Saturday, August 30, 2008

sarah got a gun

I want to say the same week I wrote that Barack Obama should select Collin Powell for VP (back in April); I wrote that McCain should Pick Sarah Palin. But I did not publish it. When I suggested to folk that Obama may loose in November, they hated and said that I was not optimistic, and that such was fatuous. All I was saying was be practical, and except probability and chance AS what it is. I added that I don’t expect to get a flat, but I do have a spare.

I just figured that black folks were just so excited that we got happy go lucky and just knew his victory would be a certainty in November. Not to mention that we were not being very pragmatic. Then after I heard Jones speech, I was even more troubled when I knew that it did little in attempting to persuade the 20% I have been referencing in the last three posts to vote for him. So I lied, but I want to reinforce what I said about this 20 percent in the last three posts. These folk let me tell ya. They focus on one point as being more important than all other issues, maybe abortion or gay rights. They feel that Hillary makes or made a better speech. They feel that Barack is a speech only person. They feel that because a man gets his plane shot down that it makes him more knowledgeable on war or issues of war. They feel that his words are merely poetic rhetoric and that he just a great speaker. They hear him and think he is just going to spend more money and that he is anti-rich. They will say they will write in Mitt Romney or Bob Barr (which benefits Barack). Or that they hear promises, and don't hear sound fiscal ideas behind the words. This makes the Palin choice both entertaining and interesting.

Albeit the choice of one man, it is reckless. He say we need to get to know slim but jones done met her just once himself - LOL. But I aint mad and even like a woman that hunt and fish (Babz take note). Historically as we know, married women tend to vote conservative and she will give McCain what he has been missing – enthusiasm. She teaches creationism in Alaska school and endorsed Pat Buchanan in 2000. So it was a choice made on getting elected, not experience, albeit some will say she has a good record, all that 2 years can proffer. LMBAO. She will give him a bump with 2nd amendment advocates because gun owners dont have no love for McCain and she may even provide some vigor to what was his lethargic base. The her son is about to head off to the battle front shortly and thats a good look for any canidate these days.

She will be expected to assume the presidency if McCain wins; a man that has had cancer four times. And again, these two folk barely know each other – can you say senile. To me it’s basically like picking Tom Cruise because he can get box office draw – not a very talented actor at all. Stated simply, she is a woman, a white woman, supporter of gun rights and anti-abortion. Jones mane, please show your folk here you can think, leave the emotion alone, it don’t count in the voting booth, be objective and pragmatic – act like you can think. Cause yawl (the front runners) scaring the fuck out of jones here mane.


Anonymous said...

I am surprised PETA has not seen or said anything about this. You know how fanatical they are.

paisley said...

as you know i am apolitical,, but am i the only one that thinks someone cut and pasted her face to that body on the vogue cover???

Keli said...

Well her two year record as gov in probably just as relevant as all of the success Obama has been touting as a IL State senator (not US Senator)...I don't even know if some realize the difference (oh, is that wrong of me)...the GOP can also counter that argument with the presidency of a young gov from AR...

I think the VP debates will be interesting...Biden will rip her a new one, and the emotional voters will strongly sympathize with her.

You know...I am not happy with the democratic ticket...but McCain is not even an option for me...I just gotta work with what I I guess that means Barack...hopefully he will assemble a tight azz cabinet.

Curious said...

No emotion? That's what elections are all about. Why do think "W" got in twice or least once if you count the 1st time as a miscount.

McCain just made this election interesting again. Before, he could only have won if Obama lost. Now he takes away the youth and vigor argument. He neutralizes the "old guard" argument with someone not from Washington with no real record for people to use against her. He waters down the argument for "change" by bringing in someone who is not the usual old white man to high office. He brings in those people who will vote on their emotional need to have a woman, any woman in the White House. He helps solidify the Conservatives behind him because of her stance on guns and abortion. He may even sway the Independents his way because of her reluctance to keep running the Republican Party line.

Senile? No, I don't think so. I think his pick is genius and if I wore a hat, it would be off to him. He has within a day deflated much of bounce that the Obama/Biden campaign just received.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

I don't think Obama has to do much now. He can sit back and watch the Republicans implode of their own stupidity. If McCain was thinking strategically, he would have chosen Romney. It would have excited the right wing. It would have shored his big weakness-- okay, his biggest weakness-- which is the fact that he is completely ignorant on anything having to do with the economy.

Apparently, he didn't get the memo that all the flap about Hillary supporters on the fence was by and large manufactured to keep talk-show ratings high. Just hype. So he chooses this woman to take away Hillary supporters who have already been won over by Obama and are doing what Hillary told them to do-- vote for Barack.

McCain just gave Obama the election. Fool.

Anonymous said...

This was such a bone-headed move to secure the Christian and woman vote that it will likely work.

Americans are, by and large, stupid asses, if they go for this shit.


is it possible that the Corporate Entities in control have wanted this truly stupendously dumb selection because they know Mr Obama is in their pocket and want to insure he gets the victory?

I'm just sayin'...

no_slappz said...

This campaign is herewith defined by INEXPERIENCE.

It has become a contest in which voters will decide which party has the team with the Least Experience.

When Obama took the lead in the primaries, it was clear the Democrats were way way out in front on the Inexperience front.

But the Republicans, with Palin's candidacy, have challenged the Democrats with a clever response.

Democrats first thought they'd slip one past voters by offering a candidate who is half black and half white, thereby providing a candidate capable of appealing to the leading races in America. Of course, if Dems had wanted to balance things more accurately, their nominee should have been less black and more white. But a candidate with the perfect racial background is always hard to find, and harder to nominate.

However, Dems did jump into the lead by giving voters someone with ZERO experience. Clearly, some people are gnashing their teeth, and saying, damn, why didn't we get half-white, half-balck WOMAN to run?

With Palin, Republicans have Dems beat on the female side. And let's get serious, of all the potential female candidates in the US, which one would we all like to see at the beach? Hillary? In a special pants-suit bathing suit? No thank you.

Sarah Palin looks a like woman who can put the "vice" in vice presidency. Moreover, she can shoot a rifle, clean a fish and lead Americans to more oil reserves in Alaska while getting oil companies to cough up a fair share of revenue to citizens.

Her Inexperience beats Obama's Inexperience by a mile.

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

There is a difference between having a spare, not having a spare, and keeping your spare in the backseat instead of your trunk because you don't trust the tires you are Rollin on.

Could Obama lose, for sure, history dictates that.Do we get to pull out a spare in the voting booth or post election if he looses? Pregnant Chad and recount come to mind, but if you ride that shit till the wheels fall off you give your time your energy and your money and your all if you've got it, towards and for the desired outcome.

The cynics and pessimists will always try to call themselves realists and the dreamers the ones set to light the world aflame. Time and time again polls show that Baby Boomers in the black community are too cynical to give Obama their full support....well good thing we aren't all baby boomers!

Anonymous said...

As a reformed republican and current Independent, I don't understand why so many think his choice was brilliant. I certainly don't understand it as a woman. Has he not actually met the good ol' boys in the GOP? They do not want some woman to overstep her boundaries..she belongs in the kitchen, don'tcha know. Even the Southern Baptist Conference has decided that women should be seen and not heard lately. That's one of the many reasons that Jimmy Carter left the SBC. As I mentioned before, I know MANY people who would vote for a black man before they'd vote for any woman. Even members of my family, who have in the past said they'd never vote for a black man, now say they won't vote for a woman because they don't want some PMSing, hormonal mess running the country. Yeah, I'm still not sure how I could be related to these people, but still...these are things I've heard them say.

I think McCain is trying to win over the disgruntled Clinton supporters by choosing a woman. However, Clinton supporters are not ultra-conservative. They do not support the move to recall Roe v. Wade, which is what McC and what's-her-name say they want. I hope that women are smarter than that. I hope they aren't swayed by the fact that she has ovaries, 'cause that's where the similarity between her and Clinton end. I hope they believe her when she says she's just a hockey mom, which means she's not qualified to run the country.

blackstar said...

oooh anonymous has a point - PETA I'm sure will come around with something especially after seeing all these animals that woman has posed with.

Personally, I believe Obama is in a good place right now as well. Mccain is a breath away from death (oka.... harsh), but are we prepared for his VP to assume the role of President? Hell to the no. She may be suitable for gov of ALASKA, which has no issues that big states/cities deal with; she is similar to Mccain - she doesn't get it. I'm done.

blackstar said...

Wait - one last thing..
If this is Mccain's attempt to sway Hillary voters - it SHOULDN'T work.

but it may....
Here's the thing: in agreeance with what BuelahMan stated, most Americans are mad dumb. We don't look at issues; we roll off of feelings. Right now, every woman who was supposed to be reached after to follow Mccain should feel like he's questioning their intelligence. She is nothing even similar to Hillary and any supporter of HC, should recognize that if/when they make the switch.
OKay - I'm finished forreal.

Anonymous said...

It is unbelievably transparent what McCain is trying to do but, like many have said, it has a chance of succeeding; people are stupid. Large, huge, numbers of people are stupid. I feel like this election is more bullshit based than ever and it's really disillusioning to watch.

KaNisa said...

From the great Calvin and Hobbes:

"I kind of resent the manufacturer's implicit assumption that this would amuse me"


"Isn't it sad how some people's grip on their lives is so precarious that they'll embrace any preposterous delusion rather than face an occasional bleak truth?""

Cassia L Rainne said...

McCain made have deflated some of the hype and attention on the Obama/Biden flow, but's isn't like he's getting all of this wonderful press about it. The views are severely mixed and even lean a bit towards the "what was he thinking" side.

He's trying to win Hillary voters with a woman that is Hillary's opposite in every way...OH except that they are both women...that's it and if THAT is enough to win McCain the presidency then he can have it and I will move to another country.

Anonymous said...

Here's the view from North of the Border.

The U.S. is the electorate who voted in GWB not once (which may have been excusable) but twice. The part of me that is a bleeding heart liberal, hopes Obama gets elected. It's up to the Democrats to mobilize their votes. And I'm a bit cynical.

I just hope this insanity of a GoP ticket is enough to make people thing twice and do the right thing. Usually, I'm disappointed.

(I love your blog but I'm usually too chicken to comment.)

JayBee said...

with the recent move and work load i haven't been able to follow a whole lot about what's happening on the political front. i understand that a woman has been selected as mccain's vice presidential running mate and that's where it stops for me. as soon as i get up and flowing with internet and cable i'll be ready to make an argument and contribute to this discourse. in the iterim, i hope business is going well.

Kellybelle said...

This mess is Hillary's fault. She is the only reason this token XX is on the ticket.

So Hillary needs to step up and be the woman she says she is. While Palin is shooting moose, Hillary needs to talk about guns and what they can do to a child. While Palin is extolling the virtues of creationism and homeschooling, Hillary needs to talk about education and how we're leaving children behind and getting beat by other nations in education. While Palin is painting Roe v. Wade as the greatest sin there ever was, Hillary needs to remind these young girls of what a coat hanger used to be used for.

But she won't.

Cassia L Rainne said...

She better Kellybelle. If she believes what she said during the convention that if her supporters were in it for the fact of being democratic and not so much for Hillary then they won't fall for this and she won't fail to show her supporters what a smoke screen this Palin crap is.

Unknown said...

I think this was a very calculated, well thought out, and strategic move for McCain! We have to give honor where honor is due! Like it or not this was a pretty slick move! Whether it works still remains to be seen.
But all of those heart broken, feminists, disgruntled, hillary stans are the target here.

All those who want a little bit of change (a female vp isn't so bad...) versus those who want extreme change (a black man as commander & chief) are the target here.

Mothers of children with disabilities are the target here because Superwoman Sarah has a child with Downs syndrome.

And those who are into politics on a very basic level (they want a woman up there, well Sarah is a woman; they want experience, well she was a Mayor & a Governor, Barack has not been either of those, so she has some top level experience...) are the target here.

But a deeper level of politics will show that Sarah is a woman who is very much PRO-LIFE and very much ANTI-CHOICE, feminists need to be made aware of this.
She was a mayor of a small town and a Governor for less than two years both to very small populations of people.

The republicans want to make a buzz, stir the pot and they have! Let us not forget that whether Sarah has experience or not she is not running for President, her and Barack cant be equally compared because they are not on the same playing field.
The Dems WILL LOOSE this election if they sit back and think that they got it in the bag, if they get slow, sloppy, and complacent!

Now is the time and more important then ever to get out there and make sure folk are registered to vote, make sure that folk realize that the republicans, both McCain & Palin are very Anti-Choice. Now is the time to drive home the point that Obama may be less experienced but he has help in the VP, the cabinet, etc. Make sure people remember that Clinton started out with no experience and did pretty well for a couple of years!

Our work has just begun if we want to claim democratic victory in November!!

Sorry for the long rant T, but folk are working my nerve!!

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

Kellybee just made me stand up and applaud in my living room!

Anonymous said...

Kellybelle, you are 100% right! So perfectly said!

Maybe we should start writing to Hillary to let her know that she still has a BIG responsibility to meet, and still be effective in bringing about positive change in this nation. She needs to step up and in a big, loud, public way!

Anonymous said...

i agree with kelleybelle too. this is the only way i see palin being smoked, if hilary lights her ass on fire. please go to town on this one hilary please?

jones, mane, you said "leave the emotion alone, it don’t count in the voting booth"

i 100% agree! i cannot tell you how many ppl i know that are going to vote this way. that's why i like to separate my religion and my politics.

Sista GP said...

Maybe it is my upbringing or just being a mother that I cannot fathom why a woman with a young child, especially one with special needs, would take on the load of VP with the potential of becoming Pres.
Being a Pro-Lifer, I would expect Palin to be pro-family with the needs of the family being priority.
I am not being anti-feminist saying that a mother should not take on this position, but young children would benefit of having their mother involved in their daily lives. As VP, should would not have the necessary time to spend with the infant.

Anonymous said...

Something is rotten in Denmark...or should I say Alaska. And that's all I got to say about that!

12kyle said...

Brutha Raw...had to get in on this classroom discussion but I did a lil research. I think Obama will win b/c of the huge turnout amongst black folks. In many ways...history will repeat itself.

60s years ago blacks made a difference in the election. Here’s why 2008 is a lot like the 1948 election where blacks were the reason Harry S. Truman won the election. Today African Americans could deliver the surprise electoral college votes from Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. But, notice there’s no huge talk about getting blacks to register and to vote early either absentee or early voting or vote on election day in these states.

The Civil Rights platform helped Harry S. Truman win large majorities among black voters in the populous Northern and Midwestern states, where many blacks could vote. Where the majority of blacks lived in the Southern states they prevented the right to vote by Jim Crow. Blacks made the difference for Harry Truman in states such as Illinois and Ohio where black turnout was high in Cleveland and Chicago. I see history repeating itself. Obama wins. It'll be close...but not that close when it's all said and done.

Anonymous said...

@ paisley

as a fashion connoisseur, i was thinking the same exact thing! her head is too damn big for that body. lol. and i was surprised she let dress her in that too.

Unknown said...

interesting post... both of them are old...and Tom is crazy.

rainywalker said...

You have the crystal ball Raw Dawg. Are those 44"s or is she 44 years old? Lets face it she sure doesn't have any experience and I believe most are going to see through this. Her career is now shot!

KELSO'S NUTS said...

JONES: As your twin and as someone who has never failed to be skeptical of Obama nor has failed to call anyone out who I felt had chosen the wrong targets in Bill and Hillary Clinton, I think I have some carry on this.

I went into the thing disliking Obama because I resented what I thought to be a very lecturing and hectoring speech in 2004. I hated his close ties to Lieberman to the point of his campaigning with Lieberman in CT in the general against the anti-war Lamont. I disliked him playing fast and loose with White Fundie issues like Terry Schiavo and abortion. I disliked him for INDEED changing his mind from anti-war to pro-war to anti-war to guess-so. That was the "fairy tale" Bill Clinton was referring to, btw.

I have never liked his also playing fast and loose with Extremist Evangelism and his views on the criminal justice system are 100% CRACKER with a capital "C". And I have always hated the cult of personality.

You know the candidates I really preferred, Paul, Kucinich and later Clinton

I have been frustrated by Obama's lack of interest in the economy because that's certainly something I would have emphasized against someone as dim as McCain with all of the firepower Obama has as advisors: Soros, Voelcker, Mankiw, Blinder.

His nadir was that wretched decisio to go to Rick Warren's extremist evangelical debate which HE LOST to McCain.

He's on the way back up top again with a brilliantly managed convention and a great speech which had no religion or lecturing in it but instead had more specifics.

I agree that laundry list of tax cuts if enacted would need a lot more than Obama finding bureaucratic inefficiences to cut. It's bullshit. He won't do it and the response was lame.

I know he wants to win bad and doesnt want to take too many risks. He knows that war, incarceration, and the death penalty are extraordinaly popular with Americans so he can't connect what he COULD do to finance his giveaways: get the troops out of Iraq, fire the mercenaries, get rid of the military off-budget expenditures, rationalize the DHS and DoD budgets and change federal law enforcement priorities to FEDERAL issues like domestic terrorism, bank robberies, and interstate fraud.

Obama knows all this. He wouldn't be in this position if he weren't an astute pol, though. The USA isn't ready for a "Ron Paul Budget". Obama's getaway speech was not the place to test it.

I'm optimistic, though.

Anonymous said...

Agreed this is a play to draw in the PUMA's estrogenicidal psycho-b's but just because Sarah has ovaries doesn't mean pissed off Hill-folk are going to throw down for her. I am not comfortable with sitting back waiting for the meltdown when it's looking very easy to toss a few bottle bombs on this tundra fire that is McCain's latest show of horriffic judgement. Can you say checkered leisure suit avec striped hat John ? No way can the good guys hope McSame circles the drain. He needs some liquid plumber and a plunger on his dome while he goes around.
Look what happens to semi-normal people like moi after watching Karl Rove in action for 2 elections ...

Anonymous said...

Oh Torrance, it's a damn good thing I like you and your blog because being the animal lovin' gal that I am, I'm about puking my brains out at that picture you posted...argh! ;)

As for McCain's pick, give me a freakin' break. Smart move? Genius and calculated? Um, try transparent, ridiculous, and all but handing the election to Obama (unless folks sit on their laurels and don't get out and work hard getting folks to the voting booth). I never bought that the diehard Hillary supporters that would not vote for Barack, would EVER dare vote for a man whose choices are so different than Hillary's. And putting a woman on the ticket is surely not going to sway a female voter to vote that ticket purely on gender. If it does, then those are the folks who were gonna make some dumb ass choice anyway, not someone who is looking at the issues and going forward logically.

McCain's mantra over the past months has been inexperience, inexperience, inexperience for Barack, and now he chooses someone whose experience level could only rival that of your local dog catcher! Come on folks, THIS is who ANYONE would SERIOUS want as next in command should the oh-so-elderly and health-ridden McCain meet some unfortunate circumstance? Really?!

And while I wholeheartedly support women doing whatever they so choose in life, I have to agree with the poster who wondered how Palin (with 5 kids, let alone one with special needs) can be the mom they need AND being VP. If she can, then more power to her...I just don't see it.

And I also agree with the poster who said that "by and large Americans are a bunch of stupid asses if they go for McCain's shit."

And I do think Hillary WILL come forward and be the incredible asset to the Obama campaign that she can be. Whether you like her or not, do you REALLY think this woman wants to live in a country having McCain and his ideology for 4 years, especially after having gone through the past 8 years of bad nightmare BS that we have? I think not.

And lastly, yes, Biden WILL rip Palin a new one, and that's one debate I can't WAIT to watch!

So Torrance, if I promise to head over more often, could ya keep the hunting pics to a minimum? ;) Hope all's well and the business is coming along nicely. Take care. :)

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...



I agree, if she was the top of the ticket

The campaigns are about emptions, not the voting. Maybe im wrong. And yes, don’t think he gave a thought about his age of 4 cancer having but or that she may actually be required to run the country if he wins – senile.
Not genious on his behalf but def. interesting

He cant sit back on his hand wouldn’t u agree?
LMBAO at fool comment

You are truly kink of satire mane and boneheaded and reckless as I said

This campaign is herewith defined by INEXPERIENCE. and how.

I never knew u were this pragmatic and funny. You said it with the last line – by a mile

Aunt Jackie
Im saying be prepared if he don’t, don’t quit, don’t give u

Life is a struggle but never give in

Jersey Girl
So do u think his effort will work

I hope u are right.

Well I am waiting to see

That’s a cartoon right

Miss Soul
I wanna put u on her lol

Here here…idiot

I just wanna know how is the new gig going?

Why wont she? And I aint even mention her stand on drugs, like I said Alaska aint middle America. So u saying hill bill wants obama and the dems to loose? Great points sister

Miss Soul
I agree – now let’s see what Hill Bill does?

First no rant at all and caculated, but not well-lol. And they need to get busy, and get off of their hands – that’s what I meant by itsy bitsy steps, we take thing for granted and stop fighting

Aunt Jackie
U and me both sister
Jersey Girl
So true, but will she?

Yep, kelleybelle put it down
sista gp
Thats something I never considered, but then again im not a mother – very good point

Alaska aint middle america
U know I think u are right, I really think mccain just mobilized the obama base – it may backfire

Head is kinda bib lol

Yes they are, byt 44 Biden and McCain that is

Im gone wait and see but I wish I did, or was a soothsayer, then id make money on lotto and give election point spread lol

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

You and me both. Im about my loot.
I cant wait to see the playoffs LOL

Now that’s some funny shit. Im still rolling

SoCal Muchacha
I just wanna say go titans no chargers lol

Cassia L Rainne said...

Torrance I think that I could take her :)

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Torrance, yo babe, for da record, I did include her history of pot-smoking in my post on Palin.

Unless the voting majority would rather lose women's rights than have "the black guy" in office, McCain blew it.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Miss Soul
i can tak obama nad mccain u got my vote if u give me yours lol

Kit (Keep It Trill)
i agree not pot smolking on how she is the anti-thesis of conservative views on drug legalization

Cassia L Rainne said...


KELSO'S NUTS said...

@ SOCAL MUCHACHA: That certainly sounds like something I'd write about Americans. It's something I believe about them. Unfortunately, I merely implied that in my comment.

I think Americans have to ask themselves WHY:

1) they love bathing in the bathos of 9/11 when if didn't affect them?

2) they consider capital punishment of their most sacred and beloved rituals?

3) they consider incarceration of juveniles with adults a proportionate response?

3C) if the answer to (3) is "the bible" then why does it have to be so baroque? why not just permit the aggrieved to punish the aggressor?

4) is "single-payer insurance" off the table?

5) is nuclear war on the table?

6) do they complain about "high taxes" in general but don't complain about specifics like tax on foreign-source income or the AMT?

7) why everything military is so holy and why is the budget so huge?

8) why limitless wiretapping and surveillance are necessary in the USA when many other countries with far healthier economies and higher standards of living like Germany and Argentina have very strict privacy rights?

9) contraception is "controversial"?

10) evolution is "controversial"?

11) detainees at GITMO are there six years now still not charged with a crime?

12) are "Judeo-Christian" "values"?

...and also ask themselves what's so important about that fucking FLAG? EVERYWHERE ELSE the flag hangs on government buildings and people wave them at international sporting events.

Everything everyone is observing in these political battles reflects some very strange perversions which don't obtain in most capitalist societies with representative governments.

If that flag and death penalty shit is what's "great about America", I am very pleased to live in a not-so-"great" country which gives me privacy and has low taxes plus good social services, where the only controversies about contraceptives which are sold over the counter happen when the prices go up a little!

Obama seems to be the guy who would make America more modern and McCain seems to be the guy would make it less so.

Biden is no great shakes but he's a pro in his way when his not tweaking meth.

This Palin is a weird joke in a way. Mayor of a town of 9000, accidental governor, beauty pageans? Please it's like a bad cartoon of AMERICA. For real the writers of American Dad couldn't make Sarah Palin for VP up.

Unknown said...

Rumors have grown like an uncontainable wildfire overnight as to whether Gov. Palin is Trig's biological mother or grandmother. Watch this video filmed on 2/20/08 of the governor "hiking" to work. Trig was born less than 2 months later. Governor Palin's a liar

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I get the feeling I'm the only one thinking outside the box they form for us.

Wonder why I get this feeling?

The Blog Queen is ultra hot, btw.

Anonymous said...

Sadly I think this move is the type that will sway Joe Six Pack to vote McCain rather than Obama. I mean Palin's story is the type of stuff average Joe's love and can relate to.. Mama with a bunch of kids, hardworker, yada yada.

I hope it backfires but I guess if it doesn't I won't be surprised. Americans by and large are not critical thinkers and are pretty damn gullable. Hence the success of the Fox News Network, people think the stuff they spew is real...

KELSO'S NUTS said...

@ BLACKGIRLINMAINE: I liked that comment. I'm going to use it as a jumping off point for my next post. Thanks.

Robyn said...

McCain knew what he was doing, sadly it's gotta good chance of working.

Stupidity is often lauded as brilliance.

To say i missed you is an understatement, my friend.

no_slappz said...

garth at el,

Both candidates have taken the steps they believe will win them the White House.

Palin's shortcomings are essentially the same as Obama's. Neither has relevant experience at the highest levels.

Yet, not surprisingly, Democrats show again they have no sense of irony when they slam Palin for Her Inexperience while they praise Obama for His Inexperience.

Meanwhile, there is no formula for choosing veeps except to choose one who will, some way some how, increase the electability of the presidential candidate.

What did Truman give Roosevelt? Truman was not even a college graduate.

By the way, Truman knew nothing about the atomic bomb until Roosevelt had died. I guess they were a real close duo.

Then Truman had to authorize the final steps of the bomb's development and order its use. He did it on the fly. I think he was right to drop both bombs.

As for Palin's contribution to the electoral vote total, well, her 3 matches Biden's 3. Delaware is a small state in both population and square mileage. And Delaware has no oil. But it does serve as the state where most companies are incorporated.

Meanwhile, I'm sure Hillary is giddy over McCain's choice. She's his biggest secret supporter. If Obama wins, her presidential hopes die.

If McCain wins, she gets another shot in 2012. Since McCain is unlikely to run for a second term if he wins in November, presidential calculus shows that the US is likely to have two females running for president in the next election.

Palin would have the best shot at getting the Republican nomination -- though not a guarantee. And Hillary will remain in the game, giving her a good shot at the Democratic nomination.

That puts the country where it is this year with two senators running. Kennedy was the last senator to win the presidency. This year, two senators are running.

We are on a path that strongly suggests the possibility of two women battling for the presidency in 2012. Hence, all the ladies should vote for McCain and Palin if they want to give the sisterhood the biggest possible chance of winning the White House soon.

Palin's inexperience is less threatening that Obama's. She'll learn what she needs to learn as an apprentice. Obama, on the other hand, wants On-The-Job training as the most powerful man on the planet. As risks go, that's a bad one.

Still, there is no formula for picking presidents either.

msladyDeborah said...


I have been checking out some of the female dominated sites today. I wanted to know what is on the mind of white women in the nation.

The reaction is mixed about Palin. Some women see her as a ultra conservative that is really not pro-woman rights.

Others see the nomination of Palin as a ploy period.

The Conservative Base that is on line is also coming across with mixed feelings. Some of them are happy like they have got good sense. Others are still not willing to back McCain as president. Because they feel the GOP has failed them tremendously.

My favorite remark by a conservative woman runs along these lines: McCain selected her for us~not you liberal women.

Cie' la vie! and touche for her well stated opinion.

I think that this is not going to pull that 20% of undecided voters. It will put a dent in the numbers. I believe that once it become apparent to the base that was pro-Clinton's political platform that Palin is not pro-woman (and that is more than just about abortion rights) she will loose that base.

I heard today that she was booed in PA for mentioning the 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling and HRC, in her speech.

Palin will appeal to those voters who are conservative and who really are not ready for a black leader of the nation.

What can Barack do to offset this? My first thought is toward the numbers of voters that can be registered between now and the cut off date for the national election.

The second thing is to bring the focus back to the top of the ticket. Palin would not be the one who runs the business of government. That would either be Barack or Flipper.

Her strong point seems to be energy. I want to know about her position on the war and international relationships. What is her position on health, education and other domestic issues.

There was a lot of talk about the jobs that would be generated if the Alaska pipeline work got started back up. I question this because those jobs are given to Alaskans first. I know that this is true because I have a friend who worked on the pipeline. She is African American. However, she was born in Alaska during her father's tour of duty. That made her a native of Alaska according to the rules regarding hiring. She made stupid $$$ while she was there. But it is not great conditions for women or for those who do not like harsh weather conditions.

I am not sure that I can agree with how much impact that speech had on the 20% folks. It had enough impact on the GOP to scare the hell out of them. I am of the opinion that there are folks who will not vote for Barack even if his politics line up with theirs because he is not white and others because he is not female.

You mention the other candidates and they will definitely have an impact on this election. I think Barr is going to peel some of the percentage.

Plus that my friend, you know that this is a nation of unexpected turns. This is just one of them.

It ain't over yet.

Unknown said...

Everybody seems to be comparing Obama's experience, or lack of it (all the cat does is vote "present"), to Palin's EXECUTIVE experience. And don't forget, Obama is going for Pres, and Palin is going for VP. Apples to oranges.

Raw is right; the Palin pick invigorated the Conservatives. Obama could only go so long on being black, being a speech-giver(and only a good one when on teleprompter), and the cult-of-personality (empty suit). It didn't help that his VP pick is a bit of a racist (you know about 7-11s and those Indian folk), a semi-pathological liar, who has such a dismal record of being on the wrong side of winning issues. Even still, if Obama wasn't such a far leftist he would have been a lot more palatable to thinking people. That, and the pathology of the far-left where everything that comes out of his mouth is about how America sucks...who wants to hear that.

Whoever thinks Palin was a bad pick for McCain needs to get out of their echo chamber for a couple of minutes.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

@ HOSS: Please explain to me how Obama is a "leftist" exactly?

His social policies are barbaric by the standards of the rest of the world. I listed them all on an earlier comment. He's to McCain's "left" I agree, but based up his views of criminal justice and health care, he'd be at the far right of the right-wing party of every capitalist country which features self-government.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

@ HOSS...and another thing...I think "pony" might be a better blog name for you if you're so sensitive about being an American that you find Obama's words unpatriotic! He's always "only in America" this and that.

If you want to hear America trashed in the way you fantasize about come down to South America and hang around in the exile community for a while. We'll serve up some good anti-Amerikkka slurs for you.

One night, I must have spent at least three hours drinking bourbon after a card session talking to one of the fellers arguing about who could come up with the worst, most sadistic things that could be done to Frist, Kyl and Lieberman.

When somebody's down you can usually pick up his spirits by telling that Borat joke about "the tragic events of 7/11".

Barack Obama? Anti-American? For real? I think if anything he's too jingoistic.

But I've had a few years to get used to the idea that I'll die before I see the US again, so I really enjoy reading stuff like you wrote. Please more jingoism! More flag crap! More "God Bless America"!

I've written it before and I'll write it again, those cartoon on F/X like American Dad and Family Guy do not do justice to you people. You have truly gone around the bend with this. I wonder what would happen to Wonderbread America if there had been no attack on 9/11. I think that is truly the only thing that gives Republican America's peoples' lives meaning.

Don't you worry about Obama. I think he'll make a fine president and I think he's very patriotic.

You have no idea what kinds of things FORMER Americans say. You really don't.

Curious said...

I'm afraid we're going to have to disagree on this one, just like those people on FOX or MSNBC.

Elections are nothing but emotions, how else can you explain George Bush being elected twice. Both through the emotion of fear. The first time being the fear of "immoral and indecent" behavior in the executive office, and the other the fear of terrorism. Karl Rove saw this and used it effectively. Even Reagan when he ran a 2nd time and used the "it's morning in America," that left people feeling good and optimistic even though the facts of the 1st term never proved their beliefs to be true.

And as for McCain, he knows he is going to die but if he is like most people there will be a belief that it wont be too soon. No he picked Palin an unknown as a campaign tactic and not for posterity or possible White House leadership. That's not senile, that's just being crafty.

The Randomness said...

I am really surprised at people who think that Obama is not ready to rule but should something happen to McCain Palin us ready to hello? Are you kidding me?? Obama not only has the judgement but he has the knowledge to back up his claims. I think a lot of people are reading TOO MUCH into this Palin appointment but the truth is McCain made a decision and a desperate one at that! I doubt McCain vetted the woman. He wanted what he wanted and he was going to get it. Well I am following the Daily KOS and their babygate very closely. I because they are on to something big.

I will be the one to be beaten and raped in here but why do black people feel the need to shun their own when they do well? Jesse Jackson for eg. Just because Barack speaks to ALL dads to be present he is suddenly talking down to black people. I know we were taught to hate ourselves but it is time to let go and start elevating our own. Barack is not an opportunist but a very well versed International Studies Professor and a citizen of the world. He is also a hardworker. I do not understand where this 'he is not ready' nonsense comes from. I believe Bush was not much of a traveller until he became president. He BELIEVED what he watched on TV. Reminds of those people people who watch the World Vision videos that state that 3 year olds are looking after other children because they were orphaned and people just eat that nonsense up. It makes me upset. Help if you like but do not undermine other people.

Ok I digress (it must be emotions) but this Pa(ngo)lin is, quite frankly, scary. I can just see her shooting Methuselah when he calls her suzie or worse still, the c word. Old habits die hard.

This was not a clever move - he just did it so that it would look like one and dare I say some of you are eating out of his paw. I say its fugazi and Obama is taking the White House so all those that are uncomfortable.....start prepping now coz this train aint slowing down. Feel free to hit me up in November - to congratulate a sister on her incredible foresight ;) I get it - Repubs are horrible governors but sleek campaigners. I still say they are not taking it this year....Sarah and her gun in tow as well

Obama/Biden 08.

PS - that is a bad photoshop job. The owner of the lower body must sue Vogue.

Anonymous said...

Look, the Palin pick is not meant to appeal to anyone who would comment on your site or mine. Palin is supposed to energize the Repubs Evangelical base and to move non-partisan, low information, non college degreed 'security moms' who feel like it's "so cool" to have a "lady" in the VP position. BTW, that crowd doesn't read blogs. They listen to Rush and Hannity.

RiPPa said...


Palin smokes weed, and fakes her pregnancy?

Damn, she sounds like a some of the Black chicks from 'round the way.

LadyLee said...

I thought it was a great pick. The Repubs probably have more tricks up their sleeve. All of a sudden, the race is... interesting.

Ann Brock said...

Torrance great post but let’s face it this was not a great pick. Too me it just high lighted this old fool age and his ability to think.

McCain talks incessantly about experience, and then goes and selects a woman he hardly knows, who hardly knows foreign policy and who can hardly be seen as instantly ready for the presidency.

McCain is old enough to no better and too think I gave him more credit that he deserved.

You know, a lot of Republicans think this pick was brilliant , because it will be difficult for Democrats to run hard against a woman especially since Hillary Clinton cried sexism. I agree with Kelly Belle Hillary needs to step up to the plate.

I don't believe for one minute this will push those disgruntled Hillary voters McCain’s way.

Waiting for Zufan! said...

I loved this post, and it made me laugh like crazy. McCain sealed his fate when he picked this woman. Come ON. American can not be so stupid as to elect that pair... right???

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Thank you, CURIOUS.

I read comments like "UPOST'S" latest and I really AM tempted to translate the things I hear and sometimes say down here about the USA. I almost want to write everything my dad said about Americans when I was a little boy.

But I refrain because this blog is about the best of America I've seen since I left. The debate is informed, polite, funny and crisp.

Our government party, the PRD (Partido Revolucionario Democratico), will have its primary between Sra Balbina Herrera, Housing Minister, and Sr Juan-Carlos Navarro, Mayor of Panama City. Both are good candidates, though I much favor Herrera for a variety of reasons. I'll tell you all about the opposition candidates, Juan-Carlos Varela (Partido Panamenista) and Ricardo Martinelli (whatever the Union Patriotica is now called!), once the PRD has its candidate.

There has only been one weird moment in this campaign. It was a few weeks ago when Navarro far adrift of Herrera but with bags of personal money hired an American consultant to do his TV ads. The ads, calling Herrera "soft-on-crime" and highlighting Navarro's desire for the maximum sentence to go from 15 years to mandatory life, were deemed illegal by the elections commission because here ads must be TRUE. He paid the fine and took the ads of the air. Herrera, the front-runner, let him slide on the rest, i.e., the lawsuit and possible criminal sanction. Navarro's been an excellent mayor and would make a fine president. It took an American consultant to turn him into an asshole and a felon!

But with American bullshit politics now behind them, the debate goes back to where it was before the arrival of Captain America -- THE ECONOMY. The debate is sophisticated to the point of being totally arcane. They debate every element of canal lock engineering and the systems of project auctioning. The debate the effect of the US Dollar on the prices of the basket of staples. They debate ways to nationalize a social security system which ipso facto has to be private because the Balboa and USD trade one for one, thus there are no "Balboa" in circulation. They debate the job ASEA BROWN BOVERI has done on the expansion of the main channels into the Canal Zone. They debate the allocation of contracts of the world's largest green project currently -- the $16 billion cleanup of Panama Bay on the west coast of the isthmus.

I don't know about which man or men Herrera dates. I know nothing about which woman or women are important in Navarro's life. I know a little bit about Herrera's daughter because she's an attorney and is active in her mother's campaign. There's no big deal about Herrera's being a woman president. She sure wouldn't be the first. There's no debate about her skin being Mestiza triguena (light brown) and Navarro's being White. There have been already been presidents here who were "mono" (Nordic-looking) "blanco" (White) "trigueno" (Brown) and "negro" (figure it out). Herrera's a nice looking woman. Navarro's a handsome guy. I've yet to see that written in any paper and I certainly haven't heard voters talking about them that way. If a person did he or she would be looked at as a freak.

I haven't the faintest idea how either one "connects" with the Chinese, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Mestizo, or "Native" voter.

I have a pretty good idea of where each are on taxes, spending, and monetary policy though. They are pretty close on those issues and neither have tried to find a way to link those views to the skin colors of either candidate.

This place has effectively been independent completely of the USA for 13 years. The affirmation of Carter-Torrijos by Bill Clinton merely meant the liberation of another country during Clinton's presidency.

[For a greedy, arrogant RACIST who's all about himself to the detriment of all that is holy, he sure LIBERATED a lot of countries.]

Let abortion and guns make you all nuts. It only weakens you. Here? You can get an abortion paid by the national health. Or not get one. Your choice. You can also not bother with needing one because EVERY contraceptive is sold over the counter, including Plan B. What's so difficult about that?

You may hunt and target shoot and collect guns to your heart's content. You brandish a firearm or god forbid shoot one at another person, you're going to prison. What's so difficult about that?

They have an "official" religion, Roman Catholicism, but it's expressly forbidden to have any role whatsoever in politics. Sorry, Senators McCain and Obama, the Office Of Faith-Based Initiatives would be illegal here and a president who insisted upon one would be removed from office and sent to prison. What's so difficult about that?

They have a tax system, strong privacy rights and agnosticism to the "war on terror" which work together to promote an environment in which businesses are willing to pay the 10% sorporate rate with no gimmicks and be done with it and shareholders pay 1% capital gains and are done with it.

They figured it all out here pretty quickly but every other Western country (including the high marginal tax EU) is more like Panama and each other than like the US. The US, however, is the only one which claims the title of "greatest". Does it live up to that title? You make the call.

Shelly- Mom Files said...

I am still dying over the fact that she was on the PTA and this qualifies her to take over the country!

Mrs. Mary Mack said...

I am officially confused...

Tia's Real Talk said...

You hear that folks are calling Obama the antichrist..what'd you think about that?

Sister Girl said...

His pick as a running mate came as a surprise to me,but guess what ? This country is NOT ready to hand over all that power to a woman in any way,shape,or form.

Okay,so she hunts - but I bet she processes it all(I know a lot of women that does both). And she likes the guns - I ain't mad at her because I have a few(I can shoot & clean them thanks to my father).

Cancer four times around isn't the best record you can ever have & you can believe that coming from someone that lost her BEST girlfriend in February 2008 at 45 years old.

I don't think just because he has dragged her along for the ride will change anything to help his numbers because people aren't gonna vote for someone just because she's a woman.

One love..


Anonymous said...

I heard on the radio and television that there are a lot of white woman who will vote the McCain ticket simply because of the woman factor. It's scary. You warned us not to get our hopes too far for Obamah! Obamah should have did wrapped this up "by whatever means necessary" and picked Hillary as a running mate. Too late now. Great article again, Dawg. Thanks. PLL, CordieB.

T.a.c.D said...

and they scaring the fuck out of me too!

Cat Hill said...

Is that cover real?

Tafari said...

Those photos are hilarious!!!


Bubbles said...

Hey you said that we should ping each other sorry it took so long to get back to ya. So what do I do?

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