Thursday, February 21, 2008

Like screaming fire in a theater

One thing about America, a racist or supremacist is not that far away. Maybe a keystroke away, or maybe a channel away. Bu they are always around. Over the past week, I was in dialogue with such a person. But that is all I will say to that extreme. However, I can deal with the aforementioned since his audience is not that Large.

On February 19, 2008, during his radio talk show, FOX news host Bill O'Reilly took a call from a program listener regarding the wife of Senator Barack Obama. The caller said that according to a close friend of Michelle Obama, that she was “a very angry,” and “militant woman."

The segment of the show of course was focused on her comments regarding being proud to be an American for the first time in her adult life. I wouldn’t expect Billy, or the average white band, i mean listener to understand what she meant. But I do and did; I mean folk here saw national guards on his street telling him he couldn’t play outside. I’m certain that it is out of left field for Billy or his caller to understand that some folks do remember segregation (albeit) I don’t, and taught it to their children. They may remember their parents having dogs set on them, or water hoses unleashed on them with there full fury, or how whites acted when the first school buses transported black kids to predominantly white Boston schools, or Bombing of the 16th street avenue church.

Some whites may not remember that their parents may have taught them that they couldn’t vote and had to ride in the back of buses for he same fair, or having to have separate waiting rooms, entering the back of establishments or drinking out of different water fountains. Maybe they think that folks of my persuasion ethnically should be proud of that as an American – nope, we are not. I mean, to my recollection, we never enslaved whites, or set dogs on them, or bombed their churches when maybe some felt that they needed to be bombed

In his response, O'Reilly opined: "I don't want to go on a lynching party against Michelle Obama unless there's evidence, hard facts, that say this is how the woman really feels. If that's how she really feels -- that America is a bad country or a flawed nation, whatever -- then that's legit. We'll track it down. "

I don’t know why I listen to him, but I think it is because I feel he is intrinsically divisive for America, and the enemy of mine, my folk and America. Last I heard it was illegal to lynch or assert that one would do such to a person in America. In fact, the House passed anti-lynching legislation three times in the first half of the 20th century. Dang, it wasn’t until 2005 that America manned up and apologized for the historic acts of lynching on its shores

I would like to suggest that if yawl can, please contact Bill O'Reilly, your congresspersons, senators and local law enforcements and hold him accountable for his words, I’m down for free speech, but saying lynching is ok with evidence, is like saying fire in a crowded movie theater to me. So why do you expect her to forget her lessons, God knows I don't and won't. All-Mi-T


Jaded said...

When I was a kid, I had a friend named Serena, who was black. She would come over to my house to play, and I'd go to hers. There didn't seem to be anything odd or strange about it to me - this was my friend. We both liked to play the same things, watch the same tv shows etc. My first experience with racism came when I was in the 3rd grade. I was having a Halloween costume party and had invited all the kids in my class, plus all the girls in my Brownie troop, which included Serena. There were kids who were not allowed to come to my party because Serena would be there. This was something, that as a child of about 8 years of age, I did not understand at all. My parents didn't tell me that the other kids couldn't come because Serena was black, they told me that they couldn't come because their parents were being nasty and they wouldn't allow that in their home. I still had plenty of kids there, including Serena, whose mother looked very nervous when she came to the door. She even stayed for the party because she was worried that someone might say something to hurt Serena's feelings. Of course I didn't understand.

Serena and I were great friends until they moved out of state and we lost touch. There were kids who weren't allowed at my house and I wasn't allowed at theirs because I played with Serena. I wish that was a lesson that I never had to learn.

I agree with you that BO should be admonished for his usage of the term "lynch." Wasn't there a sports reporter who was just fired or suspended for using the same term in reference to Tiger Woods? Whatever happened in that case should also happen in this one. Set the precident.

Mrs. Obama has cause to be angry. And she should be militant about effecting change in attitude and policy. But then, shouldn't we all be angry and militant? We are afforded liberty and justice for all. For ALL. It's about time that was actually true.

BadTux said...

And lest people think that lynching was a Southern thing, the lynching party in this photo is in Duluth, Minnesota. About as Northern as you can get. Bill Orally can't whine that he didn't know about violent lynching of blacks in America because he's a Northerner, it was a national phenomenon, not a regional one. And, BTW, Bill Orally's ethic group (Irishmen) were the biggest perpetrators of such in the Boston area where Bill is from, they just *loved* them some "Nigger-knockin'", most of the Boston PD was Irish and they'd get on their horses and go down to "Nigger-town" and just start a knockin' heads whenever they got bored. There was riots in Boston, not in Atlanta, when desegregation was handed down by the courts. And Bill Orally knows this, because he's old enough to have lived through those riots. Which, apparently, he is proud of.

So yeah, just outright racism from Bill Orally. But then, if it wasn't for outright racism, Bill Orally would be just another used car salesman in Boston. "Here's this bee-yoootiful 1977 AMC Gremlin, only 40,000 miles, driven to church every Sunday by a granny!" "But I can see the road through the floorboard!" "No no, it was designed that way for better ventilation, see?" "But there's a bird's nest under the hood." "It's an ECOLOGICALLY FRIENDLY car!" "The tires are all bald!" "No no, those are RACING SLICKS! They're SUPPOSED to look like that! This is the GREATEST CAR ON EARTH!"

Bill Orally is nothing but a slick used car salesman sellin' racism as the "greatest car on earth", in the end, and it doesn't surprise me one bit that he'd go after anybody who dared remind America of that fact even if just in passing.

Sista GP said...

I was not born until 1969, so I never lived through the atrocities that my parents survived. I was informed of the historical events of the Civil Rights Movement, but was never taught hatred as a response; instead love for my fellow man/woman no matter what race they may be.

That upbringing has made me conscious of the world I live in, but I do not accept actions that purposely demean or degrade another based on race. From personal experience, racism is still here in the 21st century but not as blatant as ‘incogman’. As was stated in the posts, racism occurs in White-collar crimes also.

I viewed most of Michelle Obama’s speech earlier this week. I understand her statement about being proud. It is amazing to know that this country has come this far to having the possibility of a Black or a Woman (minorities) as the President.

Regarding the statements that Michelle Obama is “a very angry” and “militant woman”. She is a wife and mother; it comes with the territory.

BTW, I am getting hooked on C-SPAN. lol

professor said...

I have to admit I'm conflicted in how to deal with ignorantken...
not being raised with racism I always feel as if I'm on the outside looking in...
once I came to America I was the target of racism a few times, but it was an after thought like "oh, I thats what they were doing", I never reacted in the moment- leaving them flustered...not giving the expected reaction...
racism is WRONG no matter how you look at it, but I would deal with it like I deal with the kids...negative attention is better than no attention at all...we address the negative behavior and give positive alternatives, but we only reinforce the positive behavior...
this newscaster (who shall remain nameless on purpose) wants attention...he knows what he is must understand its more of a ploy to put the attention on him as opposed to badmouthing Mrs. see if we pay attention to his comments then we will forget to support/vote/work for change...
I agree negative things should be addressed when they happen so folks will know that we see it and wont tolerate it...but it's my opinion that we should not dwell on the negative...we all know he's ignorant...lets instead dwell on how well Mr. Obama is doing and continue to work toward change...
final word...they are so used to us reacting in a certain way, lets flip the script...that will leave them scrambling in uncertainty...

s. douglas said...

O'Reilly is a morally repugnant, intellectually vacant asshole.

What else needs to be said about the man (I use the word "man" very loosely in this instance)?

You'd think being Irish, who at one time were referred to as "the Niggers of Europe," he'd have a little perspective.

Of course, I'm assuming he's an actual Human Being.

The Right is doing its best to turn back the clock, and to make it okay, once more, to be openly racist.

In a way, I'd rather have it that way. I prefer honesty, and get tired of all the subterfuge.

1/3 said...

Thanks for posting I had no idea that these statements were made by Bill O'reilly. Why didn't this get as much attention as Tiger Woods and the sportscaster who also talked of lynching mobs.

This makes me angry because here we are in 2008 and racism is still very alive and well. The fact that he had to turn Michelle Obama's positive statement into something so ugly shows how tight the Obama campaign really is. If anything this is just another attempt to get Americans to focus on ignorance and not the issues at hand. Sorry Mr. O'reilly you failed miserably.

BadTux said...

Fairlane -- here's how it worked. The Irish in Boston were the garbage men, the cops, the lowest of the low. There were restaurants and high class stores and such which had signs on the door that said "No Irish No Negros No Jews".

But every uneducated bog-stupid Irishman went home at the end of the day from whatever demeaning miserable job he held with one glorious "fact" in his head: "Well, I might be poor and stupid and uneducated and working a shit job, but at least I ain't a nigger." Racism against blacks by the Boston Irish was pretty much institutionalized by the time Bill Orally got hatched from whatever demon egg he came out of. And Bill Orally knows this. He's old enough to have seen it first hand. But he's a dishonest used carsalesman hack, so he's going to pretend he doesn't know this in order to try to score some cheap political points. He's a paid liar, in the end, and lie lie lie is all he knows how to do.

Professor: Once upon a time, folks thought the best thing to do with a particular racist clown was to ignore him. Worked out real well. REAL well. By the time this short dark-haired house painter got real power and started ramping up the gas chambers to deal with the racial group he hated, it was too late to deal with Adolph Hitler with the derisive laughter and disdain that he deserved. There's a big difference between naughty behavior from a child and outright evil. Racism is evil, and ignoring evil is *never* correct.

1/3rd -- the statement by O'Reilly *IS* getting attention in the only free press available to Americans today -- the blogosphere. The corporate press? Bah. As heavily censored as the Soviet press. Pravda on the Potomac and Tass on the Hudson aren't going to publish anything that might embarrass their vile and venal corporate owners, such as the fact that their corporate owners allow a stupid racist liar like Bill Orally to stay on television despite Bill Orally having a history of, well, being a stupid racist liar. Welcome to Soviet America, Comrade! Your papers, please! (If you wanna fly or take an Amtrak train, anyhow).

Christopher said...

Billo Reilly is an angry man because he has a very small penis that doctors often mistake for a clitoris.

If it weren't for the fact he's rich, his wife would've packed and hit the road cuz Billo ain't helping her stay awake.

Blah Blah Blah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Jaded - thats why childhood is so important. Your parents seemed to have raised you well. But I think they should have tried to explain it, but i will leave that to the parents, maybe they felt teachin all eople are equal was enough, which it is Its a shame what we teach out kids

Badtux - i know i am preaching to the chior, but we had a saying in my family "down south, up south." Thats why I used he example of Boston as well as Birmingham (not to mention the B cities).
And what a name for a car salesman Bill ORally, You are a fool. LOL. Problem is that folk like you and jaded, Fairlane are three out of ten, and we as african americans are just as limited - just the facts. Seems as if open minds are as rare as open hearts.

Bernice - comes with the terr. thats funny, but being protective of ones family, well i can understand, thats what i mean, regardless of race, thats a human being trait. great point

Professor - i should not have put incogs link up, but i wanted to demostrate that he exist, although not representive of people, white or black or yellow or red that I know and that he is the enemy of us all. Such that we cannot afford to HATE even him, disagree yes, hATE never. I mean I hate the Dallas Cowboys, but thats another story

Fairlane - maybe u are right, but I dont think it is the right, just some people in the right, i know GOP folk who would do anything for me, but then again its a function of hometraing and manners in my book

1/3 - America was built on it, so we have to rennovate that part to ensure it is the greatest, cause being divide will tear us apart. Really real is that China, India and orther nations are creping pass us slowly cause of this nonsense, and other stuff

Badtux - here here for this part of cybrville hat is home of the blog, and open to comment. I went to BOs blog, u gotta pay to post comments. dang

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Christopher - LOL you kill me, I dont want to ever find that out LOL

Blah Blah Blah said...

...I don't think they forget...I think it's that they are trying to brainwash us into believing nothing bad ever happen regarding blacks...Afro-Americans...or this countries part in atrocities or the systematic raping of our culture and self-worth as people of color (I use that because my mother is native american)...Bill's statements only further this raping by assuming that it's up to him to "track" down the truth to Michelle's meaning. And then what Bill?... what will you do if she hasn't been brainwashed and you believe that her comments may have been unpatriotic to a system that has had little worth for her/our "kind"? Then what?

my buck 56

TomCat said...

On a scale of one to ten, O'Lielly is an ass, and should not be on the air. Today I learned he has a new assistant, Tony Snow.

Although I have not yet committed to either Obama or Clinton, I have to say one thing about Michelle. She's a classy woman who would be a far better First Lady than Bill Clinton could be.

Jaded said...

At that age, they were afraid that I might get the idea that there was something wrong with Serena, and they wanted me to know that the problem was with the other people.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Jaded - I can understand that

Tomcat - noway, so Bill is a lesbian LOL

Blah - true, but i dont think i is all of them

Unknown said...

All I gotta say is that, it's been 2000 years since The Killing of Christ.

It's 2008, Hmmm. The year of new beginnings, could we be seeing his return soon?

Take it literally or metaphorically, you can bet one thing? God hasn't forgot either. And Like Malcolm said, The chickens will come home to roost.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Tony oh - point well taken, u do know that yesterd day was malcoms Birthday anniversary

Unknown said...

Good afternoon Torrance,

I truely believe Bill-O knew exactly what he was saying when he uttered those disgusting vile words. He did it for publicity and ratings. His show is constantly dropping in the ratings and he is a desperate man.

That this bag of burnt bat guano is still on the air and has any audience amazes me..although it probably shouldn't.

I also question why we should blog about it..afterall, it gives that piece of excrement exactly what he wants..publicity.

Bill-O and Trashcan Ann Coulter are both nothing more than publicity whores that spout hatred in order to make a buck.

They are quite "lucky" that people who can not tolerate racism don't go all 'james earl ray' on their asses.

We are above such actions.

Don said...

I was surprised to hear O'Reilly actually defend Michelle Obama on TV last night. It shocked me. But he actually defended what she said as being a slight that happens from time to time. In fact, he told callers that he didn't want to even talk about it. That was shocking coming from a media pundit.

Anyways, all-mi-t, that wanna-be supremacist you refer to...isn't worth the time and effort.

Samii Styles said...

Black Americans are always labeled as angry or militant because we recall,remember or recognize what we see wrong in this country. White Americans are just being American, using their freedom of speech. How did the word lynch come back into style anyway? Keep that shit at the country club! Why am I being called a negro on Vh1?? Shit is getting to relaxed, they are starting to feel comfortable again.

Curious said...

I’ve seen plenty of pictures of lynching before. Tragic, horrendous, horrific are words that don’t even come close to what happened to the victims. But what always angered me just as much was the sight of the crowds, smiling, laughing with their children running about having a good ole time. I’ve seen some pictures where guys would have there arms around their girl, like as if they were at the church picnic.

It seems O’Reilly would have felt right home during a lynching, if he could use such a term so easily and blithely on the air. Unfortunately, there is so much of his audience who would feel just as happy to be there with him.

Noushy Syah said...

Good to know some info about the other side of world from blogger's perspective. Can't comment that much aside from saying that racism still persist in this 21st century even in UK...

I must say this is a good read, thanks Torrance, this is for you:

Have a good w/end and take care yea.

paris parfait said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Great title for your post! I grew up in a segregated South and saw firsthand the terrible effects of racism. When I hear stupid remarks from people like O'Reilly, I am reminded how far we still have to go, as a nation. As a writer and former reporter, I'm all for free speech. But there's no place for words over the public airwaves that invoke and incite hatred and division, rather than tolerance and understanding. O'Reilly and Faux News should be ashamed and should apologise to the Obama family.

VertigoVirgo said...

Big Brother, these pictures make me want to cry.

PrettyBlack said...

You listen because we were always taught to keep our friends close and our enemies closer.

That's the type of shit I expect from bill oreilly, yeah he was waaay out of pocket and should be reprimanded, but guess what? He's going ro keep his show, keep writing books and keep living his life like it's golden. Why? Because he makes money for fox, and if you make enough money there are certain things you can get away with.

Imus is that just goes to show you right there. All he may have to do is give a bullshit apology which I can do without, and he'll get to keep his show. Dog the bounty hunter... he's back. There will always be ignorance and a ringmaster to keep it going...

Connecticut Man1 said...

Thank you for the comment over at my Blog, Torrance Stephens, and for providing the link to this post. There is a lot of justified rage over the comments.

I couldn't agree more with Fairlane's comment:

"The Right is doing its best to turn back the clock, and to make it okay, once more, to be openly racist."

msladyDeborah said...

I grew up during the most vicious times of the Civil Rights Era. I have never forgotten what that time was like.

You mentioned the 16th Street Church. That was the incident that helped me to grasp as a child how dangerous and hateful the racist factions were in America. I remember that day with crystal clarity because I was preparing to go to church myself. It was hard to understand why those people were not afraid of bombing a church. I was so afraid to attend our house of worship because I was not sure that the same thing would not happen to us.

Even today there are moments when I think about how I felt that day. I could hardly wait to get out of church. Of course all the adults were angry, hurt and stunned that they had committed such a crime.

I understood what Michelle meant by her statement. But when you are in the majority and you have not had the minority experience it is difficult for you to grasp what is felt.

Michelle is a strong sistah and she is going to make it through this whole scene just fine. But we do need to bring up the fact that lynching ain't happening without a fight.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Connecticut Man1 - no problem. I am an American and honor my ancestors and neighbors who truly belive and practice what the constitution permits. And i should have informed you that I will be back to your spot, just be safe.

Pretyblack - I know America is a capitalist nation, and I know money is important. But I jus wish that the 90 or 80 percent of us that despise ignorance and sickness as such, could do more, like Badtux said, has why blogging is so great, i mean look at this comment page, this is america, some conservatives, some liberals, northners, southerners, black , white, Asian, and folks from abroad. We ma not all agre o each and every item, but we agre to Listen, and thats col as fuck to me, without hating. Orally, Imus and Dog could learn a lot from us

VV - dont cry baby, it makes all real human beings and american feel the same way...and i write intelectual fiction, so i sugggest RSG or Butterbrown...thanks

paris parfait - well said. There is no place for such, and I love the pics on your blog

Noushy Syah - u flatter me again, thanks hon, and i bet it is, in fact I hear about it sometimes, but doesnt make the news over here so I have use imooty to get my foreign news

Samii - i guess when nooses became retro chic again

Curious - yea, man, using my favorite word again, foul

Don - true, he deleted my comments on he open hred i left you anyway, i wonder why, think cause i made sense and refused to hate him?

Dusty - we are above such, nd im thankful for that, and dont get me started on AC

Unknown said...

Bill is just looking for ratings. I was once very militant (believe it) because, of racism I experienced first hand. (I might blog about it one day). But, I learned to love self and to strive for great things. That's how you get those type of people upset. When Obama is president that will hurt Bill more than anything else.

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

Bill O'Reilly is not only very divisive but he is a cash cow for his network. And as long as the Sponsors are seeing a return on their investment he is free to use inflammatory hate language. Those of US who know something about the history of America, know what calling for a lynching means. Even if it is said in polite company, there is an un-mistaken message there. it is code for all those red-necks to get riled up. It is code for all those American-bred/born/raised terrorist to get their sheets pressed and ride.

This isn't your Mamas racist playbook, this is American White power structure at work. it si going to get thicker and heavier as we move closer. I wouldn't concerm myself with the debates and popular otes. it is the super-delegates that need all eyes on!

BadTux said...

Not gonna be no problem with superdelegates. After Texas and Ohio and Pennsylvania all vote big-time for Obama (I predict 65%-35% for Obama in all those states), there will be mathematically no chance for Hillary to win.

Samii Styles said...

Word. Next thing you know nigga's gonna be wearing nigger on their shirts...

Mes Deux Cents said...

Hi Torrance,

I think most White people, especially those of a certain age, do indeed understand what Michelle Obama meant.

I think that it is easier to play dumb and accuse her of being anti-American.

To acknowledge that they understand the context of her statement would mean they would have to acknowledge a lot of things about being Black in American that they would rather not admit to understanding.

And on Bill O'Reilly; he's a very bright guy. He knows what words to use to get attention for himself.

He and others like him (Ann Coulter) know that if they make racist remarks in passing they will get their names in play. That's what they want.

Mizrepresent said...

Only we can truly understand Michele Obama's comments, bc only we have truly experienced the severe, treacherous, and deadly highs and lows of our great nation. I so understand her statement, bc for the first time a man of color has been recognized and possibly accepted by the multituded of this great nation that consists of black, white, and all nations of color. We are indeed a "melting pot", none without the other, and yet they want to forget from whince we came. The blood shed, the discrimination, the unequal opportunities, the lies, the thefts, the deaths...all for the sake of skin color...they want us to wash over the fact that we are STILL here, and that WE are running for if to say that by accomplishing that, it would erase our pains, our will not. But what it does is lifts us, it fulfills us, it embellishes our faith, and embraces our is the things that hopes are built on, fantasies are made of, and yet...we are here in the reality. I no longer listen to their diatribe...i get too angry from listening...but it is just that...diatribe to keep us off our course, to derail us, to rally the evil forces, those who hate just because...but i don't believe HATE will win...Our father has promised us in the END...Love, compassion, and those who emblazen those characteristics will be the survivors, will be the victors...and so I stand by that motto, that creed, that scripture, that deed, until the day forthcoming.

s. douglas said...

Badtux- I understand what you're saying, and I agree, but I was implying what the Irish dealt with in Europe. The English did their best to exterminate the Irish.

Logically, an oppressed people would/should identify with other oppressed people.

Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be the case most of the time. Instead, one oppressed group finds someone even less powerful, and starts putting the boot to them.

That doesn't bode well for us as a species. It's very animalistic.

Torrance- I didn't mean to imply all people on the right. Hell, one of my best friends is a wingnut. I meant the powers that be who sit behind the curtain pulling the strings.

If Obama wins the nomination, he's in for a nightmare. The right will do everything in their power to get the hayseeds riled up.

And I completely agree that this type of behavior should never be ignored (By all of us, not just blacks). Ignoring it is equivalent to giving people like O'Reilly tacit permission.

He needs to hear every waking moment what a scum he is, and that the only people who listen to him are 70 year old white women who believed Jerry Falwell really did have a hotline to heaven.

Eye D. VS Mel O. said...

honestly i am not even shocked at his comments about Michelle Obama. when he was showing his ass awhile back when talking about his visit to Sylvia's restuarant in Harlem it made me wonder how far can this man go... there are white ppl out there who are just as racist but only discuss it with their peers behind closed doors. with o'reilly he is just trying to push that old tired envelope so far to the point where a revolt erupts and a group lynches his ass. he is still a household name b/c so many ppl are on the same page as him

i'm so tired of hearing and watching the latest act of racism associated with this man... like 1/3 was saying this is still alive and well in 2008 and it shouldnt be whatsoever!

The Bear Maiden said...

Man, I missed this whole thread and issue cuz I've been busy for the past two days working on my "why I hate black history" post. Bill O'Reilly is an ass. I can never watch shows like that... because they purposely amp up sh*t to get people "Reilled" up, cuz they make money that way. The more outrage, the more sponsors.

As for Mrs. Obama... it's funny, the second I heard the snippet of the quote, I knew EXACTLY where she was coming from, was amazed that idiots tried to make it into a "thing". Shook my head in disgust at Mrs. McCain as she smirked at how how proud she ALWAYS was of her country. Bitch, looking like you do, you wouldn't have a CLUE as to what Mrs. Obama was talking about. The whole thing went right over your Stepford forehead. Then I LMAO as the next day she got to "stand by her man..."

It's all such a farce.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Bear Madien - read the pos refered to, it was powerful. I know then you do love history and understand that it is more than facts but rather the personal expereience that makes it live...and it was over her head LOL

Eye D. VS Mel O = so true, i remember the sylvia fiasco also, he is really more clown than anything

Fairlane - right again, and i dont even want to imagine what that NIGHTMARE will be, worse han elm street im sure

Miz - so true, and i think, at kleast from the comments here that Faith is what most of us have and that means we will live to make such real

Mes Deux Cents - i feel ya, he may be bright, but his just as dense, so they may cancel each other out mathematelically. great point

Samii - alread are, ask Nas nd his wife

Badtux - we shall see, I dont think HillBilll can win by a wide enough margin, and each day, i hear supers leaving her to matc their voters. just happened in NJ. so u may be right, such is the animal of the political best and the desire for personal monarchy

Babz - i understand, chk Badtux comment on SDs nd mine as well to him

The True Urban Queen - U and Dusy may have somethin there, i wonder how many folks watch him or listen to him still

Anonymous said...

Always trying to make out old whitey as racist and evil as possible, eh Raw-breath Buffalo dog?

These photos of dead blacks hanging are always being shown to make blacks or brain-dead liberal white's anti-racist points. What are they, like a hundred years old? It's part of your never-ending propaganda quest to make whites feel as guilty as possible.

It makes absolutely not a whit of difference to them if you never had slave owners or KKK in your ancestry. If you're a white, that's a fine target for the non-stop guilt! I could show you some totally sick photos of whites violently killed by Negroes, if I wanted.


Oh, I like the saying "Niggas will tear your weak mind apart" That's a laugh. Thanks.

Everybody should read Raw-breath's lame comments on my blog. The guy is a non-spelling, illogical joke, black or white.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

incog - so much hate and disdain. Glad i dont hate u, and mispelling, real folk can see through it. welcome to my humble spot and do return LOL i mean, Cromagnum and Cromagnum welcome ...heil incogman

professor said...

see what happens when you pay to much attention to ignorant people and the comments they make...they crawl out the woodwork and keep it I said, you let them know you see them then you move on...
so folks I love what a class act Mrs. Obama is...she reminds me of the old time class acts, a real lady...

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

incog, and u live in VA beach, thanks for the 7 page views, may i blog roll u

Tera said...

Ignorance is bliss...I am deeply disturbed by some of the things that go on and are said in this country. And it's sad that being a young professional woman of color has proven to be quite a challenge at times.

It seems that things will never change.

Anonymous said...

I just look at it alike this, as black people we are powerful beyond measures. Those who know it will succeed and those who refuse to acknowledge it and use common sense will struggle.

Anonymous said...

You can go on and on and on with all the BS anti-Whitey lingo and 100 yr old photos of black criminals getting lynched who probably deserved lynching for murder or rape.

White people are sick and tired of all the black bellyaching about racism as they continue to kill each other and whites on the streets.

Along with all that, they are quickly turning our American cities into African hell-holes.

Sooner or later, whites will say enough and big-mouthed blacks, like yourself, will be crying de blues for real!


PS: I noticed you running off with your tail(probably literally) between your legs, when you couldn't counter anything I said. Even your little buddy Don, whom you called in for help, struck out.
Some "nigga mind will tear you up" or whatever that stupid saying you have over on the left.

What a laugh.

Connecticut Man1 said...

Sadly, incog seems to think the last lynchings were a hundred years ago. You don't need to go that far back. There were several recent incidents in the news that were pretty much the epitome of lynching. And even if that were not the case, those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.

Curious said...

I don't ususally comment on other peoples comments because it's not my forum, but INCOG MAN proves what I said before about there being more people than Bill O'Reilly who would enjoy a good lynch party. He is both the symptom and the cause.

Anonymous said...

"Curious" blubbers:

QUOTE:INCOG MAN proves what I said before about there being more people than Bill O'Reilly who would enjoy a good lynch party. He is both the symptom and the cause. UNQUOTE

Well, you had better start considering the real cause instead of uttering liberal mumbo-jumbo in the vain attempt to counter me and many other whites who have had enough of the ANTI-WHITE racism while at the same time turning a blind eye to the real stats of black crime.

Like blacks have murdered 100,000 innocents since 1992. Can you believe that BS? Hell, some black shot a 1 year old black baby just a few months ago near me. Wake up and smell the coffee.

It's so bad that the government literally buries the real facts away, vainly trying to protect the sorry behavior of blacks.

I dare you to come to my dam blog and read the articles. "Raw-breath Buffaloed You" has embedded the link to my site in his first para as "racist". Nice one Raw-breath.

I'm at

Read it and weep, liberals and blacks. White America is sick and tired of it.

And that other comment from "connecticut man" who's trying to get jiggy with the homies:

QUOTE: There were several recent incidents in the news that were pretty much the epitome of lynching. UNQUOTE

Oh, really? How about all the black murdering of whites going on? Hell, anytime a white gets killed by a Negro it's called a "garden-variety" crime but the minute some Negro gets waxed by whites, whole cities burn.

And I'm sick of those old hanging shots. Maybe, I'll post some photos of what blacks have done to white people as propaganda, too.

You people make me puke.

kit von b. said...

i haven't had reason to be aa proud american either!!! how many of us can honestly say we have? i mean look @ all the fuckery america put black ppl through over the years...wack. to now see a black man running for president is a trip. if he WINS...i will be proud. until then i'm just a citizen...

-karrie b.

Desy said...

there is a beautiful scene in great debators that offers a wonderful breakdown on lynching and where it came from

history never fades- it only recycles itself in other forms

fuck bill- i've never had the energy to watch him, and i can see i am not missing much...

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

O'Reilly knew exactly what he was saying. He is no novice at this. He wanted to invite fear and loathing amongst folks who find him popular and worthwhile.

The healing comes in when we are not fooled by the smoke and mirrors and the twisting of language. The healing comes in when we reject desperation and know that the course we are on in America is not the course we want to stay on for the sake of America. Change is difficult and scary. Harriet Tubman once said she could have gotten more slaves to freedom, if she had more time to convince them they were slaves. And yes she took some to freedom under gun point.

We must stay dilligent and realize that this is going to get thicker.

It's never a race or gender issue when Black women are called out. The problem with race in America is that no one seems to hear US--Black Women when we speak or raise the subject. Jim Crow laws were just over 50 years ago. That means my Mother knew what it felt like to be separate and unequal. It means she remembers what it was like to go to "Black Only" restrooms, water fountains, get food at restaurants at the back door. So when I hear White woman say Michell Obama must be unhappy in America, then they must be talking about every Black Woman in America that arrived here since the middle passage. What the fuck. This isn't about fair game, this is about racism in America. Are you kidding me. The goal of this little exercise in political wife-speak was to make her pay for being smart, young, gifted and Black. Maybe I am too close to this, being that I was elected to office twice, and I am Black and I am liberal Democrat, and I know a great deal about history in America. I could care less about defending this. I will stand up for Michelle Obama everyday of the week, because I know what she is talking about and I know what she meant. And all those White Women who are flip flopping and playing the "I am patriotic and can't understand Where Michelle Obama is coming from" game ought to go somehwere sit down and read anything by Ida B. Wells or Hell, Eleanor Roosevelt or anything about race in America. But to sit in ignorance that is un-partriotic.

As long as Bill O'Reilly is fiscally viable to the network, he will remain seated. The minute the sponsers feel public opinion shifting, they will pull him off the air for a time out.

Money and the massive acquiring of money trumps, moral outrage...every fucking day.

TomCat said...

Tomcat - noway, so Bill is a lesbian LOL

Perhaps, if elected, Hillary might spoil the experience for him by appointing all male interns. ;-)

Of course, then Larry Craig and the rest of the GOP hypocrites would be hanging out there all the time.

Pimpin' Pens said...

On the real.. fuck that fool and everything he's about! He's a hater in the worst way because his voice can be heard by the masses,that's the only thing making this hate monger a potential threat. In the end he's still a bitch and a piece of shit who's long overdue for a severe beating. This spineless asshole doesn't have a strong bone in his body so about the comment, those qualities are required to survive this cuthroat existence we all call life in America. It's a shame, but ignorance and the fear of what you don't understand are running rampant through our segmented cesspool of a Nation. O' Reilly keep your dick tucked and your mouth shut in the presence of the real. Well Done Raw Dawg - be good Fam.

Anonymous said...

You people get torqued up by just about ANYTHING anymore. "Militant woman" "lynching party" even the two words "You people!!!!"


What a joke. I'm putting this site on my blog roll cause it's such a laugh riot to read all your wacked out excuses for getting "militant" lol


Dagny said...

I am the product of parents who grew up the segregated South. As a result, I have heard their stories over the years about all the hatred.

I grew up in a liberal area of California. But for all of the liberalness, there is still an inherent racism. Did they not think that I would take offense upon hearing, "But you're a good black," like I'm some kitchen nigga. That idea of "Girl, you betta know your place." Because even if most folks don't say it in those words now, I do not miss their feeling.

And while I have not personally been threatened with lynching, there are those in the generation before who have. And they're still living to continue the story.

Today I spoke to my mother. (Well I do most days.) She told me about how her ex-boyfriend misinterpreted her take on Obama. The article that she forwarded stated that many blacks were afraid for his safety. This guy took it as my mom's decision to not vote for him. Oh hell no. We're tougher folks than that. In my mind it was more like a warning. My mind was saying, "I wish any of y'all would try anything against him (physically). Because that Rodney King verdict shit? Y'all haven't seen anything yet."

BadTux said...

Dawg, you be a better man than me. When the haters come trashing up my blog with their hate, I let'em spew once, tell'em to give us some facts rather than hate if they wanna keep posting comments, and if they just spew more hate rather than facts, well, that's why that trashcan button exists. Now, disagreements, I can deal with. But plain old hate... well, I ain't gonna let my blog get used for that, nosirree. I'll let them post their laughable BS once, point and laugh at the stupid hater, and move on.

But that's just me being a cranky old penguin. Hey you haters, get off my lawn!

- Badtux the Elderly Penguin

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Badtux - u right, i toiled with th thought. But folks like you say "yuck" move on and he gets the point. We are both bigger than he, and did u make the cat pay on the mortgage.LOL. Looks like it runs the household. LOL

Dagny - these and similar experiences make us see the value of love over hate and perserverence. I wan this place to be what it should. And that takes all of us. I dont ever want to see another rodney king period. Black or white or asian, the same folks would be just as mad. So vote your heart and kiss that strong woman u got as a mom for me

Tomcat - not Larry, LOL. Now thats a sight

Pimping pens - dont let him push your buttons. We are bigger folks than that. Hometraining remember

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Torrance, I really like this blog.

Again, I'm a LEFTIST who knows how to make money. I'm not a knee-jerk liberal and I don't bullshit around.

White Americans MUST understand why the word "lynching" is so awful. It is the equivalent of using the words "Jewish" and "oven" in the same sentence. "Lynching" was not some twisted version of vigilantism. IT WAS A SOCIAL EVENT FOR WHITES WITH ALL SORTS OF FORMAL RULES. IT WAS DESIGNED TO PROVIDE MAXIMUM ENJOYMENT OF SADISM FOR WHITE PEOPLE INCLUDING AND ESPECIALLY CHILDREN.

So fuck Bill O'Reilly. And fuck Clarence Thomas for saying "hi-tech lynching." That was horseshit. And this here Jew hitting he keyboard didn't like it one bit when Thomas said it then. And it still rankles now.

Anonymous said...

I question whether we are upset about the rhetoric used or the speaker. Al Sharpton wanted Tilghman (the female golf commentator) to lose her job after using "lynch" in relation to Tiger Woods. Where is Al or Jesse or Diddy or Shrek in regards to a Bill O'Reilly, a black woman (and future first lady), and the word "lynch"? It's a double standard and one reason why the black community aches: we turn the other cheek when it comes to protecting our women. Are our mothers, sister,daughters, and wives not worth more?

Sexism and any other discrimination should not take a backseat to Racism simply because men don't feel its immediate material consequences.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

the envy of the world - i agree, and sharpton, although i respect him, doesnt really target change the way it should be, u know, change should not be polarizing

Kelso - thanks man, but it is on us to explain and let them know even if they dont listen

Incog - if we wacko, what are u? lol

Unknown said...

















Anonymous said...

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