Tuesday, August 26, 2008

7 Houses of Czechoslovakia

Point of Order: New article out:

Cardiovascular risk reduction for African-American men through health empowerment and anger management

Jones mane, folk here hate to do this, but as the Dogon priest on Bail I am, it is my duty. And I hope this is the last bit of politics I perambulate for a while. Was trying to hold off until the GOP convention, but like I said, time is of the essence.

A pulse is a rhythm, a rhythmical throbbing of arteries proffered as function of the synchronous contractions of the heart, in particular from a taxonomical perspective as palpated at the wrist or in the neck. It has also been used to describe the sentiments or views of a group (e.g. political electorate). Unfortunately, it is a reality that the pulse of America has traditionally been one built on race and racial distinctions. Since the House of Burgess to Barack Obama, this is a truism that cannot be denied. This is not to say that the majority of folks in America are racist – which they are not, but rather the material that the fabric of our country was established and founded upon. But let me table this and get to this later.

The other day I suggested that folks be prepared if Barack Obama don’t win in November. I was not saying don’t be optimistic, but rather realistic based on historical precedence. Sure change and a different outcome are possible, but it remains such -vpossible. Unfortunately, there are those that will go in a voting both with the curtains closed and vote for McCain merely because they cannot allow themselves to vote for a person of African descent. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong for voting FOR a person because of race, or gender, or ethnicity or party affiliation or because they are from your state, home town, or attended the same school you did; but there is something abhorrently despicable for not voting for a person because of such.

McCain, well I think he a dumb fk, I mean, he wants to continue the same economic policies as espoused by one George W. Bush, The failed policies of GWB at that. Such shows me he can’t think nor really care about the common man. But what can you expect; this is a man with at least seven homes, and a man that can’t remember how many he has. These include three beachfront cribs in Cali, condo in La Jolla, two additional condos in the same building in Coronado and a crib in Arlington, Virginia (MTV cribs here).

Then he tries to ride the POW tip like a surf board in Hawaii. Now I respect him serving his country, but as pilot 40 years ago he got shot down suggesting that he wasn’t even real good at that. Jones must have had serious drain bramage seeing he doesn’t even realize that Czechoslovakia is no longer a country and hasn’t been a country for 37 years. Not to mention he has made reference to Iraq mixing up where the Kurds, Shities and Sunni's actually lived.

McCain, knows he don’t have to play the race card, but he will sling dirt, and play on the fears of the average jones and say that BO is just a Hollywood rock star type. So, Barack, you got to get rawdawgbuffalo with jones. And I suggest the following:

  • Play on his inability to know his countries. I would suggest talking about the rate at which senility is prevalent among people his age, and ask the American Public if they would be comfortable with a man with ruptured lysosomes on his brain leading the country.
  • Reverse the Rock star card. He has been on the tonight show 13 times and you only once. Who is the real Hollywood politician?
  • Hammer on the fact that he has no new ideas, and that his economic plan is a carbon copy (age pun intended) of George Bush, which has failed and put us in this mess.
  • kick that fuc boy biden off the ticket and add powell.

In essences, scare these mother fuckers mane, the voters, cause that’s what he is going to do concerning you. I mean, McCain has the doric pillared stateliness of a parapalegic prior to DNR on his hospital chart.

I know you don’t read my blog and I know you handlers don’t even know I exist. But if you want to win, the aforementioned will help go along way. Because anywhere from 5 to 15% of the ones who undecided, will vote for McCain because he aint black, and that really real. So question the mental capacity, compare that of one aged 71 to one 45; show how his sound bite phrases and attacks aint done jack to make our country safer. Show that a man that don’t know how many houses he has aint concerned about the common man, and maybe, just maybe, you may be able to prove that one of McCain’s 7 Houses is in Czechoslovakia – that is if you want to win, want my vote, and for me not to write my own name in.


Unknown said...

I'm gone make sure Obama's folk get a copy of this post....I know a dude...lol. Seriously, you are absolutely right. If he can do any of the things you mentioned, it could only help. You ideas (the way you word them) are so unique...Glad to know you Doc

Keli said...

Not at all following your logic...it's ok to vote for a man just because he's black...but wrong to not vote for him just because he's black...

we can't have it both ways...this is the stuff that ills me.

Voting should be based on the issues...maybe we will get there one day.

Rebecca said...


Rain is falling all around,

It falls on field and tree,

It rains on the umbrella here,
And on the ships at sea. 。

-------- by aoc powerlevewling

MsKayotic said...

I totally get what you're saying...

I am not really feeling McCain because in one of my other entries there's a link where a writer was comparing Bush to McCain. Like you said, he's an idiot who will walk in the same footsteps of Bush. It's in my Throwdown Beef Thursday entry. Pretty disturbing.

Either way, I feel the same way you do about Obama maybe not winning the election. I hope you're wrong but we shouldn't delude ourselves into thinking it can't happen.

Pimpin' Pens said...

Wouldn't go after the senile aspect, majority of the country is old as fuck, baby boomers and such, and the next largest demographic don't give a fuck, like myself. Solid point on races and voting though, that's what's ass backwards in this country.

The Love Collective said...

Obama is too busy looking good to throw a counterpunch, that's how the pretty ones are.

Unknown said...

Hillary Speaks - No Way, No How, No McCain!. Enough said...


Sista GP said...

Whether or not Obama wins, I hope folks continue the move to better our communities with local involvement and envoke change from the bottom up.

BTW, I thought (for a split second) about tagging you, but decided against it. LOL. Check out my site when you get a chance.

Also, have you off-loaded the glass panes yet?

Sauce said...

He would pick the guy who created the Office of National Drug Control Policy as vice president wouldn't he?

KELSO'S NUTS said...

JONES: You know that I agree with your analysis, but apparently Obama and team do not. Or perhaps, they feel that the numbers show such a tough racial and cultural headwind for Obama that he cannot seem even to be taking advantage of his STRENGTHS and McCAIN's weaknesses -- which you highlight -- in the race.

It's merely WORSE for Obama because of his ethnicity. It's always the same for every Democrat in national elections. I'm already reading that Joe Biden is a "socialist"! That's how the plurality of Americans think and the Republican party is much more in tune with that than Demcoratic party is.

Barack Obama was never my first choice for president. As a practical matter I preferred Clinton not for any question of superiority or ideology because I think both Obama and Clinton are good thinkers and both can lead. I LIKED that she'd had so many years of taking heat that she could pretty much do things her way knowing that she'd be ridiculed no matter what she said or did. I worried Obama could seem weak if he ended up apologizing for flip-flopping. Give my preference with money not a factor, I would have liked a Paul/Kucinich fusion ticket.

What Obama has done is pretty impressive so far politically. He's chosen a certain strategy composed of many tactacs big and small. One of them was to appear as non-threatening to Whites as possible. That may be a winning move for him. If so, mazel tov. I'll be happy because I think merely electing him is essential for world stability. That it might be a winning move is pretty disgutsting to me.

I think that being an identifiable anti-Clinton has helped him with the press, but the costs are great to him should he lose the election. I can't swear that Obama hasn't done something like this yet, but at some point Obama, Clinton, Jess, Jackson Sr, and and Vernon Jordan should have gotten together and sorted out a way for Obama to win or to lose without a loss of power.

But it's his shot not mine. He's chosen his way to campaign. I'm not second guessing. But I dont have to like it.

To campaign so as to assuage White fears to me is obscene. It's saying that the CBC of which he's NOT a member is frightening somehow to Whites. Well, I can't write for other Whites and I can't even write for Americans, but I do know that the Congressional Black Caucus has consistently voted my way on both material and ideological issues. For a long time in large numbers over many years.

So, I take the bitter and the better for Obama. I believe that he has the gifts to be a good president and McCain could well be worse then George W.Bush. To elect him would be the first baby step for the USA to join the rest of the capitalist world again.

U R right, tho, Jones. Obama sure doesn't "have" to win. It's a close race slightly favoring him, but that's all it is. And I believe that the polls are too heavily weighted right now in Obama's favor believe that he is any kind of certainty in this.

There are White people who are afraid to say to a telephone pollster that they're not for Obama and are not comfortable with a Black president. I'd say that there's more than 2 percentage points in there by more. Maybe a lot more if you count Republicans who come out especially to vote AGAINST Obama because of race.

If this were an ordinary election, I'd say Obama is probably doing the same thing that cost Gore and Kerry their elections, but this is different.

Obama has a lot more on his shoulders and he and his camp may worry more that taking chances could lead to a bad loss and it might be better to lose small as a CONVENTIONAL MODERATE than to play a higher volatility strategy to win (perhaps big) or risk a loss as an UNCONVENTIONAL PROGRESSIVE.

Nevertheless, there is a social conscience and an intellectual in there somewhere in Obama. I know I saw it this past spring. The stakes quite apart from Obama's skin are higher in this election. For Obama to even lose small to McCain after 8 years of Bush and leave a tattered party in his wake would enshrine the Republican "Facha" as the permanent government.

If Obama loses, all of the references to "1984" will seem silly because the state envisioned by Orwell will be called "democracy."

No matter what, the next Black nominee, say Jesse Jr or Scott, will always be compared UNFAVORABLY to Obama by the MSM in the way Ali was compared unfavorably to Joe Louis.

As far as the future of the Democratic Party goes, it's anyone's guess. Maybe they can build a tough, intellectual, fearless party which fights every battle. Led by a Barack Obama who like Gore maybe comes to see that this is no way to run and election, a party or a government. I could see a strong Democratic Party which brings in the Libertarian Party and the Greens and even a few right-to-lifers and White populists of the Huckabee and Buchanan variety.

That Democrats like Barbara Lee, Dennis Kucinich and Bob Wexler are a source of shame and not strength for the party is absurd. Give Obama a lot of credit for registering lots of young voters but young people who are idealists need IDEAS. That's why people exactly like Lee, Wexler and Kucinich are important. Idealist Republicans like Paul, Kaspar, Campbell and Flake will find themselves without a party if McCain wins.

Reaching across the aisle to Republican Jim Leach who lost the seat he held for like 40 years because men in his CD didn't particularly like being called "al-qaida symnpathizers" for enjoying poker, pot and porn is just more bullshit. Just like Biden for VP. It looks good on paper and plays well in the media but offers nothing. Leach and Biden and Bayh and Lugar and all of these guys are interchangeable.

Getting the libertarian Republicans on board with a message that's about freedom, low taxes, growth and peace is HUGE. It creates a more inclusive and more robust party, with yet another disaffected group joining a majority coalition.

If Obama loses, I hope he gets out front like that in terms of rebuilding his party. Somehow, I doubt that will be his next move. That job will fall to the Clintons and the party will be back to square one. Perhaps, the Clinton family isn't the greatest exemplars of a progressive Democratic Party but at least they're ruthless when it comes to winning. They are non-pareil for example at pacifying people on religion. Obama's got the party locked in with televangelists.

So, presumably, if Obama loses, he'll take Rick Warren with him and move on, at least letting those Democrats who DON'T like the retrograde stuff that's been stuffed down their throats free to run their campaigns their way.

I think it's very important for Obama to win. It's also important as Torrance says to have some idea of what the next step is if Obama doesn't win.

paisley said...

i'm thinkin' writing you name in might be the most intelligent thing the american people have done in quite some time....

Anonymous said...

About points on McCain--A-men. [You know my "I am not religious disclaimer applies here with the use of the word." ;-)]

I was one of those who was going to write somebody else in initially, but it seems way more logical to vote for the person who has the best chance of winning against the guy you don't want in office--I don't get why folks keep talking about "writing somebody else in" when they don't like McCain and don't want to see him take office...

Wes said...

You've made some valid points... I'm so very ignorant when it comes to politics (I'm not into it at ALL).

MP said...

did you really end your post by telling John McCain that the aforementioned would help him win? Who are you working for?!? LOL

Miriam said...

don't be too sure they don't read your blog.

I once wrote something about Michelle Obama. Next thing I knew, I saw on the sitemeter some gov. office checking it out.

Well, my post was clean and kosher anyway, so I wasn't worried.

Anonymous said...

You are speaking truth. I wish Obama was reading this blog along with a few others since it feels like none of his handlers seem to be able to come up with a strategy that strangthens his odds of winning.

Problem IMO is Obama spends way too much time trying to be a nice guy but the time to be nice has passed. Its time to get gully, shoot the man spent 20 years in Chicago. I'm from Chicago, surely he could borrow some moves from some local politicos playbooks on how to win this thing.

As for any help from Clinton supporters, well that was a ok speech but for all she actually said, there was a lot she didn't say and at the end of the day, I doubt that speech will help close the gap with the bitter Clinton-ites.

Seriously though a man with 7-8 houses who thinks you need at least 5 million to even enter the rich man club is a man you can exploit but only if Obama drops that nice guy act.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Blog Queen
We all know folks, don’t do that McCain willl say he has no original ideas LOL

Its not [platonic logic: It is ok to make a decision based on preference, morally for me, but not hate – especially over something u cant change.

I hope I am wrong too

Pimpin' Pens
That age group aint the largest group, when u look at women and new voters from 20 – 30, but they are hefty, just the hardest group for Obama to sway

The Love Collective
Well I hope not

Blog Queen
U listen to Hil Bill and I will think for my self

sista gp
thanks for not taghging me lol - and not yet but im trying

Wouldn’t surprise me homy

First missed u. I figured they wouldn’t. You know he was not mine either, but none of the Dems or GOP were – LOL
Socialism & Joe Biden? Good fit, but he will always have the threatening to potential to weak minded white folks in the voting booth

LOL – then the CIA would find me but would try to do my best

So who has the best chance of winnin’ sister?

First thanks for the drive by hon, and no fear politics makes us all stupid being its supposed to be for us, but really aint no more and do some back nice smile folk

Not Chemo-Cain. Sorry I think objectively

Ok babe, I curse too much

Too nice – I need a Gengis Khan to show a lil from him

Anonymous said...

You know how I feel about this...

I won't vote for Barack, but it damn sure has nothing to do with his color.

I will not vote for McCain and that has nothing to do with his color.

I will vote for the person who cares the most about the regular person, irregardless of their color.

Vote Nader

PS: The Blog Queen is hot!!!!


Ed said...

If we're lucky, McCain will die of old age before the elections anyway. If not, I don't even want to watch the ridiculous antics of our people. How we got George W. in the first place and then how he got reelected is just stupid. I'm taking pictures of the coastline now just in case McCain does get in office...that way I'll have pictures before he puts drilling rigs on all of them...

Anonymous said...

I have little faith in politics or politicians anymore, but recognize the need to continue the charade and pay attention to these things - just in case someone surprises me.

With that said, McCain frightens me. The man seems irritable, clueless and doesn't even try to hide his disinterest in the common man. Obama should win the election on that basis alone, but as you point out, there are still so many people that won't be able to get past Obama's race - white and black.

The Socialite said...

Great advice!

Lina said...

Can I just say that this is one of the funniest blogs you've written, even if it is true (like wtf is up with not knowing geography). Second, dude I so agree with everything. Last, voting for a person or not voting for a person for all the reasons you mentioned other than their issues and beliefs is dumb.

Anonymous said...

Interesting digs you got here. Just wanted to let you know I fixed your links in the comment you left - you need to use the html function for that...plus put the do follow in there for ya.

Look - I'm no McCain supporter - but - I am conservative - McCain is the wrong person for our ticket - just as I believe Obama was the wrong person for your ticket. It has nothing to do with race - it has everything to do with his far left socialist policies - which is not good for this country. I think we need something in between Obama and McCain. Regardless of who wins in November - this country loses.

Lena said...

screw it...I'll just write your name in too

Darius T. Williams said...

LOL - we need to get Obama this link - for real!

Great suggestions!

Kim said...

You make some valid points, RawDawgB. The one that stands out the most is the 'don't NOT vote for Obama just because he's Black' statement.

Obama's got my vote already - because he's Black, AND because he's the better candidate. But I look forward to the day when all Americans vote for the BETTER CANDIDATE - regardless of race.

When politicians address the country's issues, and not pursue their own agenda. When voters vote according to their conscience, and not their reflection.

When presidential candidates can take the time to remember how many homes they own, and don't think anyone making less than $5mil is "middle class" - doesn't that make most Black folks "poor"?

The problem with McCain isn't senility - it's elitism. It's time for a change, and McCain is just Bush revisited.

Oh, and quit making me have to think on the one day I call in sick - lol!

KELSO'S NUTS said...

JONES: I enjoyed your post so much I forgot to come back to that one irreconciliable argument we have.

Without power to vote or donate money, should Colin Powell become an official in the Obama campaign I will use my space to advocate strongly for Cynthia McKinney with the hope of a vote count big enough to add to the Green Party's matchable totals in 2010. I'll point out some of Barr's better qualities and I won't be shy about any of it.

I'll never understand your affection for that man. If there has been some military or foreign policy scandal you can bet he's been near it. From having taken the lead in the coverup of My Lai to his UN show with the vial of talcum powder.

His record of consistency on these lies has been remarkable. I've covered 40 years and there's been a ton of caprice between My Lai and Iraq2 Powell was party to.

The man quite simply is AFFECTLESS. He loves war and sadism and death and destructuion. He loves servitude so much that there is no order he will not obey. Except if a Democrat is in the White House and then he's 1000 kinds of trouble.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't his famous doctrine not "Kill them all immediately and get the children, too"?

Maybe Rumsfeld was actually the dove in the W adminstration! With Powell having the whip hand (which he never does because of his servility) the Middle East would have lots more carnage to deal with. So would the US Armed Forces.

I am completely biased here, I'll admit it. While I never cared for the man particularly and at times appreciated a speech here or there, I never knew exactly what kind of sadism he was capable of until I moved here.

I agree with you absolutely that everyone has the right to use any identity related heuristic to vote FOR a candidate but there's something unseemly about using it to vote against a candidate.

One of the reasons I'm never coming back is that I've grown too accustomed to life in a country which is 100% about trade,business and finance and has no military whatsoever. They take violence very seriously here. In the US, it's all another TV Olympic Sport and it becomes very abstract.

I don't want to try to convince you because that's not how it works. Nobody convinces anyone of anything. We present argument. We try to add information and perspective.

Please think of what "Operation Just Cause" was. What were the issues involved? What was the goal? Was the goal achieved? Was the goal worth the effort? Was the goal worth the effort in terms of the havoc wrought upon another country that was no threat to the USA? Was it worth the regional badwill?

I think if you limit your argument to "were urban airstrikes on La Ciudad de Panama plus urban hand-to-hand combat operations all with new weaponry a necessary prep for Desert Storm, in the sense that the bombing of Guernica was a good prep for the Luftwaffe's new tech in other as yet unallied parts of Europe?" you can get a partially affirmative answer. That's assuming you favored Desert Storm. I'm not sure still whether Desert Storm was right or wrong still.

On the other stuff, the echoes are always the same. In Iraq1 and Iraq2the issue was oil. In Panama, the issue was cocaine. It's always about the money. The US with a very active post-Vietnam Powell part of it managed to wrest the coutry from the center-left Omar Torrijos by assassination. Because Torrijos was popular for having gotten the canal back, that left another PRD man in charge, Spadafora,who was easily swept aside for the US man, Noriega. Noriega was another of a series of US-controlled Latin dictators of the time.

His job was to middle cocaine from the Cali and Medellin cartels and assure safe passage to the USA of the product, while, of course, "fighting communism." All was Georgia peachy until Noriega realized that he and his men were taking all the risks for a return that wasn't fair because crack had made Colombian cocaine much more valuable than it had been and much more valuble than the product of the other Andean nations.

The US balked and Noriega went about his way perhaps with European partners or perhaps on a strike of sorts. Come the elections which were necessary to maintain the democracy figleaves, Endara won or didn't win or who knows and Noriega wouldn't budge.

So, it was "Noriega's gassing his own people," and "freeing the Panamanian people" and finally "DRUGS," which was the cassus belli. A very thin cassus belli it was, as Noriega was indicted by a federal grand jury on a bunch of white collar things but not on war crimes or even drug-dealing.

Endara was going to be more reliable is all. Did the crack epidemic get any "better" under Endara? No. It was worse. Endara also supervised the writing of a new ocnstitution that had been draw up at a Republican think tank.

So, to bring Noriega to trial Powell and company had to kill a tremndous number of civilians and demicate an urban area making 100,000 homeless.

Looking back on it, it was a horrowshow because democracy albeit with US bases didn't come back to Panama until the Perez-Balladares presidency. And complete sovreignty didn't come until Clinton affirmed Carter-Torrijos with Mosocso.

So, at least the world was "safer" with Noriega out of the way, right? Wrong. Noriega as he was described to me was a pain in the ass and always had his hand out but he was not a sadist. Nobody can be in a trade and banking center. He was a power and money made dictator but life went on. Endara made a few cosmetic changes but it was basically another "EXPERIMENT."

No with all of those cretins gone form the scene it'w a wealthy country still moving foward.

There is, however, quite apart from Powell's complicity in a wholesale dope operation, something terrbly unsettling if you're a Powell fan. Of those innocent civilians killed a great great many we're dark-skinned people with African features and Anglo surnames. I think he's indifferent to that too.

In sum, you have in Powell a coward, a sadist and and an affectless man for whom no war is not a treat and no Republican can get in the way of starting one way.The Democrats? Less so.

I am fascinated by your admiration for Powell.

Kofi said...

What I really am loving is how the Republicans are having such a hard time transitioning away from Hillary attacks to Biden attacks. How they have to frame their attack of Biden as "It should have been Hillary [so we could tear her down]".

They're not ready.

Tera said...

I think the most recent news that makes me the MOST upset is about this group PUMA---Parties United My Ass! They claim that since Hill didn't win they're all voting for McCain (it pains me just to type his name). How much you want to bet they are getting a couple dollars from the Republicans???

I don't know why, but this came to me just now (forgive me for being exhausted from all the DNC and/political talk today)...but Good Doctor, did you see the recent article about the fact that those women who...well um...ahem...love to indulge in the delight of "protein shakes" in the bedroom are less likely to get breast (I think that's the one) cancer???

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

I don't think that there is any way on earth that any black person in this country could possibly NOT know in their heart of hearts that Obama could possibly not be the victor of this election. Racism and socio-economic bias is an every day reality for many people of color is this country, so to reitterate the fear of failure is quite like over stating the obvious.

jmsjoin said...

Man, Politics, you're slumming! I think you already know how I feel! Who the hell care what color or Religion he is? He is the best we have right now and he is the best for the job.
I firmly believe the right is not going to let a President Obama happen! They have gone to far with this mis-agenda and the President now has too much power to be allowed in our hands.
They are once again filling us with the BS that it is too close to call which means It will be stolen again.To me the question is how are they going to steal this one? The methods are growing too. If they think stealing it is in danger what is going to happen is even worse! It will all be coming to a head soon ahh I'll shut up. Take care Torrance

NoRegrets said...

I was going to write a comment but then read Tera's comment and am LMAO. Protein shakes! Oh, I so love that.

Anyway, maybe McCain will pick Powell for VP.

NoRegrets said...

Sorry Tera and Torrance, it's an urban legend.

T.a.c.D said...

wow...i do certainly agree that he doesn't have to sling mud but he DOES need to start stating the fact about McCain, and that might be why he picked Biden because that old dude doesn't care about going at someone's neck at all

ANGELINA said...

i think more people are looking past race and more towards the issues and the state of the economy as we're getting closer to november. i work at a prestigious hospital in beverly hills and majority of our patients are old, rich, white people. i have noticed a large switch in political talk here. just today i heard a group of very old white people (all over 70) talking about how they're voting for obama and why. that made my day :) i think everyone is noticing that he's a great politician on top of being an inspirational man of color. that's my bit of positivity for today lol

Anonymous said...

i think voting for someone based on their color only is demeaning and very patronizing. you vote for a man on his principles and not because of his skin color.

a lot of folks have adopted the premise that because barack is black that change is sure to come and that may not necessarily be the case. blacks don't have better principles just because they black, no more than whites are more principle-driven because they are white. hell, a mexican man could run for president if his principles were in tact and he could work the political game.

:::Marcus LANGFORD:::

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Ole Joe ain't cool?

(vixenchick) said...

just droppin by to say hi

Anonymous said...

McCain has the doric pillared stateliness of a parapalegic prior to DNR on his hospital chart.

It is your brain and thoughts like this that makes you sexy to me and I will continue to lurk (the dreds do not hurt either).

rainywalker said...

Raw Dawg,
I'm getting a little scared to that these dumb Americans will use race to not vote for Obama. Plus McSane will do everything he can to stoke the fire.

Rich Fitzgerald said...

You know, I'm not even speculating on Obama losing. Why are we afraid to bask in the glory of where he has come. Ingrained failure in our consciousness.

Accept the brother the way he is and lend your vote. This country has gotten behind some pretty back politicians. Obama isn't perfect, but he's still a jewel of a candidate.

msladyDeborah said...


I liked your take on the CW! It is one of those periods in American story that needs to be straightened out in the minds of the people. Perhaps you should apply for the Secretary of Education. :-)

We are on untried turf as a nation. Barack is either going to win or loose. No matter what the outcome is, things will definitely be shook up.

I began voting in the seventies. I'm from the first generation of 18 year olds who could vote. That was during Nam. It seemed to be a no-brainer to me. Nixon was an A-Hole to the infinite degree. Yet he managed to work his way back into office. And his tricks would of stood as good to go if he hadn't gotten busted. Since then, I haven't had much holla about a politican. But, I do not think at this point in time Flipper is the one that I want to see in office.

I really question if he his package is wrapped as tight as he tries to play it.

I don't buy the bullshyt about him not knowing how many houses they own. I just feel that he wanted to slip past reality for a moment. I have friends who are as old as him, and their minds are sharp as tacks. He's just a hot damn mental mess.

I am not sure about Biden. I would like to see Powell be the Veep with Barack. It is too bad that we aren't the ones who did the vetting.

Your advice is good. I am not sure how Joe would feel about being called a fk boy~but that is neither here nor there. :-).

We'll just have to see what happens in the end.

Sister Girl said...

We've come too far & I cannot wait until November when it will all be defined.


Anonymous said...

Preach Kelso! Why haven't I blogged you yet?

plez... said...


the ONLY WAY not to get Gore'd and Kerry'd this time around is to come out swinging... Obama has to come out swinging on Thursday night and keep swinging (I mean throwin' haymakers, uppercuts, and body shots) on the Old Man (AKA McSame) until he is a BLOODY MESS come november 4th!

the PUBLIC needs to know that his mental capacity is WORSE than that of a 1984 Reagan (talking about eastern european countries that no longer exist, a lack of understanding of the sects involved in sectarian violence in iraq, no idea how many houses his WIFE owns, no idea what he's voted on in the last 10 years, the inability to understand the complexities of today's economy, etc.)!

the PUBLIC needs to know that he didn't just wake up one morning in a Viet Cong POW camp... his inept, bottom-of-his-graduating-class ASS got shot down by some gooks during a routine flight during the Vietnam War. yeah, he endured 5 years of torture - do you think he just can't raise his arms? maybe he can't raise his brain activity to a level that is necessary for the Commander in Chief? AND after 5 years of captivity, why can he only remember and recite one or two incidents that happened to him while he was there? maybe his conditions weren't as bad as some of his comrades... and maybe he doesn't want the PUBLIC to know about it!

the PUBLIC needs to know that he is an infidel... he DUMPED his first wife - who was crippled in a car accident while he was chillin' in Nam - for Nancy-Pants (the gorgeous 20-something-years his junior, drug-addict woman who is now his wife)! maybe the PUBLIC should know that he married Nancy-Pants only a few weeks after his divorce was final from his first wife! maybe the PUBLIC would like to know that his screwin' around on his first wife would make Bill Clinton look like friggin' monk!

the PUBLIC needs to know that he only intends to be a ONE TERM president! he denies it now, but he has reportedly told those close to him that he'll hang it up after 4 years... so he won't be ready on Day One, he'll be a LAME DUCK on Day One!

and maybe... just maybe, the PUBLIC would like to know that McSame intends to give us 4 more years of the last 8 years of George W. Bush! maybe they'd like to know that he doesn't have an plan for the economy! where is his plan for reforming education in this country? where is his plan to move us away from a dependence on foreign oil? and where the HELL is that OLD MAN SMELL coming from?!?

don't you think the re-thug-licans would be giving us a daily diet of the ABOVE if they could attribute it to Barack Obama?!?

he has to energize Democrats and Independents to come out and vote for him... and he has to SCARE those pablum-eating-talking-points-loving republicans into staying home on election day or at the very least voting for bob barr (libertarian) - another Black man who's running for president!

oh! don't get me started on that passing-for-white-ass bob barr!

good grief, charlie brown... this looks like a blog post for plezWorld!

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Im gone tell your wife LOL and what did u do and get her for the anniversary? Congrats again on 18 yrs, or was it 16?

Luck, probability is on our side too, unless he another jesse Helms LOL

Exquisitely Black
McCain scares a lot of folk
Even his own party
The Socialite
Thank u sister

Well I try – I love satire

The BoBo
Thanks for the drive by. And you know that America is a place where competence and hard work is appreciated. Regardless of color – we all desire what is best for our families and that’s all that count – we are one big family to me

Sure u want me as COC lol

Darius T. Williams
We need to first make sure jones don’t get snioped in mile high

I will give you the better candidate – which is subjective, my thing is handling mccain on his faults, I aint even mention immigration; or attack him where his own folks attack him;
don’t call in sick and thinking – well more folks need to do such lol

Well Cynthia, I see where you are going, but being in GA and seeing how she could barely carry her on district – its unlikely she would add anything.
Its not an affection, I just like the way he thinks and how he did battle and continued to do so with Rumsfeld, Chenny, Wolkowitz and them other fools – even when he could not win – character. True he has faults but we all do.
"Operation Just Cause" should have been just because. Were paying all them folks for years, and Panama – was one thing I never forgave Powelll for, bumming his own folks (all them Jamacians that lived there and built the canal).

And what can I say, me and my folks in high school thought Coke should be the new standard and replace gold. Noriega was smart.
And it is not admiration, its like chess and his piece would be interesting for me to see how the OP would deal with such a move.

They don’t know which way to go and the ;problem is a lot don’t like McCain, and he will have a problem too a protest vote or they wont turn out

Yep, that’s the Tenn Gureilla women folk – PUMA’s. Are you referring to semen, cum, or nutt? I have a high protein count - lol

Aunt Jackie
So I should not state that McCain is too old? That is staing the obvious too, so don’t pick one and not the other

an average patriot
U know I know, that’s what I meant – the majority of us don’t care about race or gender. Just the issues and who is COMPETENT. But 20% do, them the ones that worry me. How is your son?

Now that would be a trip

One word – alhiezimers (sp) lol

Sounds like u had a great day sister

I agree, it about who one thinks will be best for the country – problem is how they define best.

Tha BossMack TopSoil
Where ya been folk and how ya livin

Thought u aint have no love for jones no more

Thank u hon, but that’s not the point of this essay

Yep, all his weak mind can think of

All im saying is be prepared, I never speculate on getting a flat but I do have a spare just incase – and let me lay some beats to them lyrics

politricks is the practice of making folks unsure

Sister Girl
Yep, like waiting for the superbowl

Yep, kelso is my long lost twin, and Bulehaman is my brother from another mother

BRAVO @ plezWorld!

KELSO'S NUTS said...

@ EMERITUS: Thanks. I really appreciate that. Torrance indulges me on this topic because he knows I live in Panama and know pretty lurid details of Gen Powell's "Operation Just Cause" Perfect name for it. No reason to do it at all...Just 'cause.

Believe me what the US did to this place over those couple of weeks made 9/11 seem kind of trivial by comparison.

It's just hard for Americans to understand that because it's foreigers who speak a foreign language who did the suffering and America was told that they were the "good guys" in this.

Noriega was an asshole but he wasn't nearly as dictatorial as Bush nor as PUNITIVE. Had Powell never gone in and just let Noriega steal the election and pay him what he wanted for the drugs and the money spots, Noriega would have been defeated in an election by an organic opposition candidate like Perez-Balladares or Gonzales from the center-left PRD or by Moscoso from the center-right UP. Clinton would have finalized Carter-Omar Torrijos and we'd be right where we are now.

At any rate, though Torrance indulges me, I had somewhat expected to take some heat here for my unabashed anti-Powell stance. I'm glad you liked it.

Feel free to blog me anytime at


@JONES: the NCAA football contest starts today at HELL. LJOOA and I have already posted our 10 selections for this weekned.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

JONES: I don't have any secret plan involved with advocating for Cynthia McKinney. I merely like her drive and personality and agree with her on more of the issues than I do with Obama. I agree with McCain on a couple of tax things at best. Otherwise, I find the choice to be the starkest I've ever seen, no matter how much Obama confounds me.

My impression of what happened to her career in the House was that in 2002, AIPAC threw a ton of money at somebody named Majette, a conservative Black Democrat in the primary because AIPAC didn't like her Middle East policy. Well, I'm Jewish and I she had the same views on the Middle East that I have and the same views that 2/3 of Israelis do.

McKinney beat Majette in the rematch in 2004 only to lose in 2006 to a guy named Hank Johnson who wasn't terribly different on the issues from McKinney, but the tape loop of McKinney getting into that scrape with the Capitol cop made her vulnerable. I saw it on CNN and it looked like a misunderstanding that turned into shouting and very minor pushing.

Johnson from what I can tell has done a decent job and has been somewhat outfront with Kucinich and Wexler on impeachment. Wexler was a little more on his toes than McKinney had been. He knew that AIPAC would come after him for the impeachment articles, but Wexler was prepared. He wrote a book which went over gangbusters in his district. As an early Obama super-delegate, I'd see him having perhaps some kind of enforcer role in an Obama administration. That will depend on what Wasserman-Schultz intends to do about running for governor or for the Isakson seat in 2010.

McKinney matches up well on foreign policy with most of the politicians I like, basically those in the CBC, CPC and the libertarian Republicans.

I suppose given our blog's enormous popularity in corporate and media circles (gives me some hope for the USA! I assume They don't just keep coming back to see the T & A and money shots Fred puts up!), I have more influence with my writing than I ever did with my vote. Any advocacy I'd do for her would be genuine.

Still, I'm not a gnat on a hippopotamus. I have no desire to help with any divide-and-conquer strategies for McCain. I loathe McCain's personality and I'm terrified by his ignorance. Obama has infuriated me throughout this campaign but I still like his personality and appreciate his talents and I hope he wins. If he loses this thing, it will only because of skin color because he has given everyone a little something.

I think I mistook your thinking on the Powell choice for Obama VP. I like the chess metaphor. I agree with you that as an important mid-game tactic with a honor piece, the choice of Powell would be fascinating.

And it would be great theater. It still would chase me to McKinney, tho.

jmsjoin said...

I I wish I could say screw that 20% but the Bastards are controlling us! My sons as far as I know are doing fine! only one is in combat right now and last I knew he was leaving the Tigris and heading back to Kirkuk to be with his Team! 3 of the 4 are in this and who knows where they and all of our soldiers will be pretty soon!

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Kelso: you are 200% right, they did throw a lot of loot behind her, and they were the GOP. But my concern was that she waited one week before the elections to come and campaign

Now for what powell did, another 200% agreement with you but recant I am not speaking from my mind (if so Id be VP). I was just was talking about average Americans – who don’t know, don’t care and franlkly have abrogated such from their memory – they don’t even recall of that island Greneda

an average patriot
Yep my thoughts exactly. Well tell he got folk behind him and just be proud of the fine man u have raised

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