose her job, especialy if she dont follow her state

Anonymous said...

Well, the Magic Negro is certainly Socialismo incarnate. Best or worst voting record in the Senate, depending on how you look at it. If elected, it will become a race between Venezuela and the US.

And what's at the finish line? Why, the select company of failed states - North Korea, Cuba - you get the picture.

And come off it - Obama is whiter than I am - Punahoa fancy prep school, Oxy (so white!), Harvard. The phony accent is what really gets me. Dude, he's from Hawaii! Raised by his white grandparents (see Biscuit*, below).

Always follow the money. Before he became the Magic Negro, Obama was strictly in the employ of the fattest of fat cat lobbyists. Voted their way every time.

Clarence Thomas? Condoleezza Rice? who day? They're not magic. They're the real deal. This white boy can only shake his head in wonder.

Does it not bother anyone that Obama is strongly supported by the lunatic, white - guilt laden, spoiled rotten, upper middle class, never did a lick of work in their lives, pathetic, Koombaya, Biscuits*? You're known by the company you keep.

Oh, and Hillary is worse. McCain? wait and check out his VP (Rice? we can only hope - Obama doesn't have a monopoly on hope yet). McCain's already got one foot in the grave.

*Biscuit - All hard and tan on the outside, but soft, mushy and weak on the inside. Only heard it once. It was a softball game. There was a collision at home plate. The white guy cried "[well, the N word]". The black guy snapped back "Biscuit!" No question who won that confrontation.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Cottus - that last paragraph was funny. And I also like the whitter than me, so yawl claiming Barak?

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