Thursday, August 28, 2008

take that with ya

Just wanted to say, no politics for a while from Jones. It has made me neglect science, history and economics. Thus why I refer to it frequently as many (poly) Tricks.

But I just want us to take a brief flicker in our busy video watching, fast food consuming and fronting for the general public days to close our eyes and honor that day jones said I HAVE A DREAM. Yep 45 years ago on this day, in Washington DC, our folks put it down. And when I say our folks, I mean our folks. Not just African Americans, but whites, Jews, male, female Asians, republic, democrats, independents families and single folk.

Strange thing is that I know the DNC rigged this day for your BO to accept his nomination. Back then, even with all of the previous marches and protest and sit ins across the South that were none violent, the media played it to the world as if the sky was falling – lord knows what’s gone happen when 100 stacks plus of black folk convene in one place, in particular the nation’s capital.

So they canceled major league baseball games – two of them, because the folks leaving the Washington Senator’s game may get mixed up in the fray and hurt when they run into throngs of black folk. They stocked up on Plasma and closed all liquor stores for 100 thousand plus black folks were bound to riot and folks would need blood and plasma after the beat downs from twelve (police); and of course, we don’t’ want to sell the black folk any liquor, it will make them savage. The media also reminded women to stay inside and lock their doors, for they would less likely to be raped.

So just a few seconds, to thank folk who put it down for you to buy a 100 pair of tennis shoes, go to movies, use a single rest room regardless of color. Just a few seconds for those who read and helped their kids with their homework daily, cooked daily, and if had too, would walk to school miles and never miss a day or complain that the work or classes were to hard. For folks who sacrificed and saved for the betterment of thier families and communities.

Tip your hat, and be mindful, that Mile-High Stadium holds 75K, and that it is open air, and that my favorite Rifle is the SKS (See cover of my book), and that it has a 3 mile range, and fires the 7.62.

I hope all are safe out that camp. So I say b safe BO outside ion Denver and a few seconds to our folk for these 45 years since, and take that with ya. Vote


Lina said...

I can definitely dig that history lesson, sir. Hmmp...we have come so far and still have a long way to go.

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

I am so taking this with me. The sentiments are not lost on me. The timing isn't lost on me. It is for me an amazing time.

Yes of course I am mindful of all the challenges right now and ahead. I am mindful of folks under seige here in America. Poor access to health care, low paying jobs, high incarceration rates. I am aware. I am part of the solution and part of the problem.

Yes, I am taking this with me and I am moving forward. I am thinking about MLK and what that day meant and what it means right now, both as a dreamer and activist and mother, and friend.

Thanks for a different type of reminder.

heather said...

cheeks and i discussed this a bit yesterday.
it's a step. one at a time, we'll get there.

Anonymous said...

Its all a game for them.

The Show!

Coordinating this event with MLKjr's greatest speech is a bogus example of the same bullshit actions the DNC has always carried out.

Personally, it is offensive to me because O is not worthy of lacing up MLKjr's sandals.

He is black.

The only similarity, in my mind.

Sorry for my negativity, but I am not falling for the hype and the mirage.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...


Well said

wish more folks followed history

I agree thus i said they RIGGED THIS

Kofi said...

I'm content he's made it this far. Just like everything else, however, actions speak louder than words.

Unknown said...

I didn't realize the actions taken surrounding MLK's speech. Thanx for sharing this perspective of OURstory. re: Barack. Give the brother his due. He has gone farther in the political realm towards making MLK's dream a reality than any other American. I hope he rocks our socks with his speech tonight...

Charece said...

I'll definately take that with me!

Keli said...

You know...I said that the Mile High idea is a security nightmare...I pray all is well at the end of the night.

There is a reason Obama will be selecting his nomination on this day...he has really tried to align himself with Dr. King during his campaign.

Kim said...

I can appreciate the timing - two historic events, from two outstanding African-American proponents of change, taking place on the same day - 45 years apart.

I join you in asking Barack Obama to be safe - but I add be strong, prolific, and just ridiculously cool.

Unknown said...

Let's pray for his (Obama's) safety and the safety of all folk.

Miss Lovely said...

wow..thanks for that because I had no idea

Anonymous said...

And BTW, that photo is the old Mile High Stadium.

Trust, there's gonna be security up the wazoo. Anything happens to BHO, I'm instantly suspecting inside job. But I pray nothing happens.

Thanks for taking us back. I was only 3 when MLK made that speech.

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Good Post. When I look at where we are now as compared to the past, its sickening.

Suzy said...

Great post. I feel you at the end... I get nervous every time I see Barack in a "vulnerable" position. My heart would like to believe that we've come a long ways since MLK, but my head says otherwise. There's still some real crazy MoFo's out there who would be glad to take him out. I pray for the best, but sadly I think those 3 knuckleheads they arrested for an attempt were just the beginning. I just hope secret service knows he's a bigger target and steps up their guard... and that Barack isn't just trusting SS for his safety, either. Always keep 1 eye open as far as gov't's concerned.

CCG said...

THANXXX Again 4 the JEWELS!!!

MP said...

ironically today i hate white people and the media.

Kitty said...

I agree. It was totally planned to be on this particular day. Do they think they're slick? and he's already had assassination plots against him. It's too dangerous. Is this a setup?

NoRegrets said...

I wish I could have been there... I'm trying to think of who would compare right now... wondering if Obama will.

kayellejaye said...

God bless him...and the rest of us.

Hawa Bond said...

All of us have a part to play. And although 'Barack may not be worthy of lacing MLK's sandals,' he represents the kind of dream that MLK spoke about.

All politics (polytricks hehe) is a show. But Barack played the game as a Black man and somehow made it around the board. (He has a few more laps to go.) I'm still curious why people, Blacks in particular, want to minimize that feat.

Hawa, author of
Fackin Truth Blog (Personal Blog)
Cleanse Master Remix (Health Blog)

Anonymous said...


Miz Cheekz said...

good one. thanks. although i'm NOT feeling how they have tied Obama in w/MLK, sometimes yung folk need to be reminded of significant historical events like this.

Anonymous said...

GREAT POST Torrance!!!!

"Just a few seconds for those who read and helped their kids with their homework daily, cooked daily, and if had too, would walk to school miles and never miss a day or complain that the work or classes were to hard. For folks who sacrificed and saved for the betterment of thier families and communities."

AMEN!I really felt you on this one... totally touched me.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

At least the sky is blue and clear, dispelling the notion for the loonies who prayed for the day to be hit with rain of biblical proportions to prove that he should not be elected. OMG, they're such racist idiots.

They should compare his policies to McCain's to prove their points instead of that nonsense. Ha-ha, they can't do this on anything except their pro-life issue.

Anyway, good post.

SjP said...

If history has taught us anything, its taught us that.... {GF II}

Let's keep him in our prayers...

Anonymous said...


Still Patrice said...

great post... i always learn something when i come here

Sista GP said...

I do not have the impression that Barack Obama has aligned or compares himself with MLK Jr., I see him more as a product of MLK Jr.'s efforts.

a.eye said...

Thanks for adding that bit of history of what was going on behind the scenes of the march.

When I teach (even when I don't teach that part of history) I always make sure my students understand what was going on in society as they were trying to peacefully gather - the fear, the hate, the ignorance.

Hopefully I help them see a different picture of history in what I am able to share, and hopefully you are doing the same thing. Even though the speech is now seen as memorable and moving and just straight up touching, there was a lot of stuff going on that did not make a lot of people at the time conducive to hear the message. The next day, many people did not initially even mention the speech.

I don't really see Sen Obama trying to compare himself to MLK Jr. I think that other people are trying to do that, though.

msladyDeborah said...

I was 9 years old when this speech was delivered by MLK.

It was one of the most important days of our lives as American Negroes. (Yes, I am going there because that is how it was)

I look around in our communities now and cannot help but to wonder where did we make the U turn away from ourselves?

I grew up in a community where the mantra was: You are a member of the race and it is your responsibility to represent us well."

That meant getting an education and achieving the firsts that we needed to do. We took care of each other and we supported what was important and pro-us.

I grew up in a Race household. If you were not about the business of advancement and respect for who we were as a people, you were not our kind of people.

Now here it is 45 years later. (Is that possible?) It seems like yesterday in my memories.

I am glad that I am a living witness to the unfolding chapter of our story in America. Believe me when I tell you this, I was not sure that I would live long enough to see a black man or woman stand before the nation as a contender for the POTUS.

It feels good.

One of the wee folks in my class blew me away the other day. My co-teacher spoke to him and greeted him by his given name. The little brother announced, "That is not my name any more, I'm Barack Obama!"

He is three years old. And when I asked if he knew who Barack was, he told me the 411 with a big smile on his face.

No matter what we think about Barack or the state of American politics. He is having an impact that our babies really need. Someone who looks like us and is doing something positive with their life.

It would be interesting to know what MLK would think about this moment. At best all we can do is speculate on what would be his thoughts. But, I believe that he would be thrilled to see that a portion of his vision for this nation is manifesting itself.

Unknown said...

As far as some criticizing the day the DNC chose for Sen. Obama to deliver his acceptance speech..I ask What day is a good day?

Waiting for Zufan! said...

Did you watch the speech? He is so great, that Obama, and I'm hoping you are going to end up a supporter, too.

I put a new video in my sidebar -- you may have seen it elsewhere already -- but the guy in the white t-shirt with the long dreads dancing around in the middle of it reminded me of you.

Tera said...

Love the keep me so in tune ;-)

I know you're staying away from politics for a while, but what do you think of McCain's pick for running mate??? Just determined to get the women who were going to vote for Hill huh?

James Tubman said...

didnt even know the march happened today

thanx for the reminder

PrettyBlack said...

Aren't you the one who told me to not think like that about Obama? Now I'm telling you the same thing.

Missed you man...I'm back from my vacay's and ready to join the party again.

Authentic Educator said...

Hi! Very interesting and insightful posts here. Thanks for stopping by my page and I'll definitely be back. Hopefully you have time to clean???? :)

Ms. Jackson said...

The campaign often tries to invoke the memory and spirit of Lincoln, Kennedy, and Dr. King. I'm glad everything at Ivesco went well, but I do often worry about his safety.

I was lucky enough to hear the speach in person. Check out my post on it.

RiPPa said...

Bro, I was worried about the snipers out there. In my mind, as I watched this event on TV, I knew anything was possible.

no_slappz said...

torrance, you wrote:

"...because the folks leaving the Washington Senator’s game may get mixed up in the fray and hurt when they run into throngs of black folk. They stocked up on Plasma and closed all liquor stores for 100 thousand plus black folks were bound to riot and folks would need blood and plasma after the beat downs from twelve (police); and of course, we don’t’ want to sell the black folk any liquor, it will make them savage. The media also reminded women to stay inside and lock their doors, for they would less likely to be raped."

Are you saying blacks have never rioted? Watts, Detroit, NYC in '77, South Central, Crown Heights, etc.?

You wrote:

"Tip your hat, and be mindful, that Mile-High Stadium holds 75K, and that it is open air, and that my favorite Rifle is the SKS and that it has a 3 mile range, and fires the 7.62."

The idea that the chance to assassinate Obama at Mile High would arise and that someone would take that chance is beyond silly.

First, only white politicians are shot in the US. True, MLK and other civil rights leaders have been shot. But none were politicians. Obviously the future may depart from the past. But that's how things have been.

Second, if someone were to attempt the unthinkable, it would not happen in the stadium where it would be impossible for a shooter to aim and fire.

Shooters must either walk up to the victim and stick a handgun in his gut or shoot from a remote spot that permits careful aiming of a rifle. Neither option was available at the stadium.

Anonymous said...

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