Wednesday, February 06, 2008

y yawl hang up on me jones

Yo, after the post I wrote on Mike Savage, I made a pledge to myself to tackle injustice where it rose. No, I aint the super friends but I made such a commitment to myself. Being that I live in Atlanta, I was provided such an opportunity today. We got a radio station in the ATL and such an opportunity came to my attention. So me, being the proactive, albeit I have no bumps, person as I am, I went for it and called in.


“Yea, I want to speak to Webbie.”

“OK, what would u like to say.”

“Well I wanted to ask him why was he such a fuckboy.”

“Excuse me?”

“Well, I wanted to say he was a fuckboy.”

“We don’t take calls from hatters.”

“I aint hating Jones, I jus wanna know why he don’t he talk about academic performance, staying out of jail and being a man.”

“Well, we don’t take them type of calls.”

“What type of calls, aint yawl representing the community? I’m the community?”


“Why you hang up on me Jones?”

I did not get on the air, but I suspect that personal acumen tells me why, because I was not trying to get on the air and suck his dick by saying I liked his music. True, I did, but I wanted Jones to hear what a BT nigga had to say about his message. I figured he would take it from me. After all, if he were in Memphis, he’d probably be looking up at idolizing me as a ruthless savagebeastmonsta. He would have likely been one of the 800 folks jumping to Jones here finger snap. But they wouldn’t le me on the air.

And sad thing is my folk work for that same radio station, and he a DJ and bonafied Trill (BT). I guess its cool to position oneself as caring about our community but when folk like me call up, it is an affront to their cosmetic dignity for holding fools and idiots to a higher level of respect and personal responsibility. Like I’m posed to be scared of his self proclaimed thugin and being trill.

So all I am saying is that, they should have let me talk to Jones. I can tell that he smart and a hard worker, and that he probably would have listened to me but they got telephone screeners. So to Hot XXX.X, yawl need to represent folks like me, cause if he trill, he can take critisism, and folk here would have told Jones where he could find me.


Christopher said...

Torrance Stephens,

You shoulda' told the screener some bullshit like, "Oh, I'm just calling to tell him how brazziliant he is..."

Screeners are just peckerheads getting by on $10 an hour but thinking they have their finger on the "nu-qu-lawr" button.

When I lived in Los Angeles, I got through to the "Dr." Laura Schlessinger radio program and read the bitch the riot act on-air before they cut me off. I love rocking the boat and having my boat rocked.

Hey, Torrance, is that a picture of you -- waist down, on the dustjacket of Rockstar, Stud, Gigolo?

kit von b. said...

lmfao @ "fuckboy" everytime i hear that term it makes me laugh. we don't use it up north tho. i hate when non-talented assholes get the label "artist". the shit's not art. i'm mad "wipe me down" was so effin catchy tho'.

-karrie b

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

christopher - yep it is me, but u know im all hetro, and u right, but i got this problem with hones and bein direct - i need to work on lying and stuff more, but its hard

Karrie - u know folk here country, my fault, but back a the cut (memphis) he proabbly would have venerated me as a ruthless villian hope yawl like the sample of my music , i got 7000 plus sons lol

PrettyBlack said...

They spit flame all over my name and I still put these nigga's to shame...If I had a dick they couldn't hold my shit like a full house in a poker game.

They can't handle the truth...

All-Mi-T (woo woo)

Christopher said...


It's all good. I'm just a fan now.

TheophaniaPaige said...

"We don't take them type of calls". ha, I would have said, "well you need to because your english is horrible, you might learn something..." But on the real, bold thing you did. All of these "artists" are used to people patting them on the back, and for what? Being able to spell 'indepentdent'? Whatever. I think going down to the station would have been highly entertaining...

Skoolboi Krush said...

Somebody needs to tell these fools that they are more detrimental to our community than the drugs they talk about. I agree with christopher though. You should have fed them a line to get on air and then blessed his ass.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

pretblack - aint that the truth

Christopher - its all good folk

TheophaniaPaige - i be the said the same thing about my English LOL

Skoolboi Krush - m fault, i will next time, would have made for god radio air time, especialy if they would have hung up on me on the air

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Torrance. The industry needs more people doing what you did. I think they're so used to being unquestioned and unchallenged, and as a result of imitating what they see and hear our kids take on that same mindset and end up becoming little butt-headed incorrigibles...

BTW, I started a second blog upon Bygbaby's urging--my name should link to it now.

Brilliantly Me said...

You should have fooled them. Tell them you're calling because you wanted to give him some props and then when you're on the air, start your speech.

Marleaux said...

Well, we don’t take them type of calls... LMAO, that is truly hilarious and pitiful at the same time. I'm happy I'm not too familiar with these guys; the one on the right actually scares me just a little.

Umm, BTW, have you called BET...

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Marleaux - didnt know they had a radio station and last time i watched it, the movie with t. howard and j wright was on, so how was the book, and whats up with my skirt LOL

Rayo - I know, u, christopher, and skoolboy wont let me live it down huh

Tamara - thanks, whats thr link

kit von b. said...

lmao @ "7000 plus sons" ur the best!

-karrie b.

Marleaux said...

Unfortunately I haven't finished. I've read beauty and the bed twice though. Been reading business books and working on a proposal. Hopefully I'll finish on my business trip next week. All that flight time should come in handy for something...

And I guess you didn't read my last reply to you; no skirts or even long johns... lmao

Tafari said...

classic. i do not listen to mainstream radio anymore so I have not idea who this fuck boy is.

radio pimps tend to be very defensive of the trash they play so i find it annoying to pick a fight with a fool who has their head up their ass (Clear Channel).

BTW, I can't fight either but I can talk a whole lot of shit.


Unknown said...

it would of been interesting to hear what the negro had to say...

Don said...

Well, all-mi-t, I was trying to wake up this morning but after reading this, I am awoke now.

I can't stop laughing.

You did what?! LOL.

Aw man, that is too funny. Webbie and Boosie are two young dudes who never had nothing and also two young dudes who cannot see past the dollar signs.

The song i-n-d-e-p...well, you know the song. It's positive, but yeah, I agree, for the most part they're not on any I Have A Dream type stuff.

Good post.

deepnthought said...

I have no idea who that group is. None. but, at least you did call in.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Karri B - yep we make funk-try music, funky country music here is some more front porch

Marleaux - y, what is there to be afraid of, and yep, riped straight through thoes green long johns ...READ Beauty and the Bed in Butterbrown for the catch folks

Bygbaby - u can fight and u talk sense too

Memphiz - sure would have, but i think he would have kept i civil

Don Dada - glad to be of service to ya, but true, al the see is Gwap

Deep - u aint missed much, if you herd Gimmie Dat or Wipe me down

Anonymous said...

"Tamara - thanks, whats thr link"


Do the usual cut and paste.

Anonymous said...

Peace T……

I say Kudos to you for not lying ya way on air but calling up and speaking your peace up front! One thing that we fail to understand as a people is that we cannot fight injustice with injustice. It won’t work. There are universal laws and they manifest weather we want them to or not. Look at our society, we kill to obtain. Not only physically but mentally as well. We lie, cheat and steel as long as it serves our purpose, our desires. One cannot ever defeat their enemy who is unjust, with injustice. There is survival, yes, I am not suggesting we don’t fight back but how are we any more elevated mentally when we play the same unjust game as our opponents? We are not. And globally that will not effectively change the universal mind states of the worlds people. It only becomes tit for tat and an eye for an eye, never dealing with the deeper issues of our lack of awareness of our emotional motives.
I have said before that “the teacher will reveille itself when the student is ready”, right? So what I am suggesting is that the person who answered your phone call had nothing better to say than….. we don’t take calls from haters…… but I bet you your words resonated in his dome for the remainder of the day. As I’m sure your call even with the lack of air time, was shared with the artists and DJ’s. It may not have gotten you air time and it may not have affected his thinking yet, but you were heard. What I’m saying is, when fighting injustice, all we really have to do is remain in a right minded state and spit truth…….. for truth needs no substitute, it either is, or it isn’t. If you aren’t heard by one or many individuals, does that change the truth? NO….. so isn’t it more important to continue to spit truth regardless and in some instance, one day, you will reach one person? They will be affected in such a way as to change their perception of their own actions and start into BEING an elevated mind. Those people who don’t listen and hang up, just ain’t ready for the truth and we must remember that they are not unlike you and I in the fact that they cannot be affected unless they make a conscious decision to understand TRUTH. All we can do to effectively change the ignorance around us is to keep our own minds right and not waiver from that place even when faced with an uncomfortable situation or disturbance, if you will. And to teach this to our young.

I mean, our nation has proved it over and over again, what I am saying. They fight and divide and conquer. Taking possession of a place and it’s people and it still has never effectively changed the mind states of the human race. We still hate each other for the various differences we have weather social, ethnicity, religious, cultural and so on. The USA was founded on division and conquering so is it so surprising that our nation has turned out the way it has? We cannot live in peace if we are not peaceful. We cannot understand OTHER THAN SELF when we don’t understand our SELF. We thank we understand our self but if we would just do an experiment with what I am saying and really take an unbiased look at our self in movement, we would SEE the truth of it. We think we know ourselves because we have preferences. I like cookies… like cookies? Red is my favorite color….what’s yours? You drive a pickup, you like it, right? I like my car too; after all it was my choice. I like cold weather as opposed to hot… bout you?

Do you see what I am getting at? We think we know ourselves because we attempt to align our preferences to gain our happiness. But what happens when we can’t have what we want? We feel a disturbance, perhaps anger or jealousy…..but at any level, it is a disturbance. We still don’t know WHY we form the preferences that we do, we just accept them as what we like or dislike. And if we really looked at our SELF in movement, with out identification, we would surely find that we are people who seek pleasure and avoid pain. And we have accepted this as our lives. So we continuously find ourselves in the same situations over and over again.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting a different result.” – Albert Einstein

You see, when one really begins to understand themselves as the thoughts that they HAVE manifesting their form into action and really begins to see that we are all part of a well crafted universal design……. We begin to understand relationship. Relationship with the things and people around us. We start to experience human compassion. We no longer will meet someone and say, I met a black person today….. or a white person….. or a tall person….. or a handicap person……. Or a foreigner…… or a celebrity….. or any other form of identification. We will simply have a thought within our mind that says…. I met a PERSON today. If we don’t start with our SELF and our own perceptions of the people and things around us, our own identifications, we will undoubtedly teach the same judgment forming chaos to our children who are the adults of tomorrow. We will know that without question, our children’s children and their children will never experience a world of peace. Because we will teach them, not to move thru life with compassion and understanding but rather with judgment and condemnation. They will learn what we teach them so doesn’t it make more sense for us to know what it is we are teaching?

Don’t stop spittin TRUTH Torrance, someone will hear you.

One Love,

Sha Boogie said...

You are the shit!!! LOL! I love it, I swear I do, you didn't even beat around the bush, just got right to the point. He is a fuckboy!, HAHAA!

Anonymous said...

It took me quite a bit of time to get the message here since I'm an old biddy.

I can't stand Griff since he called Marbury's "cheap" one morning on the air thus leading our youth to continue to by the overly inflated sneaker of the week, so I won't listen to the "insert letter here" - team morning show. Well that's one reason I won't listen - the playlist full of fuckboy music is another reason.

I sent the station an email after the "Marbury" incident and never received a response (as I expected).

Anonymous said...

Professor T! whasup shuga... been a long time but i see aint nuttin changed.. all real all deee time..

take it light


VAR said...

Hey Torrance..
It's too bad you didn't get thru, that would've been something to write about if you did. I doubt they would've kept you on air for long and Webbie would've just stumbled over his words trying to figure out what to say...

Yo, eery morn is the jam! :-) And you sounding like Gil Scott Heron on that Citizen Soverign track..

dc_speaks said...

i dont even know who the hel you are talking about, but ummmm big ups for calling and representin the community.

you are a good dude, T.

imma holla at you via email, bro!

peace..and you have extremely intelligent commentors. well done, blog family!

VertigoVirgo said...

Okay, I'm totally here, and my darlin' I couldn't understand half of what you said (lol) maybe I'm slow. BUT, I think I got the jest of it all. At least you called in to express your time I think it would behoove you to keep the explitives least until you got past the screeners. ;)

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

VertigoVirgo - thanks for he drive by, and forgive my vernaculr, see im country boy from memphis and an intellectual i am not, i just wanted to proffer some redress to messages folk spout in his own termenology, and do return pls

DC - ill be waiting on the email, no CIA stuff i hope, they already trying to recruit folk for his profeiency in igbo, wolof and arabic

vae - good look, these folks dont know about my muzk, playing bass, guitar, drum and keyboard LOL

Nice gurl u are not - email me and lets see whats up and do support starving writers b geting the boks online

Jali - old u, im 45 folk and i tell my students but the still be trying to slip me te pu''''

D - u really think they will remeber me? u make me warm inside

Tamara - got it thanks

Sha 0 flattery will ge u far but food will get u farther lol

CapCity said...

LOLOLOLOL!!!!! At U & your comment section! DaYUM, but I luv yo' cuntry AZZZ, All-Mi-T! Now, we gotta work on your lying, uh, i mean diplomacy so the next time your call will get thru - then u can tell they azzez what U REALLY thank! LOLOLOL!

Jameil said...

lol. you're nutty. you have a valid viewpoint. they just want the artists to come back!

Anonymous said...

You have my respect. With titles like "gutta Bitch", "Full of that shit", "Bad bitch", give me that p", some people try and say his songs are positive due to his latest single independent. Strange thing is how so with stanzas in the song like this:

'cause she a good freaka'

'She don't never trip 'cause all she want is that dick'

'Only time she need a man for that good drill'

Sad things is when it comes on in the club, the women know all the words, claim they are independent but be the mai ones who want a man to buy them a drink, take care of them, and more concerned about what he has and what type of car he drives.

Great Post.

Muah!!! said...

Yeah I agree...

I had an experience at a club where me and my friends walked in and these guys came around us and started throwing money at us, so called "making it rain" on us.

And I immediately knew that I would NOT be bending over to pick up anything, but then I looked over at my friends, and they were looking around like they were about to start scrambling like everybody else around us to get the money, and I instantly turned to them and was like "YOU BETTER NOT PICK UP ANYTHING OFF THIS FLOOR" And they were all like "niggas throwing out money, they stupid, shit we can go to waffle house after the club with this money." And Im like "Fuck that, thats not the point at all. That shit is degrading as hell. You may as well start stripping for the nigga, and whatever else he wanna do to you. Yall just don't get it. This ain't no music video. This is real life. Niggas don't know how to distinguish fake from real anymore. Its sad."

Anonymous said...

"an intellectual i am not"

I disagree...

But the next "conveyor belt" rapper that gets on your local radio you should just blag your way on air, you shouldn't argue with those screener turds. You have to tell them what they want to hear. I'd like to hear an MP3 of you giving some of these fuckboy rappers a roasting on air

keep banging

KIKI said...

You so gangsta!

Damn that shyt is sexy...

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear a black man speak up about the garbage that is promoted to our children. Keep raising hell on this issue. I hope more black men will aggressively speak up on these issues. I say black men because we need to rid the nation of the interpretation that our silence signals approval.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Firefly - thank u, and do come back by, but i know what u mean, i just thought it was what a human being would do

Kiki - i am neither thug nor gangsta, let alone sexy LOL

Averge man - dont sound like u avaerage either, and conveyor belt rapper, thats a classic. d return

Muah - u should read some of my older post, im glad u gave them the diva Eye LOL and do return

anon - thanks, and i thought about that too, one song mean u positive

ameil1922 - i was for real, they want them t come back, and as a consumer, im posed to just let them bend me over with no vasoline

Cap - dont make me laugh LOL lying aint never bee my strong suit, ask the women i have been involved with LOL

Unknown said...

I heard him on the radio the other day.. everybody calling in talking about 'trill recognize trill' and all this mess.. whatever dawg.. He's so garbage to me! Bama ass bama!!

1/3 said...

lol Bootsie and Webbie are "clowns" as we say in Baltimore but they songs be so damn catchy. I wish you did get through though. They need to hear that everybody aint feeling them...matter fact they kinda suck lol

Samii Styles said...

Stirring up shit in the A, we definitely need that around here.

fuckboy, ha! loving that country slang!

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

sin - garbage is right

1/3 - clowns is accurate also

samii - so im country, hope u dont mind

love-up-you said...

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