Tuesday, February 05, 2008

What dressing u want

2 points of order before I post this. 1] No super tuesday stuff (nor will i speak on service sector index drop-recession) and 2[ shouts out to V. Anthony Rivers and his Black History month post. chk it out.

Man, your folk here has lost complete respect for Lou Dobbs tonight. I used to listen to him and his drive towards dealing with illegal immigration in America. But tonight, folks got his panties pulled up his booty crack and got defensive.

I mean Janet Murguia put it down. She is the current La Raza President and CEO. I mean she made me see that Lou did not ever, really distinguish from Illegal and legal immigrants, He even tried to refute FBI and department of justice statistics showing an increase in hate crimes against immigrants, Hispanics, Latinos.

What upset me was when he made it into an attack on him, when the entire time she said Networks, all networks, not CNN alone. It was as if he was upset when she documented Dobbs paraded on television, people that belonged to white supremacy groups. I figure if they did, they did. Then he tried to say that since she could only go back to 2006, that it was not important, when he himself use info over the years (with immigration and te Iraq war) to buttress his positions.

She said Glen Beck, Pat Buchanan and others did the same. That he had used the individuals 18 times on TV and CNN 48 times for having folks own who parody hate speech. I don’t think. He tried to make it an issue of the 2007 Comprehensive Immigration Bill (S.1348). Dobbs was so caught on his high horse, that he ignored the issue. Hers was hate speech. All slim wanted to talk about was hate speech, and how he and his network put representatives of hate speech, on at primetime and that we should hold networks accountable for putting them on the air. And what made me mad, was that he considered the Southern Poverty Law Center as unreputable when I know they have documented more lynchings and hate groups than the FBI. That lost a big point from me, since I am sure he would be the least likely person to be dragged from a car that I can think of.

But that was cool, I mean I seen dogs running with he tails between their legs. But during the next segment, that bitch nigga (Lou Dobbs) had the nerve to query, is that where we have come to in politics, pandering to individuals groups as opposed to the populous? I mean, I am a member of the NRA, but I hope he don’t think we represent the America Collective. Dang, I mean he study media, he should at least know as a politrixter, you cant talk to Jews and African Americans and high school college students at the same time. I mean, what history has he studied, it has always been about white identity politics. The never cared before, and i'm still waiting to see u Dobbs or CNN or FOX, or MSNBC ask a white candidate about carrying the white vote. Mr. Dobbs, I just want to say, America is like any reasturant we go to, thank goodness they ask us, what dressing we want before they just dump anything on our salad. Dang Lou, you sounded like Billyboy from FOX.


Anonymous said...

I saw some of that. He was very rude. She had all of her facts and even had pictures of him with the hate mongers. She was not even speaking about immigration

Anonymous said...

I checked Media Matters, but they don't have a transcript yet.

Dobbs has a fevered brain. Maybe at one time he thought he had a winner, a legitimate issue (illegal immigration) he could hammer on for ratings, for approval of the masses, who knows what else. But somewhere along the line, his stuff (to my ears, anyway) started sounding like: Be Afraid of Brown People. So I'm not surprised he can't hold it together -- can't manage to separate in his mind the Legal Brown People from the Illegal ones.

Difference between him and O'Reilly: I think Dobbs really believes everything he (Dobbs) says. I don't know what O'Reilly believes.

Christopher said...

I watch MSNBC and Keith Olbermann for my political news. Period.

Can't stomach CNN. Period.

Remember folks, CNN is the AIPAC network built around Wolf "Leslie" Blitzer, who is a former lobbyist for AIPAC.

Might explain too, why CNN cuts a paycheck to William "Blackjack" Bennett. This fat-assed, racist fucktard is the one who said (and I'm paraphrasing here):

"If you want to cut down on crime in American, abort black pregnancies."

You can't make this shit up and I don't care if William Bennett wears a suit on-air, off-air, I'd betch' a $100 dollars he wears a klan robe.

Sorry for the rant but, I detest CNN.

Unknown said...

Lou is a Bill O Reilly clone..and I refuse to listen to his hate speech and his racist bullshit.

I am also tired of him and his ilk blaming the brown people for everything that ails America. Its total and complete crap to scapegoat immigrants..illegal and otherwise.

I hope Media Matters rips him a new one.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Anon - Rude, defensive and worse, he wasnt even listening to her

Doug - im suprised it aint out there on some blog. I think your discernment between the two is accurate - and all over ratings

Christopher - i understand, i was just flipping channels, what was on CSPAN i had already seen and no football LOL. but i remember and hated that statement from Czar Nicoluas, i mean Will B. himself

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Dusty - i agree, have they put up the transcript yet?

christina said...

I So miss this blog when I don't read it!! Thanks for keeping me up to speed sweetie. I used to listen to Lou Dobbs on my commute into Chicago, not a wonder I ride the train in silence most days.

Promise me one thing?After I put the kids to bed, watch these shows tonight and gather my opinion, you will allow me to yell, "that bitch nigga Lou Dobbs" when I get upset at what I'm watching.

I hate to steal your words without your permission :+)

Thanks for keeping us informed, no matter how scary the "real" news you bring us may be.

The Black Snob said...

I've never been able to stomach Lou Dobbs for longer than a few minutes, but I caught him referring to La Raza and the Southern Poverty Law Center as hateful organizations while chatting things up with Wolf Blitzer before the break.

Lou irritates me because whatever valid points he may or may not have about how illegal immigration affects the economy, his need to demonize Latinos is repulsive. He started going to the extreme a long time ago blaming Latinos from everything to spikes in crime and deadly diseases. And no matter what he says, he's made little distinction between illegal and legal immigrants.

If he was talking about black people that way there is no way he could get away with it without CNN catching all kinds of hell.

He's a hatemonger.

Anonymous said...

Peace Torrance!

The greatest tool of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed! Surely it is no surprise that “White America” is fearful of loosing their position as the oppressors. After all, the skin color of white is largely becoming the minority and that is why you hear the fearful out lashes such as aborting all black babies. For if they fall from that spot, it only means to them that they have lost their ability to control a nation based upon the manipulation of a mind state. And of course they are going to make you feel like they are doing something for the “protection” of the nation because they aren’t stupid, they know that if they just blatantly came out woofin that they have intentions to keep the whites in power and the browns subordinate, a lot of people wouldn’t take that and support it. Namely all those with any shade of brown skin. You see, these people in power may be ignorant; however, they are not at all stupid. I will continue to say that they understand human emotion and they move us with this understanding. They use our own behavioral inclinations against us by shoving bullshit down our throats about how they have “our” best interest in mind when in reality they have no one’s best interest but their own solitary intentions. I’m sure if an honest survey was conducted, they would sell their own families to the butcher if it meant they would have a meal. They know that the majority of people have little to no control over their desire to attain and posses so they give us all sorts of candy to binge on over and over again. They understand that by attacking an ethnic groups women, they will undoubtedly directly attack the men. Because they understand that no healthy plant can grow from an unhealthy tree and because women and their wombs are the givers of life, they make sure women are lacking self awareness, self esteem and support from the men of the society. Now I ask you, with that said, can we expect healthy well balanced young to be produced out of such a degraded mind state? NO. All that continues to be cyclically produced is the same conditioned mind manifested over and over again. I am not at all attacking the men or the women of this nation nor am I in judgment of them. I am just observing what is occurring in front of our faces. It is the same thing that happens with any slavery you see in the world weather past or present…… the oppressor rapes the women, physically and mentally controls them….. takes them away from their men therefore stripping the men of any sense of protector that they are naturally inclined to have. They objectify the women as sexual conquests stripping her of any self worth or value and then she produces life. This new life is born into it and without the changing of the parents mind state, the child will inevitably grow up under those conditions. We like to call it a “product” of their environment. The Babylonians know this and they continue to structure their moves around the continuation of seperationism not only by religion, but class, from class to financial status, from that right down to the division of man and wife in the home. And therefore no one man or one woman is to blame, we are all a product of our environments however, we MUST help each other to elevate from that mind state or we will never be a unified human race. If we fail to do so, we will continue to be the blind lead, producing our likeness in our children and their children. The powers that be understand this and that is how they have remained in control all these ages. These are the type of people who run this nation as well as the other nations of the world. They simply give us figures to identify with (presidents, congress, senate, parliament, etc…) who we think, and are under the impression that those figures make the decisions. When in reality it is much deeper than that. My heart is not filled with judgment nor condemnation of the many of us who are still in such conditions, but rather I am passionate about the awareness of the SELF in each of us. We MUST understand our emotions as those that control us do or our only other choice is to face our fate at their hands.

One Love,

Unknown said...

Bro, you never cease to amaze. I definitely have to take a proactive approach to the underlying issues in this political arena. I thought I was abreast, but obviously I need to do more research...

Unknown said...

Just remember one thing folks, whatever they're saying about immigrants, they're saying the same thins about black folk and anyone who supports our parties...

Anonymous said...

i want to make love to your mind

Anonymous said...

CNN has posted the video and Salon has some interesting commentary. Enjoy!

Curious said...

I didn't see the show you referenced. In fact I don't see Lou Dobbs that often. Like Pat Robinson, yes I watch the 700 Club, I can only take him in doses.

Whenever I do see Lou, he always seems to sing the same note over and over again and then gets defensive about it and himself. Then when he brings out the references to the Mexican wife and the in-laws that he keeps in the back room to show how he loves Latinos, I have to laugh.

But I also have to wonder why anyone who has seen the show before shouldn't expect to get a little burnt when they step into the Devil's lair.

Curious said...

One more thing, after seeing the clip, I have to thank Doug and ask him back for the 11 minutes of life I just lost...And other people saw that with commercial interuptions? Wow. That all I can say, wow. I need to get a job at CNN, because it looks like anyone can work there. It looks like you don't have to inform anyone about anything, just be beligerant with the guests.

PrettyBlack said...

Damn...I've been so wrapped up in my local coverage of the primaries I haven't had a chance to tune in to anything else...Shit turn your back and their tightening the knot and slapping the horse on his ass huh?

Jaded said...

Fox and CNN are mirror images of one another, only they're too full of self-righteous indignation and finger pointing to realize it. They each represent the worst on opposite ends of the spectrum.

It's easier to pander to a smaller group than to convince the collective that you know what you're talking about. You can fool some of the people some of the time and all that. I just wish more people would wake up and realize that we have to stand as one. We need to explore all of the things that make us similar and not dwell on that which makes us different. The differences should be celebrated and shared but not be used to divide us. Idiots like this exploit the differences and use them as a means of keeping us divided. It's easier to fool the masses that way.

And I agree with Christohper about William Bennett. He is a disgusting excuse for a human being.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Jaded - I agree completely, it is just pandering and not news, makes me wonder what is going on that i should know about

Prettyblack - u got me, but i dont watc that much tv to be honest, as just lucky this night

Curious - Ditto, i was one of them folks that had to deal with commercials and make sure i was seeing and hearing what I did. Belligerent is an understatement, tht he was deaf too

Doug - thanks, what did u think after u saw it

Stringfield and Anon - thanks

D - we have to be passionate, but I tink Dobbs is trying to drive wedge between what makes this country geat - diversity

Christina - where have u been and keep coming back pls

Black snob - thanks for the drive by and he is that, spewing hate, and thanks for the love, i read your post

Anonymous said...

Sincerely, the amount of ignorance, race baiting, shit stirring and Xenophobia going on in this country and being fed to the masses under the guise of "protecting ourselves from "them (whomever "them" is)" Is astounding

But you already know this sort of rhetoric and baseless diarrhea of the mouth just turns my stomach

M. Raye Turner (aka L-Boogie) said...

Great post! I am a 1st timer but i wil definatly be back!!!

Anonymous said...

News anchors are becoming more like celebrities and politicians. They say and do whatever they can to stay relevant and to increase ratings.

I never liked Lou Dobbs, and in fact my favorite news person died of lung cancer, Peter Jennings. He was the last of a dying breed, now news is super glamorous.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

mrsgrapevine - good point, never thought of it like that. i have learned my lesson though

M. raye turner - thank u hon, and please do return

Qucifer - so right and it pissed me off when i heard it, i wrote the post while looking at it

Nelson said...

Every once and a while Dobbs will say something that I agree with that no one else talks about, for example, talking about trade he says, "we are a nation before we are an economy."

But he is SO over the top on immigration, I can't watch him. I completely co-sign with the black snob's comments.

Anonymous said...

Torrance, I agree with you on his tactic of division, it is what the media does. Thatis why certain people receive air time and some don't. My point was to see, observe and understand our opponants without being clouded by judgment and condemnation. Understand them in their totality and also what drives and motivates them so that we may better asses what needs to be done to counter the attacks.

One Love,

Anonymous said...

Black Snob claims that if Dobbs were speaking about black people like he speaks about illegals, 'there is no way he could get away with it without CNN catching all kinds of hell.'

That's not really true. Black women are talked about badly all over the television, particularly by rappers. Those who speak against that, are the ones catching all kinds of hell. And there are many many people talking badly about black people in general. People who claim that there is some sort of blockade against racist speech are typically overly-entitled whites.

This is the first time I've been to this site, and I think its' interesting, but not interesting enough. The use of the n word is disgusting to me. So I won't be back.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone here know what the words "La Raza" means or what their slogan ""Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada" means.

La Raza is a racist organization.

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