Saturday, August 16, 2008

maybe i am victor von Doom

Point of Order: Sincere Thoughts stopped by shop, with his lovely 2yr old son. Goood look folk, next time have some vino with your folk jones.

Alright, folk back to thought criming. I first found about the invasion of Georgia by Russia two Thursdays ago. I found out from reading one of my daily’s, the Turkish Daily news, which is listed on my blog under news in right side bar which I read everyday. Started reading it daily about 4 years ago to keep tabs on the US and Turkey and the Kurds. I wanted to write about it then but the scholar in Jones wouldn’t let me for I felt there was a bigger picture with respect to history and the future. I was trying to wait to see how BO and JM would respond; I wanted to see if they had a firm understanding of the history associated with this conundrum; I desired to see if they would actually show the ability to think on this REAL BIG PROBLEM or would they just recant what their handlers told them to say. Was disappointed for the latter is all jones here got.

I know that Georgia is very important as a transit point for bringing gas and oil in from the east to the west. I also suspect that this was clearly calculated and part of the Russian foreign policy. It would not even surprise me if they gave folk who decided to break away from Georgia, the leader of South Ossetia, a fat crib and some confiscated oil loot. But that’s how folk here think. Most of Russia’s wealth comes from natural gas to Europe and their gas reserves have been declining if you aint know.

But McCain and Obama don’t seem to grasp the entirety of the situation. I mean, Russia is the new King of Geopolitical warfare. - a term i first read in 2005. When Russia cut off gas supplies to Ukraine in 2006-07, over pricing disputes, there were shortages throughout Europe the next day. So much so that Hungary, Austria, Slovakia and Serbia was about to implement gas rationing.

We know what oil is doing, but check this, Russia's Gazprom seems to have got the $230 per 1,000 cubic meters of gas it demanded out of Ukraine, when they got $50 the year before – can you say hustle? See Russia wants to control export routes all through that region, especially on as regarding oil and any natural resource coming from the Caspian Sea – mean them folks (and I aint mad) want toVicktor VonDoom the region and be an energy super power. And for the lame, the only pipeline which by passes Russia and takes oil from Caspian sea to rest of world is in Georgia– thus why they ganked navel ports. Now, aint much reported in America, not even of post communist countries standing with Georgia

Ukraine, Poland, Baltic countries. Likewise, that’s why I figure the two jones runni9ng for President aint got an inkling of understanding about what I’m looking at as a layman and a mutha fucka who aint as smart as them. But I will say one thang, it is obvious they aint ever read the agreement Condi and the west took to Georgia to sign. I read it and folk here aint running for president. And what I read is scary and reminds me of the Munich Agreement of 1938.

No room for international monitors, its like it was when Hitler took over Europe. When Hitler came to power in 1933, everything he did was basically design to change the shit that hit Germany via the Treaty of Versailles. From getting Brittan to not restrict German navel expansion to getting pro-Nazi elements among the Czech Germans to want tot secede from Czechoslovakia, This led Nazi aggression and a world war.

Now yawl jones running for president, Obama and McCain, I don’t claim to be as smart or well read as yawl, but I aint stupid either folk. Yawl aint read the agreement, yawl don’t understand history, yawl puppets regardless of party affiliation and folk here don’t follow the lame. Not to mention I always wanted to be Dr. Victor Von Doom (intelligence 7 out of 7 in Marvel Universe), never no super hero. Yep, a professional criminal without a criminal record that other perceived as brilliant. So I’m down with Dr. Victor Von Doom he my Idol. Wish McCain and Obama were too, I’d be more comforted if they were. vote


Kitty said...

Dr. Doom? I love it:-) Russia's a beast. I wonder how they justified that $50 to $230? That's a mean jump.

Babz Rawls Ivy said...
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Unknown said...

What's up Doc! little red "vote" link at the end of the post was a brilliant are a genius

Andrew Louis said...

It all comes down to oil...
Regarding the georgia conflict, you might find this interesting:

The Dreamy One said...

im not even gonna lie, you are always speaking some real shyss. your girl right here is not really informative like that. so its great to read this and get a little bit of knowledge.

hope your weekend is going well

Anonymous said...

This was deep. I know what's going on but I don't really know what's going on, if you get my drift, so I appreciate the knowledge you give that adds depth to what I'm seeing on the surface.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

mean is for real

blog queen
so u saying im a polymath too

enjoyed the read that was good look

glad u appreciate
most women say they like a smart man but im too smart
or a street smart jones, but my folk dangerous
or a man with a fat and lng dk
but mine too big
or a man that can cook
but that im tring to get them fat

un made my day jones

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

its the scientist in me, and plus i hate when folks think im stupid and play me i can smell a lie and stupidity like ham in the skillet

Pat Patterson said...

While I certainly agree that Russia is using oil and gas as bargaining chips I would also point out that $230.00 per 1,000 cubic meters for The Ukraine is a bargain considering Gazprom was charging Europe $300 to $400(depending on if the gas was future contracted or from the spot market) for the same amount of natural gas at the same time. Ukraine was, by its old contracts, getting its natural gas for 1/6 to 1/8 of the market price as of 2006.

Unknown said...


i'm on the same page with how she put it.

i really enjoy hearing people talk so in depth and assuredly on these type situations. (especially black men.)

there's a show called "the falcon forum" that comes on on sundays on where 3-4 brothers have a round table discussion about all things political/economical/social that take place around the globe. while sometimes they lose me in the dialog, i'm always tuned in and just so into it like, "daaaaaaaayum..." so very informative and...i at the same time.

oh, and you've got my vote.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Masterful work, buddy. And yes I will take 3 bells for BEING FIRST ANYWHERE ON ANY BLOG ABOUT ABKHAZIA LAST WEEK AND YOU CAN LOOK IT UP!

I give Obama some credit for sanity here with regard to Russia and Central Asia. He knows enough not to make too much of a fool of himself. Has McCain not finally proven to everyone how insane he really is? Gazprom? You think it stops there? Here are some companies that are a match for any western company at all and none of the names will be even slightly familiar: LUKOIL, Surgutneftegaz, YUKOS, Rosneft, Norilsk Nickel, Bratsk Aluminum, Bratsk FP.

I was in that business. I could name 50 more.

What can McCain-Lieberman or for that matter McCain-Lieberman Lite [Obama-Biden] actually do? Nuclear war is M.A.D. Everyone's dead in a half hour. A serious proxy aggression in Central Asia or using the American military to force the installation of the Missile Shield facilities into Poland or Lithuania? That would be every USD in Russia's central bank -- check out their trade balance some day going back to 1992 -- hitting the market and the USA's own people burning their own country to a crisp because of hunger and thirst.

I'm going to bring up another person who may be an enemy but Gore as VP established a working relationship with Viktor Chernomyrdin and had INFLUENCE because of his willingness to do business. He didn't need to sabre-rattle.

Rice you can just forget about. A sovietologist who can't speak Russian? Whose famous dissertation predicted USSR communist dominance for centuries to come barring US aggression? Brilliant. Just the person who makes me feel extra comfortable. Oh, wait a sec. Sorry, no. This is great. I WANT a crap dollar and problems with the Russians. Phew! Sorry. Rice is OUTSTANDING.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch Obama continues to make a complete hash of everything. With economic policy and foreign policy crises he's sure to inherit continuing to boil, you'll find him where? That's right at a Rick Warren Extremist Evangelical debate against John McCain! How did such an intelligent man as Barack Obama lose control of this so quickly?

The topics for him should be: the debt, the deficit and it's components, monetary policy, and foreign affairs and how they all interact with each other and how perhaps LESS VIOLENCE AND LESS WAR MONGERING might have a salutary effect on US fiscal and monetary problems.

But no that might BORE Americans or be "over their heads" or he's just a coward. So, instead he's debating who's the bigger Extremist Evangelical and who's TOUGHER on foreign policy.

It's hardly to my benefit to tell Obama to start acting like a man again. The joke going around my actual business world today was that Obama was paid $75 million upfront with a promise of 5% of Carlyle Group equity on the back end if he dumped it to McCain. I don't think that's the craziest thing I've heard either.

If he loses what looked like an unloseable election, he's done. Back as the JR US Senator from Illinois have alienated: Dick Durbin, the Clintons, Gore, Dean, the Congressional Black Caucus and the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Those are just the players. The owners are NOT pleased. Bob Rubin and George Soros and Barry Schwartz will tolerate a LITTLE Jesus this that and the other and a little flag bullshit if they can get a WIN and sensible economic and foreign policy out of it. They DON'T want to be tethered to that hocus-pocus if they're going to lose the election and lose money.

And there's no doubt that Obama was carrying a hell of a lot of bad will into the race based upon these same shenanigans in the Connecticut senate race. In the Terry Schiavo matter. And on a labor rights issue. Guys like Rubin and Soros and Schwartz simply can't shrug their shoulders and say "well, we guessed wrong...better luck next time" if Obama loses the election not on issues but on Jesus, War and how much he can be against affirmative action, single-payer health, and transfer payments to the poor. It means they have to face people they collected money from who CANNOT ABIDE THAT STUFF WHEN THINGS ARE GOOD AND WHEN THEY'RE LOSING MONEY, FORGET IT.

Think about it for a second. Why should a banker bother with an Obama if all it means is inattention to economics, social policies that sicken him and war that's beggaring his dollar holdings?

Chris Rock made a very funny joke about Black superdelegates who were backing Clinton, but his joke is getting turned around: this is no fun for Bob Rubin to have to carry around a hawkish Jesus-freak when he thought he was backing a smart centrist. It's embarrassing.

Did anyone notice how Ron Paul's Fundamentalist Christian beliefs NEVER CAME UP? I sure did. Because he didn't throw them in anyone's face. They don't inform his politics. That's exactly how it should be. Everyone did notice how clear he was on a peaceful foreign policy a prudent fiscal policy and what a fiend he was for monetary neutality.

This is an amazing show to watch from 6000 miles away. One way or the other, it's the end of the Democratic Party and perhaps the Republican Party, too. That's great. America needs to be rid of its useless party and its sadistic party and start opening things up to real ideas.

It's probably a salutary thing in the long run for the USA for Obama to be running such a hideous campaign. He could have a messy convention. Or lose a floor vote to Clinton. Or see Gore drafted. All of those things would destroy the Democratic Party.

He could lose to McCain which would bring about an economic holocaust within three years maximum and present a possible WWIII scenario.

He could win small and be forced to govern as he's run: GEORGE W BUSH with a darker complexion.

He could win BIG with the "let them eat Jesus" Bush style he's on now and basically establish an absolute de facto Union Of Soviet Socialist States Of America with perhaps the Republicans and Democrats joining to form one superparty with a politburo, a Komsomol etc.

He could lose big with the same result.

All those scenarios portend economic disaster but perhaps the emergence of a third or fourth party and some sense down the road of issues, coalitions, ideas, and participation in the world at large. The problem is a depression worse and longer lasting than USA 1929-1940.

Or...he could just go back to being the brainy guy with progressive social views and centrist economic views and a reliance on a deft diplomatic touch and goodwill abroad.

It's his move. He knows exactly what McCain's about. If he wants to be like McCain, too, I wish him luck, a long life and much happiness as the dean of the Chicago School of Law. I understand very well the racial head-wind he's fought but there's a time to stand for something. If that something is another version of Theocratic Authoritarianism, fine, at least let the people know that.

And those who want something different can get serious about building a Libertarian Party or a Green Party. Anything but a Useless Party which is what the Democrats have been for the last 7 years. I cast my last vote as an American a long time ago but why should voters be forced to guess about where a Democrat stands. They always do this. It never works.

Lena said...

Prior to this post, I would've gotten an "F" if given a pop quiz on the subject, but now I would get at least a "B" maybe an "A". I wish you were around when I was taking Global Issues at GSU.

msladyDeborah said...

Well, I learned some story tonight by reading this post.

You know that even if BO and JM knew the history of Georgia and the agreements, would they tell us? I suspect not because of the shakey situation internationally.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

TORRANCE: I realized what's wrong with Obama's campaign and how to fix it. Just show him the videotape of Ford Jr's loss to Corker. Ford Jr made all of these same moves Obama's making right now but Ford Jr had been marinating in politics his whole life, knew everybody in the state, and has a great sense of humor and he still lost. But at least he lost having made the single greatest comeback line in the history of American politics.

Faced with some scandalous pictures of him with a stripper at a Super Bowl party after having run the single scoldingest Ned Flanders Jesus campaign designed to pacify every White voter in the state, Ford said "I like football and I like girls just like every other man in the country." Deadpan. It was brilliant and I was sure he'd won it then and there.

And he STILL couldn't beat a true goofball in Corker. Obama's going to have to assume he's going to get beat and from that baseline, with nothing to lose, start hitting the books and telling the truth and not worrying if anyone thinks he's a Muslim or try to out-Christian and out-hawk McCain, and just relax, be himself tell a couple of fuckin jokes but get serious on the issues.

Anonymous said...

well as you claim to be smart, you should read some other sources and do your research on topics you're speaking. First why Ukraine was punished, they've been getting gas, electricity, oil and lots of other aid for FREE for many years, and after all, they sold out to USA, the revolution they had turned out to be paid by americans and now they have pro-american president, shitting on Russia and trying to get into NATO and put their missiles next to russian borders. We cannot let them do that, states dream about destroying Russia and getting its territory and resources, this is self defense actions. Second, Georgia's situation is almost the same, the president is married to an american woman who has american citizenship, georgia always was Russian alias and americans want to get into oil business out there and control our pipe. This is not going to happen, unless states are ready for WW3. I'd tell you, states should mind their own business and let other countries defend their security. The georgia invasion is a bs made up by american and pro-american media. There were 3000 innocent osetians killed by georgian troops, they shoot kids and women in a head, and Russia stepped up to stop genocide. And guess what, 2 months ago american troops were in georgia, training georgians and bringing them new weapons and equipment, they've been killing osetian kids with YOUR weapon and now they started informational war on Russia. Because by the time people realize what was really going on, McCain will be a president and states will continue its evil and dirty ways.

BadTux said...

South Ossetia has never been controlled by Georgia. South Ossetia joined the Russian Empire in 1783 as part of Ossetia. Georgia did not join the Russian Empire until 1803, when Russian troops sent into Georgia after a request by Georgia's government for assistance with a Persian invasion decided that since they were already there, they might as well plant the Russian flag there too.

When Stalin drew up the "national" boundaries of the USSR after he came to power, South Ossetia was split off from North Ossetia and was "officially" part of Georgia, but once again that was more a matter of practicality insofar as military districts are concerned, not politics. South Ossetia continued to be ruled from Tskhinvali, not from Tsibili, as an autonomous province with its own government independent of the Georgian government.

It is not until Georgia declared independence from the Soviet Union in 1993 that Georgia claimed to rule South Ossetia and sent in the Georgian Army. It was a rout. The Ossetians drove off the Georgians and then chased the Georgian Army all the way to the city limits of Tsibili, at which point the Russians sent in the Russian Army to *stop* the Ossetians. It was the threat of Russian tanks that sent the Ossetians back to Tskhinvali, where they continued to rule themselves.

Now, after 240 years in which South Ossetia has *never* been ruled from Tsibili, Georgia claims that they have a right to invade South Ossetia and that the Ossetian militia is "brigands and outlaws and rebels". There are some reasons why Georgia wants South Ossetia. For one thing, you can't secure Georgia's northern border without possessing South Ossetia and the invasion route from Russia that it represents. But to claim that Ossetia is part of Georgia ignores 230 years of history showing that Georgia has never ruled South Ossetia. In the end, South Ossetia's fate should be up to the Ossetians -- the country is too small to survive on its own, so it will have to choose either Georgia or Russia as the nation it wants to be a part of. Georgia's recent attempt to take South Ossetia by force means it'll be Russia who gets South Ossetia. So it goes. Just goes to show you that when you want to seize something by force against the will of the people who live there, it's always a mistake...

- Badtux the Geopolitics Penguin

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Pat Patterson
So they were making up for lost time?

fly tie
So informative or being so is sexy? Lol thanks for the love

Viktor Chernomyrdin? Didn’t the take his oil company and place him in jail?
With u on rice on this one
That joke may be more fact than fiction

WW3, if obama looses – not that too, is more fact than fiction
U think lol

Im jus going by the position statements they released, that’s all I can do as of now

Yep he needs to start hitting the books hard

My claim was I may not be “AS” smart as BO or JM.
Now I didn’t know about the gas for free
Second they just put missles in Poland so they did accomplish that. Third, you proved my point, that it is about control of pipe lines, geopolitical domination and that neither JM or BO seem to understand this well
Glad to see u love Russia as I do the US so vehemently

Well said and thanks for shedding some historical light on this for me, glad I asked your opinion

John "JP" Pickens said...

I'd like to note that all this is leagues above my head, but I'm trying to get it. It's informative as hell and I will be studying this entire post. When is the test?

Anonymous said...

They are well aware, there's only so much they can say in public, but I'm quite sure they are well informed of US true interest in the region. It's no coincidence that we are allies with Georgia, a small country almost insignificant by our standards, instead of Russia. That is why US and McCain especially was so quick to chose sides, and when Russia gave us the ultimatum we had to back off from the sharp rhetoric. If Russia takes over Georgia, then Russia will have to become our best friend, and the US will have to kiss Russia's you know what. So it's almost mandatory for our livelihood that Georgia remains a sovereign nation.

Keli said...

I hear ya...I have not been a big Obama "fan"...he has not impressed me with his stances in regards to issues and policy...or maybe he has not impressed me with his lack thereof.

This election is frightful...we are trying to catapult someone that has NO clue as the next great hope...and the other party has a senile fool as their candidate.

Waiting for Zufan! said...

Well, I have nothing smart to say, so maybe I should just say nothing. But wanted to leave you a comment. You're so good to spot by my place. Thanks.

So anyway, how do you keep up on all this stuff???? You seem to know something about everything, and a lot about a pretty diverse set of topics.

Me, hey, some days I'm just lucky to find enough time in between changing diapers and cleaning squashed banana out of my hair to take a shower. Let alone read about Georgia.

I really don't know how you do it.

Ms.Seven Supa Sized said...

Thanks for thye info/insight

James Tubman said...

whatever you do please dont attack the golden child barack "i dont want no drama" obama

they aint ready for the real obama yet

as for the russian attack

do you think bush and the us put him up to that to cash in on it themselves too

Glen Antoine Palmer said...

Deep information. More than what MSNBC and CNN has been feeding me. Thank you for dropping some knowledge.

Miz Cheekz said...

besides the knowledge u drop in your posts, the 2nd reason i visit here is bcs of your comments section. a blog within a blog & some of the most interesting commentary i've seen in a comments section thus far. LOL

KELSO'S NUTS said...

JONES: Chernomyrdin was not an angel! No Western Siberian "red director" oil guy is. I could tell you some very weird stories. The point was that finding points of common interest and keeping open lines of communication are essential.

My point on Georgia and Ossetia and now Abkhazia was -- and I too thank MASHA and BADTUX for their perspectives -- that Central Asians and the various peoples and quasi-states within the larger Slavic-controlled landmass, have always had some "situation" or more properly "state of nature" askew from the prerogatives of Moscow.

Komi had it's way of doing thing. Kazakhstan had it's way. And so on...

To take a "side" requires a level of sophistication no American politician nor diplomat has available. So, the American approach from up top MUST be to take account of the state of nature as of this moment and read someone like BADTUX on the history and cultures and take no foolish gambles.

Neither George Shultz nor James Baker III were angels either but in the absence of an Angleton or Casey, both Shultz and Baker could be trusted to get an issue like this one right. I take issue with Reagan/Bush and CCCP policy towards Afghanistan but that was a loss leader which could always be played to a draw if one was of an aggressive bent off the top. Afghanistan was hardly a main selling point of the candidacies of Reagan I and II and Bush Sr.

None of Reagan or Bush Sr's top guys were willing to gamble the existence of the USA on little things.

To get involved beyond the most esoteric singalling on this fracas with the USA so vulnerable is reckless.

I get that 9/11 and all after has made the Reagan/Bush years seem like some golden age of prudent social democracy at home and a strong but open-minded foreign policy (DID I REALLY JUST WRITE THAT????) in the campaign arena.

That does not mean that recklessness, scapgoating and an imperial vision are still correct or moral even if that can win McCain an election or protect an Obama lead. I believe I can write without fearing giving offense that Shultz and Baker were far,far superior to Albright, Powell or Rice. Luckily, Clinton had a good grip on Albright and stopped her worst instincts. Bush and Cheney have pushed Powell and Rice's worse intincts.

From what I can tell, Obama's team seems experienced enough to for Obama what Shultz and Baker did for Reagan.

roxy. said...

50 to 230? that is some craaazy inflation but you know how the world is nowadays. just wondering but what do you think of nostradamus and his predictions?

Jay Midnyte said...

Damn. I learned so much from this post and the comments.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

YouTube: Georgian Girl Tells What Happened When War Broke Out

Jay Midnyte said...

something's suspicious about that interview...

NoRegrets said...

I'm sure they read about it when they go to the toilet - they just get sidetracked once they get out the door.

Anonymous said...

Though there is some controversy over who started what, clearly for everyday working people there is no advantage to being hegemonised by the Russians or the US, whether you live in Georgia, South Ossetia, Russia or the US.

I will say though you would not believe the coverage the BBC has given the conflict. At times it sounds like a not-so-subtle Faux News broadcast.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

@ Jay Midnyte - Yeah, FoxNews didn't know what they were in for when they did that interview. That's why Shepard wanted to break to a commercial right away and cut it short.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

By the way, come read my take on it when you get a chance: Expect the Draft, Courtesy of Endless War Plans

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Thic Flair
No it aint – u goood

We have to wait and see

Yep gone be like the super bowl with bad calls and all

Waiting for Zufan!
U welcome and u do have something to offer when ever u share your thoughs sister so remember that

U welcome thought u kicked me to the curb jones

James Tubman
I aint attck nobody, just being objective and u should want to drill him skate all u want but the super bowl is 4 keeps – what u gone do if he

G. A. Palmer
I a shame to say I don’t watch them

Big Cheekz
Y thank u

Belive me I know, was talking about how they ANDLED him and Badtux is the truth as are u kind brother and im with u on Baker and Shultz

We in the wrong field, huh

Jay Midnyte
Thanks folk, me too

Kit (Keep It Trill)

Sure they don’t use it for toilet paper

A Very Public Sociologist
Wow, we get the bbc sparsly

Kit (Keep It Trill)
I don’t watch them shows that much to know the commentators lol
Good look.

Anonymous said...

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