Monday, August 25, 2008

No John Adams, No LBJ – easy mud slinging for Chemo-Cain.

I made my rounds round the blogoverse and saw a lot of hoop la on the Obama VP selection. I suspect there will be a lot of hoop la when McCain select jones he wants for his running mate – i'm gone go out on a limb and say he will pick a somewhat younger white man, which wont be hard to do given McCain’s age.

To be honest, Biden to me is part of the problem with Washington. Folk been up in that camp almost 4 score (i’m exaggerating). He for sure shole doesn’t represent change. Then on the pic I got, he holding jones like he afraid to touch black folk like he gone get cooties or something. I would say I’m waiting for the DNC to start in Denver – but truth be told I am not ready to entertain such boredom, its like five nights in a row of the BET hip hop awards or the Oscars all rolled up in to one. But it should be interesting.

First there is the scorn of a mean white woman with big eyes that may really come back to haunt jones. I aint mad, cause I would not have picked her back stabbing azz either. They got two nights at the convention next week so he better sick or prepare to sick ole Joe on Hill-Bill and her daughter. Has to be a first, husband, wife and child on the floor during primetime of the DNC.

I wouldn’t even be surprised if she pulled the Florida and Michigan card, as I wrote a while back. But back to Biden, he sure aint no John Adams nor is he an LBJ. Biden voted for the Iraq war resolution that Obama did not vote for, talk about flip flop. And Obama picked a man who ran LAST for the presidency this year as his VP (LOL). That is if he picked him. Good old Joe even praised McCain and said Obama did not have the experience. But like I said in a comment on the last post, what is hard to put a finger on is the 20% in the middle, from Middle America, white women and blue collar workers. I figure half were for Hillary and that they may be mad as fuck she aint get picked and decided to place a revenge vote against Obama for McCain – I hope folk’s aint that petty.

Then McCain, being the raw dawg GOP hood rat he is, is already trying to use this to his advantage. But you can’t be mad, he is going to role how he dogged Hill-Bill like a Rasta would a fat azz joint to the white house. Targeting who – the blue jean, factory working white folks who voted for Hill Bill. Cause on the real, they don’t connect with Barack, and connect with ChemoCain more than Obama.

But I just had to get that out. Now I can back to sleep on the sofa in my shop, its raining now. vote

And good look Bekinky on the review of Dirt Behind my Ears: Essays and Satire From the Dirty.


Unknown said...

from a statistical perspective (your playground) mccain has to choose someone younger as he may very well not be around to complete his term (if elected) and surely not a second one.

as far as joe's comments about obama earlier this year....they were competitors, rivals vying for the coveted title of democratic nominee for president of the united states.

He may not be a john adams or a LBJ...who didn't get along with Kennedy either (btw) but he's a pitbull ready, waiting an eager to pounce!

just what the doctor ordered for obama who's been criticized by some as being to laid back and slow to fight back.

María said...

My only issue with Biden is his stance on drugs. He's a crazy anti-dug looney dude.

But he's perfect for this campaign. He balances out the ticket perfectly, gives the experience naysayers a foot in the mouth, and he'll appeal to most of the middle class white folks that Obama is struggling with.

Keli said...

Biden was the safe choice...he had to chose someone that appears to have more experience in areas such as foreign policies and the economy...

I voted for Hillary in the primary, and I still feel she was the better candidate...but I did not want an Obama/Clinton ticket...

to make me happy...the Obama/Biden ticket wins, and my girl Hillz is appointed Secretary of State...what yall n*#!@% got to say about that? jk, ha!

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Blog Queen, Immoral Matriarch, Keli
You all make valid and great points, u know me Speculative processes enables one to do many things, in particular prepare and attempt to gather understanding.

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

One of my relatives is an appointed Delegate there in Denver. I'm looking forward to hearing the word on the ground and not just what's publicized.

I have allot of people there in Denver for different reasons, and I'll be tuning in...why because until I decide to leave I'm an American and this convention like it or not has to do with me and my country.

NoRegrets said...

Obama had to pick a white man for his running mate. It would have been too much for America to have a black president and woman VP. heaven forbid.

Thought you didn't want us catching you on the couch!

shine said...

Biden orchestrated the circus that was the anita hill/thomas hearings. i don't trust him.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Aunt Jackie
Well Im looking at obama and the Clintons, and they got a schedule, looking at mccain and the schedule to see who I want on GOP

LOL I do my best writing on bed and sofa

True, so true

Charece said...

I'm just interested to see how things will "play" out for these two!

DeadMule said...


To be "inclusive" we must include those who wish to exclude us. Otherwise, all we did is changed sides. "Inclusive" gives equality to us all.

Love, Helen

RealHustla said...

I think people ARE petty enough to give their votes to McCain. Whenever I saw Hillary supporters being interviewed it seemed as if their passion came from somewhere abnormally personal. Therefore, yes, I think they'd vote for McCain.

However, I think that Barack is trying to execute a technique to recapture those votes.

James Tubman said...

biden was little bit of a shock

he's very literal in his talk

i mean he doesnt have a problem talking about corporate curruption or the iraq catastrophe

dont much about dude but it really doesnt matter

the corporations will win in the end of course

Anonymous said...

Biden these many years, now, has been the logical one, intuitive; has spoken from common sense. He brings grounding to the philosophical visions... and he speaks his mind, as so many have noted~

I have cautiously supported Obama throughout, it's hard to not support him after seriously listening, imho(the history is not lost on me, either... i.e. JFK)

The wife, however, has been terrified of Obama and his 'handlers', whomever they may be. The monsters under the bed.

She is very comfortable with Biden and is now an ardent supporter of the ticket...1 in 20% ~regards

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

My attention at the moment is the roll call Nancy Pelosi is going to do. I understand it and I do believe it will unite the Dems. I think they are united. I think there are delegates that have to show to their constituents that they respected their primary and caucus choices by bringing closure to this.

The Clintons are ambitious. Back stabbing might be harsh...but OK. Bitch that's easy enough to throw out especially by men who can't take powerful women....why just the other day someone I like very much called me Bitch...but I digress. It is not about like...yes I am saying that. This ain't the playground, or a playdate. This is hardball politics. If you are going to throw-up then you gotta go home.

I think the GOP will go for young and attractive and appealing. To offset old and decrepid.

I think Obama made a good choice. I think Biden will work hard and I think he will be an asset and he can talk the shit that needs to be talked...while Obama walks the walk. I think Biden's time in Washington is an asset. He is liked on both sides of the aisle and that is important.

I think the ground work has to be fierce coming out of the DNC and I think it will.

Anonymous said...

Biden is for the Racist White Folk Vote. Ever since Obama first ran you knew he was going to pick a white dude rather he be a military guy or this Regular Joe ass guy he has now. The masses will not accept Obama until they see a white guy standing behind him making sure if the N gets out of hand someone white will take over.

So Yo Joe!

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Me tooo like a ball game

I agree, and I hope such is the case, my choice C. Powell – endorsed Obama today

It will be easy if Hill-Bill can make her folk go along, but the blogs I read like (Tenn Gurilla woman) they still grudge

James Tubman
Yep, K-street and b ig money always do , does that = change?

Well tell the wife not to worry too much (see freemans comment) and that 20% still is a quandary for me

I agree, but u know for me Bitch is genderless, to quote Eb, I know a many man biches lol

I think u may be right, a man of his age, hard not to grow up that I hope that he isn’t anymore – but he can get that vote

Cassia L Rainne said...

Sadly enough it seems as though people will be that petty. I am amazed in one way but then in another I half expected that people would protest and feel some kind of way about Hillary NOT being the VP choice. Seriously I was never for it and never wanted her and Bill back in anyways. I can't say that Biden is the BEST choice either, I'm not certain of who would've been the BEST choice since I don't trust politicians to begin with.

Cassia L Rainne said...

And on the real that Kennedy's death was way too shady for anyone suspect to be excluded...that INCLUDES Johnson...but like I said I don't trust them.

Lena said...

I don't know much about this Biden guy, never even herd of him until this week to be honest. Sooo, I guess I have to do my homework and see for myself because it is a mixed reaction of srts from others.

But I knew there was going to be no Hilary.

Anonymous said...

To be true, d all mi t, the dream team for me was O and Colin Powell. As regards Free's comments, sentiment; with just a little bit of luck ;) the day will come that we share an appreciation of good ole Joe~

Anonymous said...

safe choice indeed. gotta reassure those penn./ohio/mich. voters that they'll be a place for white, catholic old guys.

at least biden can shoot some fire out of his a--. obama needs some of that right now.

and i don't think hilly wanted it -- bill's non-profit would get serious public vetting, and they were both worried about that.

a poster above mentioned that biden is crazy anti-drugs. his first wife and a daughter were killed by a drunken driver, so i can see where he gets it from.

MP said...

I don't love Biden and some of the comments that he has made about Obama but this is politics and it looks right now that Biden was a good political move.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, where is this change that Obama was hawking for months? Seems the only change that would come with Obama for president is that we have a Black man. Granted for America that is a big change but seems like Obama is moving too much to the center for my taste though I am still a supporter.

Perhaps Biden was a good choice and will help Obama win the Joe Six-Pack vote but honestly, I am a bit skeptical at this point.

Garth Sullivan said...

i'm starting to think biden is a good choice for the same reasons i once supported wes clark for the role; he can credibly hammer mccain on his supposed strength; foreign policy and security issues.

and you're setting the bar pretty high for obama's vp - Adams and LBJ, two titans of history.

Fun Fact -

Ranking the senators by wealth, Joe Biden comes in 99th, second to last. He also has one of the most liberal voting records in the senate. Like Obama, he too is a self-made man who worked his way up and has an actual voting record that favors the middle class.

one last thought, biden and mccain are friends. i wonder if john mccain's sense of honor will allow him to smear his friend Biden.

Anonymous said...

Viewing all this from afar Biden seems to be a sensible pick. He won't scare away conservatives too much. He has a certain gravitas that comes with being an insider, balancing Obama's cultivated image as an "outsider". And his class background might go down well with white working class voters who backed Bush last time.

All that said, does anyone ever vote for a candidate on the strength of his running mate?

Anonymous said...

does he do chemo for real?

no_slappz said...

Joe Biden is up for re-election in the Senate this year.

Will he run for re-election?

Or will he put all his chips on his run for the vice presidency?

If he and Obama lose, Biden is out of a job. But Obama can return to the Senate.

The Socialite said...

I am just glad he did not pick Hill like you said. She would surely do something to get him out of office, so she could take his spot.

Sista GP said...

I am sitting here on my sofa working and trying to watch the live feed of the DNC. So far it seems just like a High School Pep Rally just before the Friday Night Football Game against its biggest rival.
It's painfully boring.
Is this DNC or D&C?

Katrina said...

Nice blog post!

I had never really heard anything about Biden before, so I will have to start looking him up, but I'm glad he didn't pick Hillary.

Sista GP said...

I need to update my comments. The musical performances during stage changes have been neck-grooving.

12kyle said...

Man, I like Joe Budden. That dude can rhyme. He can freestyle his ass off. Sad to see him leave Def Jam


you said joe bidden...not joe budden


He's a good pick


Keep schoolin' em, Torrance!

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Miss Soul said...
Yes it was and still basically unsolved and it is hard to any trust politician

He been round longer than cable lol

Im glad someone thinks like me u and 12kyle made my day

True, and I forgot about that man – good look

Maybe but for who, K street

Time will tell sister

Garth Sullivan
LOL and I feel bad for knowing that but then again I do play fantasy congress
a very public sociologist

U are right the vp don’t really count, but my boy curius said it best, thyey make great attack dogs

Just having fun, I don’t know what he on

Now that’s the slappz I know, great point

The Socialite
My sentiments exactly – I say send her out the country, ambassador to Iraq

sista gp
DNR lol do not recicessitate

Anytime sister – he been around, just not on the side of change

sista gp

There is but only one 12 kyle folks
And yes he is the truth

uNWrItten* said...

true..biden has been in washington for 36years..he voted for the iraq war and is not exactly the change that barack speaks about but on the other hand, if barack picked evan bayh or some other person, there would be talk about the person not having any experience or having too young dudes on the ticket, its a catch-22, he cant win..i think he made the best decision with biden but it definitely reinforces his weakness...its up to barack to work on this...
:) fingers

Marvalus said...

I read somewhere that in order for Barack to get the changes done that he wants to do, he is going to need someone who has been in Washington strapped to him in order to get them done...yes, he has Kennedy but how long is he going to last (let's just be real)?

I don't know much about this Biden dude, but the more I keep reading, the more I think this was a very smart choice...

Sister Girl said...

Nice introspective to ponder on. Michelle Obama's speech was great as so was Edward Kennedy. I'm unsure if I will follow it each night,but I will definately keep tabs on everything.

One love,


Curious said...

Back stabbing Clintons? Say it aint so. I think I've said before I was a Hillary supporter, but to have chosed her as VP would have been a mistake, for her and for Obama.

Obama needs to show the country that he will be his own man with his own ideas. Hill-Bill in the VP office would have undermined or at least compromised the voters thoughts about how effective Obama would be. Plus, I don't really think Hillary wants to be under another man, Bill was hard enough.

As for Biden, does he really bring experience to the ticket, or will he just prove to the undecided that Obama may speak of change but will actually rely on the "Old Guard" for his positions. Will it actually show a lack of real vision on Obama's part because he failed so early to strike out in a new direction?

Anonymous said...

My republican brother called this evening to say, among other things, that he could "understand" why I'd vote for Obama cuz Obama's pro-stem cell research (my wife has health issues). I laughed at him and he said, "It's not that? Then why would you ever vote for him?"

I told him you could take the boy out of Berkeley but you couldn't take the Berkeley out of the boy. And that if anything, Obama's too middle of the road for me, and that what I really wanted was Edwards (well, pre-affair Edwards), someone who really would have gone after the fat cats.

He complained that since I AM one of the fat cats, I should be pro-McCain, but it's hard to see myself as rich when these CEOs are making about 1000 times what I earn.

Sorry to rant. Biden? Meh. I was having a hard time getting excited over anyone on the short list. I'm just glad it wasn't Hillz, since she ran such a mean-spirited campaign.

Anonymous said...

mccain like bob dole back in the day definitely needs to get a dude 'bout half his age to fill in for him when he croaks over-not that i am wishing this on him, but ol' boy looks like he is on his last leg as it is and i'd imagine that being a president is a sure way to take some more years off of one's life ya feel me.

obama made a smart move by puttin' an older bamma at his side that can bring a little experience to the table; very smart move on the part of that brotha.

:::Marcus LANGFORD:::

T.Allen said...

Nothing profound from me today had me with the "cooties"...I'm still laughing.

Tia's Real Talk said...

Well he picked who had the most experience in foreign oils. Can't say I blame him. Just glad it wasn't Hill..she already ran the white house b4..someone else's turn. She might have been tooooo moody and emotional.

Jenteel said...

yeah this was an easy one
we all saw this comin
i don't mind tho
hillary is shady
and politics is dirty anyway
ugh!can't wait till this is over

oh i caught u on the driveby
i have u on my google reader now
keep the thoughts coming!

Eryn said...

I hope Hillary isn't that petty, but I wouldn't be suprised not ONE bit if she does cross the fence. She allowed her campaign to be based on petty ideas AND Bill was still clowning after she was ex-ed out of the race so I really wouldn't be suprised.

msladyDeborah said...

This is my take on the whole shabang.

I read an article that likened Obama's camp to the Thriller in Manila. Flipper is casted as Foreman and Obama as Ali.

Early on in the match Foreman was throwing some serious punches and Ali took them all. He delivered some punches during those early rounds but they did not seem to have major impact. Then after the fifth round, Ali started bringing it. He realized that Foreman had used all of his energy up and had not been successful.

My choice for Veep was Colin Powell. (Yes I am going there). That would of really been quite a pairing. Two black men. One with the knowledge of what lead the nation into war. A true bipartisan ticket.

As far as Hillary is concerned~I have no doubt that she is bitter about the outcome of her bid. I am sure that if I was Michelle, she wouldn't be considered for the number two slot. Especially after her remarks about BK's assassination.

I am not surprised that there has been some shifting done by Obama. Every politican has had to do so just to get the vote. He is already viewed as a radical just because he dared to step up.

As far as the O~State is concerned. This is lil' Dixie outside of the urban areas. So I don't know if Biden will have that much impact on their votes one way or the other. It is pretty ugly here now.

Anonymous said...

I'm with keli--if Obama wins, I can see Hills as Secretary of State. But Hills as Veep? Hells no.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

It still wouldn't surprise me if Hillary defects to the Repubs and runs as McCain's VP. Betcha she's entertained the idea like Dem Joe Lieberman. If she doesn't, it's b/c she can't, 'cause she's ruthless.

Q said...

Okay at McCain choosing a younger white man! Like you said, anybody is younger than his old ass! We need some youth up in "The House"!

no_slappz said...

Hillary is John McCain's biggest secret supporter.

But it is utterly ridiculous to think a sitting Democratic Senator can simply jump to the Republican Party as the running mate of the nominee.

She can switch parties if she chooses. But that's it.

McCain understands Hillary's ambition. His udnerstanding is the reason he's praising her. She has one more chance to run for the presidency -- and that chance arrives in 2012.

If Obama wins in November, her presidential hopes die. She will be out of the picture by 2016.

Melody.Darlene said...

i think that no matter who Obama picked it would cause some sort of hoop-la! cant please everyone!

Anonymous said...

Biden may not have been the best choice, but I feel that Obama decided that he was the best fit for him and would work well with his team. And Raw Dawg, you really should have watched a couple of the speeches from the DNC's opening last night. Some of it was actually very moving. I talk about some of it on my blog. Besides, you should always save yourself from the horrible material that BET has been putting out lately. Take care!

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

Hillary Clinton is a died in the wool DEM! She is ambitious but not CRAZY. She will not jump parties...that is ridiculous!

Again I think Biden is a good choice. I think he is well respected and well recieved on both sides of the aisle. I think he has or atleast garners international/global respect...which means a renewed commitment by european nations to WANT to engage the US.

I appreciate your brand of know I do. But not watching the DNC is like not watching the NBA/NFL playoffs.

Michelle was BRILLIANT and BREATH-TAKING! You are often stating that there are no More Correttas and that she is the modern day Corretta. Well the truth of the matter is that Barack Obama is perhaps the last of the honorable Brothers out there. She compliments his ambitious and intellectual spirit. He chose wisely it is said...but she accepted wisely.

She makes me hopeful of that kind of love. That mature, adult, grown folks, in-it-to-win-it kind of love exists.

I appreciate and even love political discourse and debate. But at the end of this day, with all we are up against, with all we are pressed about. We each have to keep our eyes on the prize.

Do I think Barack Obama is some sort of Saviour?...NO! HELL NO! But he can inspire each of US to take part in managing this country and her assets. You know I am proponent of local Gov't. All everyday decisions are made at the local level. If our legislators on the Federal level are inspiring then I wager that it be so on the regional, state and local levels.

Optimism is beautiful thing.

rainywalker said...

They are all lap dog rooster fish and it gets old after while.

Dione said...

Amen to your thoughts.
Get some good rest on that sofa.
It's the best medicine.
O&Joe? Political survival...

the prisoner's wife said...

I gotta ride with my girl LoveBabz on this one. Joe Biden is a great choice. his record on protecting civil & women's rights is a good fit. His experience is an asset and he's a GREAT attack dog...which is what Obama needs right now.

Hillary is no fool. she knows she can't play herself & try to jump ship, nor would she ever. she's going to support Barak & wait her term (perhaps). in 8 years she will still be younger than JOhn McCain is we can go back to back on this one if the Dems play our cards right. so we shall see...

Garth Sullivan said...

i predict hillary gives obama a full throated endorsement and asks her supporters to vote for obama.

hillary is far more powerful as the senator from NY then she is as VP.

her concession was graceful and I fully expect this one to be graceful.

she may have already given it...

West Coast!

Garth Sullivan said...


delaware allows biden to run for both senate office and vp. if he is elected vp, he will resign his senate post and the governor of DE will appoint someone to fill out his term.

don't ask me why i know that.

[flahy] [blak] [chik] said...

It's better to see Biden as an old white man, go at McCain roughly, white people ain't ready for Obama to get his claws into McCain...

Pimpin' Pens said...

You def demonstrate wisdom in your observations. Cain will be bringing up the Biden support from here on out. I just want to see what both these candidates will do, whoever is elected, once Israel goes hardbody on Iran. U can smell it coming...

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Sryy for making u type so much

I can respect that

Sister Girl
Where u been woman?

It was metaphor and based on the campaign trail LOL. I will keep hope alive but cant a man question?

You a fat cat – lol, glad your brother don’t read my blog. Wish I could seen how u looked at him

LMBAO at older bamma

LOL u always profound l;ike profootball

Tia's Real Talk said
So true, forgot about the oil card

hope u don’t mind madam poet and maybe it should be called Dirty-tics

She proved me wrong burt the DNC wrote that speech, not her folk – she may be sec of state

you know how how I feel about powell and great analogy – me love boxin


Kit (Keep It Trill)
Like Liberman - lol


Now that I be,live slapppz

Tru, but some are better than others, less baggage, more in line with his message, and he still need Virgina

Girl I saw michelle speak a 100 times on CSPAN before end of Jan, I bet I can say what she said – loved her then and still now w/o watching. Besides this single parent had to get up at 6am and cook breakfast for kids and get them to school and open my store – im one of the folks I suspect she talked about

All I am saying that the length of time he has been on them isles is a problem if your mantra is change and GOP will eat him up as well as introduce his son Hayden – K street multi millionare lobbiest into the frey

That’s classic Lap dog rooster fish

My sofa loves me lol

the prisoner's wife
You sound like curious – LOL how have u been

Garth Sullivan
You were correct as usual

Garth Sullivan
Who do u think is on the apptment, short list

(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik]
I know that’s right

Pimpin' Pens
Thanks – u and me both smelling it

Ed said...

Is John Adams still around? Why he must be almost as old as McCain!

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of presidential politics. The American majority is stupid; has been for the past 300 years. White supremacy is so damn sickening. If they pick McCain, then it will confirm my beliefs.

Anonymous said...

You're brave here still talking about politics. I took a politics vacation on my blog. God it was hard!

You know you're in trouble when you start a blog to discuss marriage, divorce, parenting, and relationships... And somebody nominates you for the 2008 Best Politics Blog! LMAO

Unknown said...

Great post as usual!
I think a lot hinges on this statement right here..., "decided to place a revenge vote against Obama for McCain – I hope folk’s aint that petty."
I too pray that folk are not that petty BUT I am not so sure...
We'll see in November.

plez... said...


Obama had to pick either Biden or Clinton (and she'd already backed out)! He couldn't go with Bayh or Kaine (they couldn't deliver anything but an inconsequential swing state that he'll probably win without 'em).

And then there's the issue of Biden's aspirations for President (see 1988 & 2008)... this is his last chance to even get a whiff of sitting in the Oval Office! That dude will learn how to do the "Electric Slide" if Obama tells him to!

As far as being as much of a bore as John Adams, at least Biden has some character. And I doubt he'll be as much of a mismatch as LBJ was with JFK (they probably agree on more than we'll ever know).

Clinton would've made the ticket a slam dunk... but I think she made it abundantly clear that she'll be gunnin' for Obama's ass in 2012 if he even looks like he's dropped the ball!

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...


I feel u too, why cant we just be americans – accepting, kind, productive and loving

I write about that too, and got nominated for politics –go figure

November is just around the corner

I feel ya, but when it came to assuming the COC spot, both Adams and LBJ put it down

KELSO'S NUTS said...

JONES: I'm not sold on Biden, either. Everybody has hit the highnotes already on what's wrong with him: "cooties," "drug warrior," "pro-war," a think-tank foreign policy guy,very inside Washington, very un-diplomatic, reacts to what's popular in
America doesn't anticipate on foreign affairs, a proven loserl, and most of all I'm sure he's a METH TWEAKER!

I also think that he has much more compadre with McCain than with Obama and he will sell Obama out at the first asking.

I don't share your animus towards the Clintons. I like them. I don't think that he HAD to choose her by any means. If he felt he was short in coal country, I would have preferred Rendell. While Biden might relate better than Obama in those districts, Rendell relates much better than Biden. Plus, being Jewish he picks up a couple of points in Florida for Obama.

Rendell also doesn't tie Obama to a lot of the really retrograde views that Biden has like building that Berlin Wall to keep Mexicans out and Americans in. He's not really an ideological guy. He's a local guy. He doesn't have any foreign policy experience to speak of but I can't see how having to deal with AFSCME when the contracts expire would be easier than dealing with Saudis or the Chinese or the Russians.

I think the foreign policy deficiencies in Obama are pure bullshit. Obama gave a very good answer in one of those debates to why hed be good on foreign policy: "BECAUSE IVE LIVED ALL OVER THE WORLD." I believe that counts for a lot more than a seat on a committee and having temps prepare one-page executive summaries of the complex things.

Rendell would have brought something else that no other possible choice had: a common touch combined with a sense of masculinity. The Democrats split the male vote 50/50 in 2006 for the first time in as long as I can remember. The Repubicans, loathe to discuss the wars, made it about "pot, porn and poker." You can't win elections fucking around criticizing men for their vices. Could you ever have imagined Jim Leach losing his seat? He did in 2006 making his campaign all about anti-vice and using the banking system as extra cops.

I don't see why Rendell wouldn't have helped Obama get 60% of the male vote in the blue states and 55% of the male vote in the border states.

He would have been way better at attacking McCain than Biden will be. Biden and McCain have a long-standing friedship. Rendell and McCain don't know each other. Biden is a bit of a paper tiger. Rendell would SCARE him in any argument.

There are lots of understandable reasons why they didn't take him. I have no idea how he got along with Obama. Could have been a personality conflict. Rendell also has a very strong Philly accent. Now, I don't mind his accent because I'm from the Northeast which has a mish-mash of all kinds of accents. I can understand how off-putting a Philly accent might be to most of fly-over country Whites.

Besides, the Republicans would have gotten a lot of mileage out of making them into the BARNES & CASTELLANO show. I could see him testing badly with Mr and Mrs Flagpin and Obama and Rendell together testing REALLY badly. African-American running with a Jew wouldn't look so wonderful either to the idiots.

Still you could have locked down PA, OH, WVA and been competitive in FL with Rendell.

Biden's going to have to show me a lot before I can suspend my disbelief.

Curious said...

@ Kelso,

I don't know about people hearing Philly in Rendell and not accepting him because of it. In fact I still hear a lot of New York in him and sometimes there's even a little Mayor Koch in him.

Rendell would have been the worst choice for Obama to have made. Rendell has been the Philly DA, mayor and now govenor of PA. He has been to long his own man to be second under anyone. He would never accept that kind of position and most people, at least in this region would know he couldn't operate in that kind of situation.

Plus as mayor, he broke the city unions during negotions and as a Democrat that would erode much of the support that Obama would get from states like Michigan and Ohio where unions are considered almost sacred.

Even in PA, Rendell is still considered a New York Jew carpet bagger and not liked that much, but he is better than anyone else the Republicans or even the Democrats have put up against him including Sen. Casey. No, if he is going to run for anything it will always be for the top job and on his own terms, anything else would be a liability for himself and anyone else concerned.

no_slappz said...

Biden was picked for a few reasons that include a background with personal tragedies and worries that meant to offset and neutralize those features in McCain's life that define him.

Biden lost a wife and child in a car accident in 1972. His pain is as untouchable as McCain's torture during his POW experience.

Biden's son Beau is about to deploy to Iraq. He's not in a combat unit, but he's going to Iraq, nonetheless. Meanwhile, McCain's son is in the Marine Corps and went to Iraq earlier this year.

Thus, both Biden and McCain are worried parents.

This equivalence was made crystal clear when Beau Biden spoke at the convention.

Meanwhile, I remain curious about Joe Biden's draft status during the Vietnam War. He is within the age range for the Vietnam draft. Presumably he took advantage of the same deferments that allowed Cheney to remain out of uniform.

The Biden biography suggests he was a good athlete as a young guy, thus it's unlikely he failed his draft physical. Moreover, it seems reporters have let this issue drop.

Has any reporter asked him what kept him out of the draft? Even Edwards was asked about his draft status. He was simply too young for the Vietnam draft. But not Biden.

no_slappz said...

garth, you wrote:

"delaware allows biden to run for both senate office and vp. if he is elected vp, he will resign his senate post and the governor of DE will appoint someone to fill out his term."

Your comment does not answer the question.

If he really believed he and Obama were going to win, he would withdraw from the Delaware Senate race and open the door to his successor now, rather than undermining the election process by resigning his Senate seat if he becomes VP.

It's fine with me if he chooses to hedge his bets by having his name on two ballots. But, giving up his Senate seat while running for VP is a fitting end to a 35-year Senate career. If he and Obama lose, he'll make a lot of money in a post-Senate career.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

@ CURIOUS: IN terms of style, You could compare Rendell to Mario Cuomo or Andrew Cuomo or Hugh Carey or if you wanted to be cynical about it, to Stanley Friedman, Donald Manes, or Marty Markowitz. I'd buy. But Ed Koch? The foregoing were or are rough characters personally. Koch was a Nero or Marie Antoinette figure. Kind of above it all, playing to a middle-class, upper-middle class and suburban (!) base. He was basically a bond salesman who wooed clients with Broadway instead of sports.

I'll state it flat out that I used the AFSCME example in order to find something GOOD in that. Rendell for better or worse has always been more John Street than Frank Rizzo.

I've got AFL-CIO throughout both sides of my family: AFT, Cabdrivers', and Teamsters. My civil libertarianism and even my free-market views are informed by an old school anarcho-sindicalist perspective learned from relatives.

It's hard to square the circle on this (I'll do it on my site, I guess because it's an interesting topic). I find I hold pro-labor and pro-business views at the same time for that reason. The idea is basically this. At some point even the most avaricious capitalist says "enough." I'm not avaricious. I believe that a good businessperson needn't be a pig. If you're smart and can hustle, there's always enough to go around and unions provide another testing ground to ensure high quality professional labor. This is the European model and it works. And not only in Europe. So, I have no argument with you on that score.

But you seem to be criticizing Rendell's lack of progressivism. No argument. He's a pragmatist, not a progressive. Obama was never considering any progressives because he can't. He himself is not a progressive. He's not pro-labor. We're lucky he's pro-business and not that other weird ideology the Republicans practice. And progressivism doesn't play nationally, besides.

I was limiting myself to the choices that we're at points listed at odds of 10/1 or lower in the cash market. None of these were progressive. If this was an absolute and not relative exercise, I have a long list of favorites I'd have Obama pick (alphabetically): Barney Frank, Russ Feingold, Raul Grijalva, Rush Holt, Barbara Lee, John Lewis, Dennis Kucinich, Jim McDermott, Maxine Waters, or Bob Wexler. None of those could ever be an American VP.

So, I was looking for an alternative to HRC who Obama did not want who did not bring Biden's REGRESSIVISM to the ticket.

I had forgotten Wesley Clark who would have been great many of the same reasons as Rendell. In Clark however you run into the same "Jew carpetbagger" problem. And once that argument, that way, in in play, pin a medal on McCain and make the Republican party the RULING party because their work is done. Once the concept of "Jew" is a negative in the Democratic Party, it's over. There's no place in the Republican Party for Jewish people except the most nutty neo-cons, so what happens? Less and less money for Christian Democrats White and Black and more and more money for Capital L Libertarians and Greens.

One possibility is a Christian Democratic party then joining the Republicans to form one big party. The opposition would then be a coalition of Greens, Libertarians, populists, Aryan separatists, the Nation of Islam, and intellectuals of all stripe setting aside differences and forming a coalition of convenience and safety in opposition. Not a bad idea but very hard to pull off.

Fortunately, it will never come to that because of the nature of capitalism. It creates efficiency at the price of also creating elites. But the elites GET IT! Louis Farrakhan for example can carry on however he likes with his minions. The man himself is very much NOT an anti-semite, he's merely anti-Zionist. So am I. And I can assure you that Farrakhan has more in common with his good friend, Felix Rohatyn, a wealthy Jewish financier,than he does with any of his flock.

I happen to like those elements of Farrakhan, those that are both about bringing up his faithful while pursuing necessary relationships with powerful people outside the flock who can help, some of whose goals intersect with those of Farrakhan.

I'd like to tell you differently. That shared values and community are what it's about, but I cannot. I have seen power up close and that's how it is. When I was in the finance business actively, I could always hang out with Arab arisocrats. Average Arab people did not have that privilege because they did not speak the language that Arab aristocrats enjoy speaking: money.

You make two excellent points against Rendell, however.

1) His dealings with AFSCME in Philadelphia may have produced a general trade union bias against him which could very well have shown up in testing Obama's camp did in coal country. They are careful enough to do their homework on these things most of the time. If there was any weakness in Rendell's numbers there, Obama was wise to pass him.

2) Rendell's executive experience and nature making him unsuited to be #2. I think that's true. In an Obama administration, Rendell would not have a foreign policy role. Domestically, Obama and Rendell are both on the same page. So, I didn't see long drawn out arguments over domestic policy. So, Obama could easily neutralize his controlling instincts by giving him an area of policy to control, much like Clinton did with Gore and Russia. Obama could handle Rendell's bossiness the way mellow bosses handle bossy subordinates: give him a clipboard and a whistle and send him on assignment!

Obama would have had the same problems with any of the other possible choices, Biden especially. Only Clark, Kaine and Richardson could be depended on unconditional support, I think.

Gallington Press said...

Hahahaha (Chemo-Cain), you wrong for what do you think ofSarah Palin? Oh, have I ever told you that your babies are absolutely adorable!?!

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